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Turning Point USA comes to Montpelier

On March 18 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Capital Plaza in Montpelier, Isabel Brown of Turning Point USA (TPUSA) will meet Vermonters, speak, and hold a Q & A.

GOP disunity on display in wake of LaMarche resignation

In addition to his constant nasty comments on social media and in the press Kolby upset many Burlington party members by unilaterally deciding not to run candidates in Burlington’s elections next month. His rationale was that the city GOP has been so tarnished by President Trump that it must be remade by him before participating in the electoral process again.

Vermont Liberty Network launched Sunday

Founder John Klar said the Vermont Liberty Network celebrates free speech, the U.S. Constitution and traditional values of Vermont Liberty. “Nothing’s Sweeter than Vermont Liberty” is the slogan of the new network, which Klar hopes to bring together diverse groups including pro-Second Amendment, anti-compulsory vaccination, freedom of religion, property rights, and pro-life organizations. He also said he welcomes dialogue with other groups, such as Black Lives Matters.

The armed rally that never was

Vermont State Troopers carrying semi-automatic firearms were joined by Capitol police and other law enforcement Sunday, January 17 at the Vermont State House in Montpelier in anticipation of a rally of armed Trump supporters much-publicized by the FBI. Plenty of press appeared, too. Only the protesters were a no-show.

Klar: Scott calls own party ‘racist’

Governor Phil Scott recently attacked Vermont GOP leadership for “continu[ing] with what I perceive as white supremacy dominating, racial inequity, and so forth…” That leadership’s sole offense? — refusing to endorse the governor’s call for the President’s resignation. This impugns all Vermont Trump supporters as white supremacists.

New senator: why I (alone) voted no on Trump resolution

If this Resolution were to have condemned the rioters that breached the Capital, I would have gladly signed on. I also would have wanted condemnation of all the rioters and their actions that have been occurring across this country through all of 2020 that is happening in mainly Democratic-controlled cities that the Democrats refuse to acknowledge or condemn.