Donovan wants criminal investigation into Capitol riot, Trump involvement

Attorney General T.J. Donovan has requested that Acting U.S. Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen commence a criminal investigation into the activities of President Donald Trump and rioters in relation to the events occurring at the U.S. Capitol yesterday. Attorney General Donovan wrote in the letter to Acting Attorney General Rosen:

“I am shocked, saddened, disgusted, and angry about the assault on our United States Capitol and our democracy yesterday. This was not a protest, but a brazen criminal insurrection. I am requesting that the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) immediately conduct a thorough criminal investigation and prosecute anyone, including President Donald Trump, for inciting and carrying out this riot. DOJ’s immediate action is required to protect our democracy, defend the rule of law, and hold accountable those who attempted to overturn the will of the American people. As the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, you have a unique role to play to demonstrate that no one is above the law and that our country is governed by the rule of law, not mob rule.

Vermont stands ready to assist you in any way necessary to investigate and prosecute the wrongdoers of this seditious act.”A full copy of Attorney General Donovan’s letter can be found here.

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  1. Attorney General T J Donovan needs to respect the President of the US and uphold the US and State of Vermont constitution’s;there is overwhelming evidence that those who got in the building were not Trump supporters;but why is the truth so well hidden?why is voter fraud intentionally ignored;why does Mr Donovan deal with Planned Parenthood,but not the Vermont people?Why does a Vermont State trooper have his job suspended merely because he told the truth?There is a very bad wind blowing over Vermont and our leaders have done nothing to help people,only put burdens on there backs and let family’s,farms,small businesses,restaurants,fail,and want to tax us more;TJ Donovan needs to uphold the law and not work around it !!

    • Mr. Wilson Vermont been liberal for a long time, and continues to move left. I have been dismayed for a long time that we give so much money to Planned Parenthood, which for years has supposedly provided “health services”, but the bullk of their business is abortion. They also both get money from government AND lobby government. Convenient that we give them money, so they can use it to influence politicians who are supposed to be representing the people.

    • I agree with you Charles Wilson! Why weren’t so may of the riots in this country not paid attention to, but whenever Donald Trump is around people blame him! He may not always speak the way people would expect but he has done more for Americans, than any other President. It was nice having a business man become President, he saw challenges with a different perspective and was doing a good job calling it as he sees it! Most of us Americans thought he did an excellent job at leading our country.
      I am Fearful that the left will bring nothing but communism to our great country!! The 1st and 2nd ammendments should never be changed in our constitution!!!!
      I believe most Americans will not stand for it!

  2. One other thing,where does TJ Donovan think that tax payers need to spend persecuting the President of the US,Vermont needs help,not political grandstanding!!

  3. I would like a criminal investigation into TJ Donovan and his connections to ActBlue and his use of such an organization for his campaign financing. Apparently, this organization collects a lot of money that goes in a round about way to the DNC. Also, collects for BLM. Research and learn more about these “non-profits”, their business connections, and who truly benefits and how.

  4. I want a criminal investigation into who financed TJ Donovan’s campaign. How much did he get from George Soros, violent leftist organizations and from the communist Chinese.

  5. Hey, T.J., why don’t you do your job in Vermont! You have no business making comments about things you know nothing about! If you do know the truth about the terrorist group ANTIFA and their role in the take over of the Capitol office building then you are guilty of treason! I could never understand how people like you with very specific political beliefs could actually hold the position you do. (Of course I would not expect you to be more moral or ethical than the justice system is) You should keep your opinions to yourself. You are pretty much irrelevant with political issues outside the state. This “brazen criminal insurrection” was committed by ANTIFA, NOT President Trump or his supporters! Of course people like you support ANTIFA and BLM and would never condemn them for all of the death and destruction they brought upon this country over the past year. Here we have a few windows broke with no other destruction and you people lose your minds!

  6. This man sets new standards for grandstanding and virtue signaling, and that is in Vermont where those activities hold the status of a spectator sport…

  7. I was going to attack Donavan because he is a leftist hack with no principles. Then, I decided it didn’t matter in this liberal cesspool of a state. He is what they want. OK.

  8. TJ should do an investigation into Phil Scotts meeting with Communist Chinese operatives when he goes to Governors Conventions. What did he agree to with the Communist!?

    Also, I have articles of Phil Scott meeting with Soros funded NGOs while at Governors Conventions and agreeing to participate and cooperate in the Human Traffic(ing) of undocumented people into our State.

    I see no way to make an attachment here so cannot show the proof, believe me when I say,
    ‘Scott is a traitor thru and thru and should be arrested.

  9. Caution:
    This assessment was published yesterday by Vermont’s US Attorney, Christina E. Nolan, regarding the ‘storming of the Capitol’ Wednesday last, and the participation of Vermonters in the protest.

    “…in a situation where a part of the illegal activity occurred in Vermont or otherwise had a connection to Vermont – such as an individual conspiring in Vermont to commit a federal crime in Washington D.C. (for example, destruction of federal property, arson, or assault on a federal officer) and then traveling to D.C. and committing that crime – then there would be venue in federal court in Vermont, assuming we had all the necessary evidence to charge.”

    While I understand the indignation and urge inherent in Vermont’s conservative movement against tyranny, not to mention the patriotic impulse to stand up in front of this oppression – as you might remember the young man standing in defiance in front of no fewer than four tanks in the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests against the Chinese Communist Party – please think twice. We are now at a major disadvantage in this struggle. No matter how well-meaning we are, no matter how peaceful we are, playing into this tyranny’s strength will serve only to strengthen the tyranny.

    The last bastion of the three pillars of our Constitutional Republic, the judiciary, is now corrupt as well. Not only is due process and equal protection extinct, the courts (as witnessed above) will stop at nothing to define all of us, peaceful as we may be, as a seditious insurrection, while allowing special interest groups, the media and other malicious operatives who support them (you know who they are), to do their bidding.

    Not only may you lose your jobs, you may be prosecuted, fined, even go to jail. Don’t give them the excuse to do this to you. Simply airing a carelessly worded opinion, at this point in time, can be interpreted, as US Attorney Nolan articulated, as “where a part of the illegal activity occurred in Vermont or otherwise had a connection to Vermont – such as an individual conspiring in Vermont to commit a federal crime”. Clearly, this opinion allows for broad legal over-reach.

    Our Constitutional Republic has been circumvented by a Direct Democracy. It is, indeed, like two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. We’re on the menu. Be smart. Be careful. Stay safe. This is not over.

  10. What happened at the Capitol appeared so similar to what happened all summer with the destruction of cities by Antifa that it was surprising to see the immediate guilty declaration of Trump by our governor and so many others without any investigation or trial. But then if you are a Trump hater, you probably didn’t watch Fox News and since the other networks weren’t covering those riots, there would be an excuse for not recognizing the similarities.

  11. Why isn’t anyone persecuting ANTIFA?????? It seems as though most folks in Washington are turning a blind eye.
    America is watching!!! I thought politicians were suppose to work for the American people. It appears as though the politicians have their own agenda. Just Remember….God is watching everything you do and He will have the final say!!
    Let us all make choices with a moral compass and integrity. Truth!