Antifa seeks recruits in Brattleboro

by Guy Page

The Northeast Antifa organization is looking in Brattleboro for recruits to its Vermont chapter.

Posters, including the one seen above, have appeared in Brattleboro. Their presence is the work of Northeast Antifa, as shown by the poster itself and a Northeast Antifa Instagram post claiming that “Northeast Antifa activists spread anti-fascist & anti-capitalist promotional materials around Vermont on 1/6/21.”

Antifa is a leftist activist group that bills itself as a defender against fascism. Highly decentralized in organization, Antifa groups were responsible for destruction of property and assaults on police in American cities this summer.

Northeast Antifa is actively promoting a Vermont chapter, which has its own logo, as presented on the Instagram site.

The Instagram website urges readers to “check out the Brattleboro Commons (a community newspaper in Brattleboro, Vermont) news story on Northeast Antifa and white terrorism.” It links readers to a Jan. 8 article by MacLean Gander, a highly-regarded Windham County weekly newspaper.

According to the Commons, Northeast Antifa isn’t just recruiting – it is “doxxing” (publicly naming) alleged Vermont fascists: “NEA publicly accused [name omitted by VT Daily] of neo-Nazi activities in a practice known as “doxxing,” or releasing personal identifying information. The group identified [name omitted] as the person responsible for posting an AWD ‘Black Lives Don’t Matter’ poster in Brattleboro in July 2018. ‘[Name omitted], a member of Atomwaffen Division and a militant neo-Nazi, is a military trained threat to his community,’ wrote ‘Garfield but Anti-Fascist,’ a Twitter user who broadcast a thread of links to Chambers’ social media and military records to provide some degree of support to the allegations.”

The Commons also provides details about Northeast Antifa’s organization and communications.

“The method of organization is clandestine. The communications between The Commons and NEA were conducted through encryption, and voice calls were conducted through voice scrambler technology. NEA’s communications are tightly controlled, and the structure of cell organization — a standard practice in underground movements — has the dual purpose of allowing rapid communication while eliminating the likelihood that if one individual is identified other participants in the movement will be discovered.”

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  1. According to astute Congressman Nadler, D-NY, this organization is a myth. I would not be surprised they are already getting footholds in other communities in Vermont. Similar to the way drug dealers made their way up from Springfield MA and Hartford CT. Vermont youth are easy pickings as they are all ready indoctrinated in the BLM movement. These groups work in unison and where there is one there is the other.

  2. This is absolutely outrageous and would like to know why law enforcement and the Attorney general of Vermont are not all over this?that is their swore duty,and hopefully they are on top of this,but we the people need to know for sure that they are!!

  3. First from the left we had the Black Shirts and the Fascists in Italy. Then the Brown Shirts of the National Socialists in Germany. What shell we end up calling the latest BLM and Antifa goons?

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