Vermont Daily publishes media/legislators contact list

by Guy Page

“How do I contact my legislator? How do I send a letter to the editor?” These are questions heard by many Vermont newspaper editors. They usually come from people who care passionately about an issue but don’t know how to contact lawmakers or media. Now there’s one online tool that presents this information in a simple, easy-to-use format.

As a free service to our readers, Vermont Daily has assembled an online spreadsheet presenting, on one page, the names and email addresses of most Vermont media accepting letters to the editor and op-eds, and the email addresses and districts of all legislators. The list can be accessed from the Vermont Daily home page menu, by clicking on Media/Legislator contact list.

The addresses are separated by county, to make it easier for Vermonters to send their news and opinions to their local media and legislators. Readers are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to send emails only to lawmakers of whom they are constituents, and to write “from constituent” and the topic in the subject line.

Our part-time legislators receive hundreds, even thousands of emails every week. They have no staff. Letter writers who write in a manner that is easy for them to understand and respond are more likely to receive a response.

Editors, too are more shorthanded than ever, given the revenue shortfalls the pandemic has inflicted on most media. In general, a letter should be written in the body of the email (no attachments), and 300 words or less, with a name, address and phone number the editor can verify if he/she so desires.

Click here to see the Google Doc version. This list is a work in progress. Please email us at about any faulty addresses. More information about legislators may be found at

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