Linda Kirker: Stand up or give up

Linda Kirker hosts Sound Off on Northwest Access TV

To the editor:

The only way to protect the rights and freedoms of American citizens is for us to realize that we are up against anti-America globalist/Socialists who want to destroy the USA. Now we either “Give up or Stand up”.  

What kind of future will we leave to our children and grandchildren?  Right now we have a choice to fight back or not. By the way, Donald Trump rebuilt America’s military, uplifted the U.S. economy and strengthened the safety of Americans by constructing 450 miles of wall along the U.S.Southern border.  

All of that accomplished while Nancy Pelosi and the Socialist democrats fought him every step along the way. He is a threat to them because he loves the USA. We need to stand up against government control of every aspect of our lives, private property, education, health care, private businesses, and more. It will only get worse unless we elect people who respect the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of  Rights and the American people.

Linda Kirker

The author is the host of the Northwest Access TV public affairs program “Sound Off” and is a former legislator from Essex.

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    • To start you/we must get off our collective duffs and hold our “representatives ” to their oaths of office. Vote them in or out based on what they do and there beliefs not just on name recognition. Remember, all politicians are liars and are adept at sniffing out the popular winds, therefore telling you what you want to hear! “Actions speak louder than words”.

  1. Now that is telling it as it is;the way we accomplish this is to hold our legislators to serve we the people by the law of the land,the Constitution,that is why it is there ,to make sure their power comes from the people!!

  2. To avoid more Socialist government control over our lives,we need to elect people who respect the Constitution and the Bill of individual rights and empowerment. We need to ensure government respect for our American flag, the Pledge of Allegiance and our National Anthem in our schools and at public events.

    We need school choice to avoid government school indoctrination of our youth at a high cost to taxpayers. Our children and taxpayers deserve better. Competition is healthy and we need a marketplace of educational choices.

    State government needs to get off of our private land and out of our cars and homes.
    We need to stand up to support law enforcement and to make it known that if you commit a crime, you do the time!

    Change begins with legitimate
    voters electing people at all levels of government who truly respect the citizens and the restricted role of government as outlined in the Constitution.

    Our duty is to be informed and involved in our government. Encourage true Patriots to run for office.

    Linda Kirker