Governor's Covid Press Conference

Scott might agree to taxing more services and products, if overall burden reduced

A few selective take-aways from Gov. Phil Scott’s press conference today:

  1. Scott would consider expanding sales tax on services, products, but only to reduce overall burden. Asked about a plan to reduce the percentage of the sales tax but expand the scope of taxable products and services, Scott said: “This isn’t the time to increase taxes on anyone….if the Legislature is talking about reducing the burden, I’m all ears.”
  1. In his heart, Phil Scott is a Republican. Asked about the petition asking him to leave the GOP, he noted he fared well in both the 2020 primary and general election. “I think it’s unfortunate. We’ll see where it goes. If the Republican Party doesn’t want me to be a member of their club, that’s one thing. But I’m still going to be a Republican. That doesn’t change. I am who I am. I have never professed to be anyone different.”
  1. He doesn’t know yet whether stopping construction on the XL Keystone pipeline will affect Vermont fuel price and availability.  
  1. There’s no need to double-mask, Health Commissioner Mark Levine said. Even with more transmissible variants coming to the United States, “the reality is, just wear a mask. That really is the core value and the thing to take home. You need to just keep doing all the things you do all the time, to keep yourself safe.”
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  1. Number one,I will state again to our governor and legislators ,Vermonters do not need more tax burden,we need to be free to move and work! Number two,Governor Scott was not elected by only Republicans,the vast majority were Democrats and Progressives! Number three,it is a no brainer, the cancellation of the XL pipeline will raise gas prices and this is very obvious!Number four,Dr Levine should know that keeping people separated is the worst idea for well being,and of course,if the face mask social distancing worked the supposed numbers would not have ever gone up!!

  2. So the sign says lube oil and filter $39.95. Go ahead – what tax

    The oil is already taxed, the grease was taxed, the garage was taxed, the tools were taxed, the lift was taxed, The labor is already taxed. We are taxed to death!
    Now we want to tax the taxes we have already paid

    Kid mows the lawn. mower is taxed, the gasoline is taxed, the kid is taxed, his pick-up[ truck is taxed.
    Now he needs to hire help to figure his taxes. He gets taxed on the accountant’s fees!!

    Dear Lord

    • How will we figure the “services taxes” on filling that stupid hole on Church Street in Burlington.
      How many reams of useless paper, how many $millions more billable hours for calculating that tax?
      And another TAX for the accountant fees!! Endless! Stupid!
      Scott’s worst idea yet !!!

    • NOW! Just imagine the cost of the huge bureaucracy the state would have to build just to take in, to check, to audit, to enforce all these complicated rules- and the Citizens easy impulse to just forget to file the reports.

  3. The idea of taxing services and lowering the overall tax rate from 6% to 3.6% is great IF this will reduce our education property taxes! The education property tax is a burden on Senior Citizens (income not increasing to keep up with this tax ) who are trying to stay in their homes.

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