27 Republicans don’t co-sponsor call for Trump removal

by Guy Page

An estimated 27 Republican lawmakers in the House and Senate did not join their legislative colleagues in co-sponsoring JRH #1  Friday, January 8, “condemning the storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 as an attack on democracy” – and blaming it on President Donald Trump.

The resolution asserts that “this attack was instigated by President Donald Trump, who is attempting to overturn the results of a fair and free election that he lost in order to keep himself in power, and…..Governor Phil Scott forcefully stated that ‘The fabric of our democracy and the principles of our republic are under attack by the President’ and called for President Trump to resign or be removed from office…..the General Assembly calls for President Donald J. Trump to resign or to be removed from office by his Cabinet or by the Congress.”

The resolution was co-sponsored by virtually every Democratic and Progressive lawmaker. It was also co-sponsored in the House by the following Republicans: Scott Beck (St. Johnsbury), Heidi Scheuermann (Stowe), Tom Burditt (West Rutland), Larry Cupoli (Rutland), Peter Fagan (Rutland), Lynn Dickinson (St. Albans), Anne Donahue (Northfield), Martha Feltus (Lyndonville), Ken Goslant (Northfield), Jim Harrison (Killington), Rob LaClair (Barre Town), Felisha Leffler (Enosburg), Mike Marcotte (Coventry), Chris Mattos (Milton), Pattie McCoy (Poultney), Francis McFaun (Barre Town), Mary Morrissey (Bennington), Woodman Page (Newport), Patrick Seymour (Sutton), Butch Shaw (Brandon). 

In the Senate, the Resolution passed 29-1, with only new Senator Russ Ingalls (R-Essex/Orleans) voting against.

Republican House representatives who did not co-sponsor the bill are: Sally Achey (Middletown Springs), Lynn Batchelor (Derby Line), Pat Brennan (Colchester), Bill Canfield (Fair Haven), Rodney Graham (Williamstown), James Gregoire (Fairfield), Lisa Hango (Berkshire), Robert Helm (Castleton), Mark Higley (Lowell), Samantha Lefebvre (Orange), Marcia Martel (Watertown), Paul Martin (Franklin), Leland Morgan (W. Milton), Michael Morgan (W. Milton), Robert Norris (Sheldon), John Palasik (Milton), Art Peterson (Clarendon), Joseph Parsons (Newbury), Carl Rosenquist (Georgia), Brian Savage (Swanton), Harvey Smith (New Haven), Brian Smith (Derby), Vicki Strong (Irasburg), Tom Terenzini (Rutland), Casey Toof (St. Albans), and Teri Lynn Williams (Granby). 

It is not recorded how these non-sponsoring lawmakers voted. There was no roll call taken. The House journal does not give a vote count. The vote was taken by a show of hands – however, the Zoom/YouTube coverage shows only House Speaker Jill Krowinski calling for a show of hands. Viewers couldn’t see who raised their hands in support or opposition.

At the House GOP caucus last week, some legislators asked if there would be a roll call. “My understanding is, no-one’s going to be discussing it,” and there wouldn’t be a roll call, GOP caucus leader Pattie McCoy. Others disagreed, saying Progressives would insist on one. In the end, no-one on the House floor Friday called for a roll call.

“It [what happened in DC] is not much different than what happened in Seattle and Oregon, which no-one said a word about,” Batchelor said. “I will not be signing on.”Several other lawmakers spoke out against the resolution at a House Republican caucus last week, including Rosenquist, Terenzini, Brian Smith, and Higley. 

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  1. It would be my contention that in the State of Vermont, the Republican party is all but dead. There are a few old Conservatives left, but dam few under that “Golden Dumb.” The spectrum from Right to Left as I see it in our State House these days starts on the right with those dam few Republicans, then, to what would have been called “conservative Democrats” (RINOs), then to Democrats, to Liberals, to Socialists, and finally to the Wackos, (those who think Beanie Sanders is not left enough, and there are all to many of them, IMO) You want to start to make a change ? I would suggest that we follow the path that 2/3rds of those currently “serving us” under the Golden Dumb established when they moved here from elsewhere. Start locally.

  2. Do some fact checking. I did sign on to the Resolution as did others from the Rutland County Delegation.

  3. Well… looks like our last resemblance of conservative hope just vanished. The hypocrisy is deafening.

  4. > … what happened in Seattle and Oregon, which no-one said a word about.
    Oh, yes they did. They said, “let’s pain BLACK LIVES MATTER down the middle of our central streets”.