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  1. The snowflake Left and their media partners have made great hay in describing what happened at the Capitol using words such as insurrection, riot, conflagration etc but such words were never used when other branches of govt were violently targeted by leftist groups over the last year. They try to brand this protest at the Legislative Branch as unique and infamous, but that is easy since that branch of our Federal Govt resides in one building. A Federal Courthouse in Portland OR was under siege for weeks and numerous police stations around the Country were attacked. This was an attack on the Judicial Branch of Govt which happens to be spread out by necessity throughout the land, and these acts were consistently referred to by the lamestream media as “mostly peaceful protests”. Using the same criteria of numbers of who was behaving and who was not, the protest in DC was certainly a mostly peaceful protest. Snowflake memories seemingly fail to recall the violence that took place after the election of Pres.Trump, and the mainstream media treated that as completely justified. As long as a majority of people place faith in and continue to patronize the fascist mainstream media, they will thrive and perpetuate their lies. Turn OFF network TV, stop buying leftist newspapers and drop your cable service and choke them off. Stop using mainstream social media. Money talks.

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