Welch describes riot, calls Ted Cruz ‘co-conspirator,’ promises investigation

Editor: The following report was published yesterday in the Sun (formerly Addison Eagle), and appears with permission.

WASHINGTON, D.C. | “Never in my life…,” said Rep. Peter Welch (D) describing his witnessing of the violence that erupted outside and inside the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6.

Rep. Peter Welch (file photo)

Welch spoke with reporters by telephone at 4 p.m. on Jan. 6 from a secure location within the facility.

“None of us really knew what was going on,” he said. “…A capitol police officer made an announcement that protestors were actually in the capitol. I was very, very surprised… that they got in. It’s very secure. We were concerned…about the level of enforcement. Then we started hearing noises. We were told to put on our gas masks.”

Welch said that use of the word “protestors” to describe those who rushed the Capitol was “an understatement.” He described them as “criminals”.

Welch reported that he heard gunshots and was asked to lie on the floor along with others. “We all did that,” he said.

“All the capitol police were there with guns drawn,” he added.

“I started to hear crashing sounds right below me–protestors managed to get into the House Chamber. These criminals, really, were banging on it trying to breach it. The police were trying to bolster the door. A careful decision was made to move us. They didn’t know where the intruders were located. We all made a dash for it,” he noted.

“The good news is there are no injuries… we scrambled to a warren of backdoors and corridors, not on the tour. We came to a secure location where we are all now waiting. The police are searching the building. Just after we got out of the chambers, the intruders were successful in battering the house doors and gained access to the house floor. It’s an astonishing thing. Abe Lincoln had debates about war and peace here. A lot of damage has been done.”

“This (is) bad… But we had the highest turnout in the election… We can’t let this stop us certifying that the voters decided that the next President is Joe Biden. Donald Trump should have been impeached… This Congress will do its job and certify what the people have decided.”

Welch stressed, passionately at times, that President Trump has done significant damage to the nation and bears maximum responsibility for the ensuing chaos and violence.

“He first said it was a ‘rigged’ election then that it was ‘stolen’. He has been inciting people to believe this was a stolen election even before the votes were cast. He bears responsibility… We have to hang on,” he said.

Welch was asked if he had heard from Vermont’s U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders. “No,” he said.

But Welch blamed U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and other Republicans as being co-conspirators with the President in the unfolding events.

“There will be an inquiry,” he said. “…This is a time of great peril for our democracy… I support the removal of the President (from office) immediately.”

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    • Welch, Sanders and the fossil Leahy have made themselves rich off our backs and with their communist buddies. Our the DC traitor stooges. We, in Vermont, are to blame for allowing the election fraud that keeps them in office.

      • We may not be the ones to blame; we use Dominion machines, which use software (no matter the age, all software that’s older can be manipulated). I’ve been wondering ever since the steal just how blue my beloved state really is!

  1. I watched Donald Trump’s “pep rally” in front of he White House a couple of hours before the riot. This was by far the most dangerous speech ever given an American president.

  2. I have watched a lot of material and read a lot of comments. My bias says the same criminal elements were at work here as they have been all year at BLM protests. Law enforcement knew well in advance that this was likely to happen.

  3. I have watched a lot of material and read a lot of comments. My bias says the same criminal elements were at work here as they have been all year at BLM protests. Law enforcement knew well in advance that this was likely to happen.

  4. It is very obvious that the rioters were not Trump supporters and did their job to disrupt our government;the issue of voter fraud was not addressed so the voter fraud goes unanswered!Peter seems as though he supports fraud;we now have a president that was elected by fraud;now our basic rights are gone for our constitution is ignored,free speech is gone and Marxism rules!Thank God for all the good Donald Trump did,and Mr Ted Cruise!If some did not like Donald Trump,wait for the social road show coming!!

  5. I know people who were there, attending the peaceful Trump rally. Antifa operatives, pretending to be Trump supporters, broke a window and tried to force open a door of the capitol building. Some of the Trump people did enter the building, which they probably shouldn’t have done, but they were not responsible for any violence or destruction. The gas masks were likely intended to protect the members of congress from the tear gas and pepper spray that the capitol police were spraying into the crowd of Trump supporters, for no apparent reason other than to force them to move back. The gunshot-like sounds were from flash-bangs thrown by the capitol police. The single actual gunshot was when one of the capitol police shot and killed a young lady veteran standing near the door.

    Yes, Peter Welch, please do conduct an inquiry, but get your facts straight first. Know that the liberals are bringing this on by allowing terrorist groups like Antifa and BLM to suffer no consequences from rioting and destroying neighborhoods, and by refusing to even consider the possibility of election fraud. You managed to get your man into office. I hope you are ready to own the consequences that will have for the future of us all.

  6. Peter Welch is gaming everyone again. And, just wait, you will hear the same rhetoric over the next couple of days from others in the so-called ‘deep state’ and main-stream media too.

    Where were the DC Police, the Capital Hill Police, and the National Guard, when the riot started? Didn’t they know there were 100 thousand angry people in Washington to protest the election process? Why were the police and the guard able to show up, just in the nick of time, when the protesters breached the Capital? After all, it only took authorities a half an hour to clear the Capital grounds once they did show up. Why were they an hour late to the party?

    Consider that the joint session of Congress was debating the ‘election process’. Senator Ted Cruz (yes, the same Ted Cruz Welch now wants to investigate) makes a very reasonable middle ground motion to create a commission to review the ‘process’.

    And keep in mind, the debate isn’t that everyone is upset only about the ‘election outcome’ (that Biden won), despite what the media and others are telling everyone. The protest was about the ‘PROCESS’ – how activist judges refuse to hear cases based on technicalities (standing, timing, relevance, etc.). How those judges refuse to allow due process discovery and cross-examination of witnesses in a trial. That due process never happened in the 60 plus cases submitted to the courts… because ‘there wasn’t any evidence’. Please. I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck.

    So, Cruz makes this very reasonable motion on the floor of Congress. What do the progressive Democrats do?

    There are a hundred thousand angry Trump supporters in town. Incite a riot. After all, where were the usual Antifa folks who harass Trump supporters all the time? Could they have infiltrated the crowd for good measure? Let them march on the Capitol building, let them breach the Capital perimeter, actually enter the building, even shoot and kill one of them. Scare the hell out of the House and Senate, and shut down Cruz’s very reasonable motion.

    So, now Welch is investigating Cruz? Isn’t that their usual corrupt procedure? Divert attention as they obstruct the investigation of the ‘election process’…by stopping, yet again, another reasonable attempt to investigate the ‘election process’, and claim that everyone is simply upset by the ‘election outcome’, because they’re just spoiled, uninformed, ‘deplorables’, like their leader.

    If anything can be taken from this unfortunate circumstance it is this. They’re correct in this regard. Trump, his followers, and the Republicans in Congress, aren’t as smart as they think they are. They get played by the Democrats every step of the way. Peter Welch’s latest contrivance is just another case in point.

  7. It really makes me sick to think of these pathetic politicians blaming Trump, rather than themselves for what occurred yesterday! Did they ever ONCE protest or condemn BLM and Antifa anarchists as they destroyed large parts of cities? or the businesses within, or the monuments to our Founding Fathers? or attacking innocent people? NO, only when their scared little heinies were threatened do they feign outrage and DEMAND arrests!! Absolute poppycock!

    Once the people in the crowd marching to the Capitol heard that Pence had thrown in the towel and didn’t even allow more time for the swing States to re-evaluate the electoral votes as they requested, this, to me, was the final betrayal! Republicans are cowards, plain and simple. To function in the despicable swamp they must kowtow to the left and shine their shoes! I’ll never help them again until we get some new blood in our local, State and Federal offices and positions!

    Say your peace now, folks, because the censors are listening and will shut all free speech down this year (what they haven’t already!)

  8. Gee Peter, is it normal for people to be allowed into an alleged crime scene after a few hours? Did you step over the blood spatter and turn your eyes from the bullet holes to vote? Didn’t hear a peep when Antifa/BLM were tearing down and burning DC this summer. The evil is beyond the pale horse!

  9. If senior, senior citizen Welch wants to know what the threat to democracy is, look at the last 4 1/2 years of the non-stop attack on citizen and then President Trump. Let him look at the infiltration of Chinese money, spies and honey pots into all parts of our system. How the Chicoms have wormed their way into society by ‘romancing’ weak, power hungry politicians and businessmen, corrupted our universities and ‘questionable’ pharmaceutical products and food.
    And to top that off, have him sit down and view the Navarro report and the 2nd report by Mr. Navarro on election/voter fraud and theft! Pretty plain to see what REAL threats to Democracy are!!

  10. The shooting you heard Peter, was that of the police killing an unarmed woman. Why aren’t you and all the Democrats calling for an investigation of her murder? For the cop who killed her to be fired and charged? Is it ok if we, in our rage and frustration now take over large areas of cities, loot and burn them and do physical harm to those we encounter? Oh that’s right, that’s only ok for BLM to do.

  11. Is this clown the same guy that said the burning and looting and murder at the hands of terror groups black lives matter and ANTIFA where only mostly peaceful protests?! He really is a special kind of stupid! I sincerely hope there is someone who can run against him in the next election! He really needs to be fired!

  12. Election fraud is the worst kind, it robs the victims of their voice, their trust, their faith that they will ever be heard again

  13. I am so glad that Fox is not afraid to show pertinent film clips of the “Summer of Love” which not only show the evolution of the rhetoric of the Dem. politicians from then, until now, but also give a baseline if you will, to build upon to show how protests/riots have evolved, and who really is to blame for where we are at today in regards to exercising our right to freedom of speech. The attitudes, and gutless lack of action of the Mayors, and Governors in the affected states, and cities showed that they were at the very least complacent, and bordered on complicity. Now is it any wonder that the protesters yesterday, given the lack of consequences for events of the “Summer of Love” thought that they could possibly push the boundary of civility even further ? If the Mayors, and Governors of the cities that literally burned this past summer had enforced consequences on the perpetrators of the felonious crimes which were perpetrated in their cities, could yesterday’s atrocity have been averted with the knowledge that there would be consequences ? Peaceful protest, and the freedom of speech may be protected, but vandalism and assault are not, and should never be condoned. Oh, and as far as Curly (Larry and Moe’s brother in political denial) proclaiming that an investigation needs to happen ? That is probably one of the few things that I would ever agree with him on, although I believe that we would come to very different conclusions as to who bares the preponderance of guilt for the incident yesterday.

  14. It is always the law abiding tax paying citizen who gets blamed and has to pay for the whole mess.

    Bad guys in black clothes with backpacks – Classic Antifa and BLM. These were absolutely NOT patriotic Republicans
    fighting cops, bashing doors, The Republicans were the normal folks in bright colored clothes – that the TV camera’s never showed, because the rioters were “better news!”

    Just like the Middlebury College guest lecturer beaten and battered a few years back

  15. How do we undo this great injustice? I liked LtGen Flynnn’s idea of holding elections again in the contested states but how to do that now? And of course without the now infamous cheating machines that the dems use to win elections.

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