Montpelier PD, Capitol police warn of possible armed protest Jan. 17 at State House, Inauguration Day “insurrection”

by Guy Page

The following was posted by Chief Brian Peete of the Montpelier Police Department on the departmental Facebook page Saturday at 10:53 AM:

Law Enforcement is aware of calls encouraging people to arm themselves and center at all State Capitols in the United States, to include Montpelier, specifically on the date of January 17, 2021. We are also aware of national trends warning of and encouraging an insurrection on January 20, 2021, the date in which President-elect Joseph R. Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President. We are taking these calls extremely seriously and we are planning accordingly.

The Vermont Capitol Police and the Montpelier Police Department have been working with the Vermont State Police, the Vermont Intelligence Center, the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, regional municipalities, the Washington County State’s Attorney Office, and federal agencies to include the FBI regarding these events to ensure the safety of the Capitol Complex and the City.

As we call for calm, we encourage everyone to express and conduct themselves peacefully and civilly in these most sensitive of times, and we discourage any provocational acts which would only complicate matters.

We also ask for vigilance. If any member of the public notices something of concern such as suspicious individuals, vehicles or objects, or if you have any information relating to threats or potential criminal or violent acts, please contact the Montpelier Police Police Department at 802-223-3445, the Capitol Police at 802-828-2273, the Vermont State Police at 844-848-8477, or the FBI at 1-800-225-5324. You can also provide tips by texting the keyword VTIPS to 274637 (CRIMES), or submit online tips at: or at:

The details of the Montpelier PD post were confirmed by Capitol Police Chief Matt Romei in an email to Vermont Daily today: “There are a number of National calls for action that we are watching right now. One calls for an armed march on state capitols next Sunday. Another calls for action between January 17th and 20th (inauguration day). Finally, there have been a number of less-than-pleasant messages communicated to and at various government officials. All that adds up to a volatile situation. We are working with our partners to respond to this issue in an appropriate fashion.”

Speaking to Vermont Public Radio reporter Peter Hirschfeld, Vermont Public Safety Commissioner Michael Schirling said

Vermont is an “open carry” state so police don’t mind if protesters are carrying. But they won’t tolerate people pointing guns at other people.

“Open carrying peaceful protests is something that we have seen before in Vermont, and that would not concern me,” Schirling said in a Jan. 10 Vermont Public Radio report. “Something like we saw at the (U.S.) Capitol on Wednesday of course is the absolute worst-case scenario.”

VPR also reported Peete as saying that merely carrying weapons in a protest will not be considered provocative or illegal. “Folks may carry, but we want to make sure there’s no intimidation,” Peete said. “We want to make sure that people aren’t pointing weapons at each other. We want to make sure that people aren’t using weapons against each other, so those are the concerns.”


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  1. It’s early Monday morning, January 11, 2021. The Vermont public radio broadcast, Morning Edition, just completed its first airing. Twitter, YouTube, Google, Facebook and Amazon have shut down the Parler social media site because of its conservative content. TNR readers must be extremely cautious about what they say and do in the coming days and weeks. Be smart. Be careful. Stay safe.

    ” From her couch in Minneapolis, Nuny Nichols watched a mob of largely white extremists stage an insurrection in Washington, D.C., set up a noose on a wooden beam outside the U.S. Capitol and walk a symbol of violence and slavery — the Confederate flag — through the building as they stormed and raided it. She was angry, but she was not surprised at the way people in the mob laughed as they took things from the building. There were white extremists who felt at ease giving their names to media…”

    Vermont Police Girding For Armed Protests In Runup To Biden Inauguration

    “Law enforcement officials in Vermont say they’re preparing for the possibility of armed protests at the Statehouse next week.”

    “Montpelier police issued a bulletin Saturday saying they’re investigating calls encouraging people to arm themselves and center at all State Capitols in the United States, to include Montpelier, specifically on the date of January 17, 2021.”

    “Police say they’re also aware of national trends warning of and encouraging an insurrection on Wednesday, January 20, the date on which President-elect Joseph R. Biden will be inaugurated.”

    With all due respect to those of you who find it hard to believe Vermont authorities ‘aren’t playing that game’, please reconsider. Please don’t allow patriotic bravado to dictate your actions in the coming days and weeks. This is all a setup. Call my concerns a ‘conspiracy theory’ if you must. But ask yourselves, what do you have to lose if you sit back and be complacent for a few days or weeks? Clearly, you will have everything to lose if you don’t. What’s done is done.

    “Michael Schirling, commissioner of the Vermont Department of Public Safety, said in an interview Sunday that Vermont State Police are working with local and federal authorities to assess potential threats.”

    “While I can’t get into the details of threat intelligence for obvious reasons, we are closely following chatter and are in close coordination with federal authorities regarding potential events on both the 17th and the 20th on a national scale and here in Vermont, Schirling said.”

    “Schirling said the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday is top of mind for law enforcement officials here as they prepare for the possibility of armed protests in Montpelier.”

    “We will have a variety of assets prepared for any eventuality if the information that comes in between now and either the 17th or the 20th, or any other date for that matter, indicates the need for that kind of response,” Schirling said. “With the heightened sensitivity right now, to the extent there are demonstrations, you’re going to see a much different, more vivid and visible posture than is typical.”

    To all conservatives, I say: Our Constitutional Republic has been transformed into a direct democracy and, as the saying goes, it’s like two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. And we are on the menu. A tyranny is upon us. Be smart. Be careful. Stay safe.

  2. IF the authorities need to take these precautions that is good;but I question how any one got into the People’s House,how could that happen;also where were all the authorities all summer in Vermont and all over the USA whenBLM and Antifa reeked havoc?I hope that fear in we the people can be comforted by open and fair government and law enforcement!!

  3. be sure to call the police if any suspect BLM or antifa agitators trying to cause mayhem at these rallys!

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