New House bills cover political signs, bears, A/A history, teacher protection

by Guy Page

Teachers, tenants and farmers would benefit from bills proposed in the House.

H76, introduced by Rep. Lucy Rogers (D-Waterville) would clarify that “a tenant, and not the landowner, has the right to post political signs on the property in order to ensure tenants’ rights to express themselves politically.”

H67, introduced by Rep. Jim Harrison (R-Killington) would authorize a farmer to seek compensation from the Department of Fish and Wildlife for damage by a black bear to crops, fruit trees, or crop-bearing plants.

H79, introduced by Rep. Maida Townsend (D-South Burlington), would “require each applicant seeking to obtain or renew a license to teach in a public elementary or secondary school in Vermont to have completed at least one three-credit course in African American history at an accredited college or university, covering the period from the European colonization of North America through the end of the 20th century.”

H80, also introduced by Townsend, would prevent interference with a teacher’s right to seek employment while under contract, make laws about teacher suspension and termination subject to collective bargaining, and protect a teacher from discipline for testifying before the General Assembly or the State Board of Education.

For a complete list of new legislation, see the Vermont Legislature website.

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  1. It seems to me that our legislators are trying to legislat morality,and not really helping we the people!!

    • It would actually be nice if they did legislate morality. What they really are doing is legislating political correctness by self indulgent acts of virtue signaling.