The armed rally that never was

by Guy Page

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Vermont State Troopers carrying semi-automatic firearms were joined by Capitol police and other law enforcement Sunday, January 17 at the Vermont State House in Montpelier in anticipation of a rally of armed Trump supporters much-publicized by the FBI. Plenty of press appeared, too. But the protesters were a no-show. No one knows why. Dissuaded by the weekend’s heavy snowfall? Discouraged by the heavy police presence and a united message of “we’re not going and you shouldn’t either” from Vermont Republicans and Second Amendment advocates? Anything’s possible. And maybe the rally was never seriously planned, anyway – just publicized by police “in an abundance of caution.”

Police didn’t want protesters getting too close to the front door of the State House.

A few quiet counter-protesters – including this fellow in the gas mask – remained on site to monitor, but most of the counter-protesters were outside the Montpelier police station and city hall, eating pancakes, drinking hot drinks, and staying out of the way of police at the State House.

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  1. Because it was all hype and BS from the leftist traitors, doing what they do best, lieing…. to make the world think Trump Supporters are the bad ones.

    • EXACTLY!!

      >>>”…in anticipation of a rally of armed Trump supporters much-publicized by the FBI.”<<<

  2. Oh, but those “dangerous right-wing extremists” wanted to show up. They just couldn’t get there from here.

  3. The photo of the lady and gas mask-man were on WCAX – they identified themselves as members of Antifa. The girl said patriots didn’t show up, because Antifa (they) were there… WCAX is officially a clown show after that and the special report with the millennial reporter and her pink fuzzy mask…and I don’t dare say what that looked like or I will be deemed a nasty person…

    • WCAX used to be the last privately owned major network affiliate in the US until the son of it’s founder sold out to
      a big media corporation. It was the go-to source for excellent news and political reporting in Vermont and now it’s just another cog in the McNews machine propagating the left-wing narrative blather…what a shame and what a loss for Vermont.

  4. In the age of Reason, which includes cognitive bias and selective ignorance, conflict is inevitable, albeit cyclical. Those who ignore history will likely repeat it. The matter to be determined isn’t the extent of the current conflict – it will be world-wide – but the detail and form it takes. In this regard, the circumstances will be, as they have always been, as unique and varied as there are stars in the sky. But make no mistake, there will be conflict, and I take some comfort in knowing that it will be a combination of fate (being in the right place at the right time) and reason (knowing what to do in that place) that will prevail.

  5. Was this another “not rally” a false flag – to trash the patriotism of the peaceful gun owners.

    JUST like the false flag of horrid riots at the Presidential Inauguration?
    10,000, 20,000 plus of armed “protectors” for the new President’s Inauguration

    Gun owners are declared dangerous idiots, and this show of VT and DC force by overwhelming paid and heavily armed officers, ordered by patriotic bureaucracy


  6. look at all those photos……just a photo op for the Gov’s media and probably hoping for national news….
    p.s. how come the steps are not shoveled off? Where is OSHA?

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