Bill would make public transportation free, require electric buses

By Guy Page
A bill introduced this week into the Vermont House would reduce transportation carbon emissions by expanding public transportation, incentivize electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, and require some employers to take steps to reduce internal-combustion commuting.

H94 is sponsored by Rep. Curt McCormack (D-Burlington) and co-sponsored by 73 other lawmakers (but no Republicans). The bill would:
– fund free public transportation
– offer incentives for Plug-In Electric Vehicles and motor-assisted bicycles;
– require that new buses be plug-in electric vehicles;
– require certain employers to provide level 2 electric car chargers;
– require certain employers to establish a transportation demand management plan, aimed at reducing commuter traffic;
– update Residential Building Standards regarding electric vehicle supply equipment, and Act 250 criteria for transportation;
– require more integration of bicycles into Vermont highways.

The bill was presented at the Climate Solutions Caucus Thursday as one of several climate-friendly bills. Other legislation coming this year:
– more spending on weatherization, possibly with federal pandemic recovery funds, or by allowing utility customers to pay for weatherization on their monthly bills;
– reducing forest fragmentation, via Act 250 reform;
– registering home builders. “We need a way to contact people” in the building trades industry to tell them about Vermont’s mandatory energy codes, Rep. Scott Campbell (D-St. Johnsbury) said.

  1. The Republicans listed above are supporting a candidate from different party, who lost a Republican primary and subequently left the…

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  1. Alas, as with education, and health care there are no free rides ! You know who will pay for the “free” bus rides, and it ain’t Beanie !

  2. They,the legislators are at it again,there is no free ride and taxpayers payers need help, not more taxes!! I have to wonder how many legislators actually care one ounce about Vermonters? We the people need to hold them accountable!!

  3. Maybe our legislators would like to work for “free”. Their services certainly ain’t worth the taxes we’re paying for them!

  4. When 73 of our smartest lawmaking Prodigy’s ride their bicycles to legislature and back home
    even “I” will put in a good word!!!

    maybe we can pave an extra 3 feet on each side of every road? maybe totaling ? 1,000,000 ? miles !!!

  5. Chittenden County dictating free rides for the areas that actually have public transportation. How much energy does it take to build an electric car and the charging station? How is this energy produced to build these autos and what is the cost of the batteries when they need to be changed out? Where do dead electric car batteries go when they die? All the details no one seems to care to ask when it comes to the fleecing of taxpayers.

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