Antifa infiltrated DC riot, Antifa tells VT newspaper

by Guy Page

The leftist organization Antifa did infiltrate the January 6 attack on the Capitol in Washington, D.C. – but only to monitor, not to instigate violence, a Northeast Antifa spokesperson told The Commons weekly newspaper in Brattleboro.

MacLean Gander wrote last week’s Commons news story about Northeast Antifa organizing a Vermont chapter in Brattleboro. In this week’s issue, he says Antifa itself has debunked the Reuters, etc. stories purporting to debunk any Antifa presence at the Capitol:

“SINCE THE RIOT, some right-wing voices on outlets like Newsmax, OAN, and Fox News have claimed that the violence was fomented by antifa agent provocateurs who infiltrated the MAGA demonstration. Multiple credible news sources, from Reuters to The Associated Press to Politifact, have debunked this talking point, which began spreading after participants in the riot began seeing public backlash for their behavior.

“Two sources within the antifa movement, one with Northeast Antifa (NEA) and one who operates independently at a national level, said that this was not true. The NEA source, whom I know as “P.,” said that antifa were present at the riot in order to gather information but played no role in the violence, a point that [antifa source] Garfield echoed.”

“Although antifa may have had some individuals monitoring the scene, Garfield said, no way would it have been involved in the actual violence. The group uses infiltration as a means to discover individuals within the extreme right but not to instigate violence, they said.”

Gander then speculates that Antifa is concerned about events running up to Inauguration Day next week:

“The sense that my antifa sources give me is that they are deeply concerned about the last days of the Trump presidency and what might happen on Inauguration Day on Jan. 20. Their organization in Vermont is focused on developing community self-defense mechanisms should these become necessary, but more so on building out an organizational network that can be called on if events require.”

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  1. Do they really expect anybody to believe that Antifa could/would be present at an “event” such, and not become involved, but merely monitor ? Really ???

    • Funny how antifa ‘infiltrated’ the protest. Did the right-wing terrorists also ‘infiltrate’ the nation’s capital, or were they invited to terrorize?

  2. ANTIFA is known for violence. They thrive on it. And for them to say they did not engage in violence goes against their very existence.

  3. I believe the reason they want to impeach Trump real quick is to get it done before there is an investigation and it comes out that antifa was involved. I also believe the reason they keep talking about demonstrating is that the anti-Trump people will be the ones demonstrating at state capitals and the Trump supporters will be blamed.

  4. “Their organization in Vermont is focused on developing community self-defense mechanisms should these become necessary, but more so on building out an organizational network that can be called on if events require.””

    Great, just what we need, a VT-antifa, sure to add to the socialist-industrial lobby. Our leaders can’t create jobs fast enough for all you social justice and poli-sci majors.

    To quote a famous lady, “Eventually you run out of other people’s money.” I would add, “especially when they aren’t asked nicely.”

  5. Let’s all ignore the tweets where Antifa organized this, telling their members to come dressed in MAGA gear, with their hats turned around backwards initially, so they could recognize each other, and to wear a bulletproof vest, and bring guns, knives, and pepper spray. Then there are the photos they posted online afterward of their members inside the capitol building. That’s all fake news, because we all know that Antifa would never lie. Also ignore the fact that Antifa were already at the capitol when President Trump was just beginning his speech in the Ellipse, some distance away. They wanted to be at the front of the crowd to do their mischief. The Trump people arrived much later, and some have actually been recorded trying to stop them from trying to break into the building.

  6. But Antifa, apparently, forgot to tell Joe Benning, I guess he’s not in their inner circle after all.

  7. I just heard that Democratic Vermont Governor Phil Scott said that the Vt GOP needs to do some soul searching and get back to their roots;I think he needs to remember he calls himself a Republican,yet has done nothing for or with The Republican Party!!Therefore whoever the rioters were ,they were unamerican,as is anti Trump propaganda.Every thing just cannot be blamed on the President,especially without due process!Our Governor Scott would do better not to use his position for his own agenda,and be a voice of his people who showed up to support Mr Trump!I have noticed that Gov Scott is not a peace maker,rather a voice of division against his own party and Country11