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Category: Commentary

Evslin: we may need compulsory vaccination

Right now the unvaccinated are taking a risk with their own lives. Unfairly the final vaccine holdouts will be parasites on the partial herd immunity achieved by the rest of us getting vaccinated and will be danger to those who can’t get vaccinated or have weak immune systems and provide a breeding ground for new variants which could be vaccine resistant. We may still need to make vaccination compulsory.

Licata: Don’t be nervous, liberals

You have been trained to like lots of spending and the coercions necessary for government dependency. From Lyndon Baines Johnson to Barrack Obama, that was the deal. At the bottom of it all is a system built on 10s of trillions of dollars of government debt and unfunded liabilities; and the deconstructionist, Marxist-laden Postmodern Critical Race Theories that permeate today’s Democrat and Progressive Party’s. You wanted to keep all the power for yourselves.

Attack of the Liberal Beast

The new liberals are also gunning to cancel our First & Second Amendments. Achtung! No more gender-based toilets or nouns. Nein! True social progress demands you support transgenderism, even if California Republican Governor Hopeful, Caitlyn Jenner, knows exactly what she’s talking about.

Winooski rep wrong: white Covid death rate highest

The fact that 241 of the 251 deaths for which race and ethnicity are known (1 death has no association) are in white, non-Hispanic people does not appear to matter to many elected (and sadly public health) officials who seem to be focused only on “systemic racism” and what they declare as health care disparities in POC.