DMV fees will rise 20% if Transportation bill passes

 Wilson: Lawmakers exercise ‘abusive power with glee’

by Rep. Charles Wilson

As a result of legislation in the works in the Vermont House and Senate, we will all be affected with the rising cost of new taxes in order to just keep living. To start, DMV fees will go up by approximately 20%.

H.483 (passed by House, now in Senate) increases property taxes for education. Universal school meals will skyrocket the cost of education as the quality of that education, will continue to be in question.

Rep. Charles Wilson

H.158, The new “bottle bill,” may look to be a good idea, but the hidden details to redemption centers and required industry oversight will be very expensive to implement. 

H.480 will change farming from traditional to more diversified/popular methods growing more (value added) cannabis instead of food, and government expenditure will be substantial. Will higher food prices result?

S.5, The Affordable Heat Act, and the climate-carbon fascination will mean future potential lawsuits to the GWSA. This bill will inflate expenses to an unbearable level, increased taxes and costs with more undue stress and fear to Vermonters.

Bills H.30, H.467 and H.85, all relating to outdoor recreation and trail accessibility, are too costly for the state currently. Why couldn’t the tourists who come and use the land, help pay for this? 

Again, the super majority in both the House and Senate, both on the floor and in committee, quickly and easily, overthrow Republican Amendments and pass with delight what they want, Constitutional or not. 

What is popular now does not always make things right. 

It is becoming so clear that the Democratic/Progressives want to control everything: healthcare, wages, vehicles, food, guns, our children, religion, lightbulbs and even straws! 

Where is American free enterprise in all this? It is right for citizens to live free in a lawful fashion, and should never be coerced or forced into anything. The pressure on having to buy electric vehicles for example, in spite of the U. N’s Climate Agenda and the Paris Accord, should have no authority over our Constitutional Republic.

When will Vermonters realize the debt to all these new bills will greatly affect generations of our children’s futures? Homelessness is increasing at an alarming rate, threatening the very stability of our state to accommodate our young families. Will we then see the “glee” in the faces of this Legislature?

The author is a Lyndon resident, House representative for Caledonia-3, and a Republican. He sits on the Committee on Agriculture, Food Resiliency and Forestry.

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  1. Always wondered how much in fees (in each category) Motor Vehicles takes in and what their annual budget is.

  2. I hope the Democratic politicians in this state, (and country) will be satisfied when they and the rest of us are living under Chinese law. They’re doing everything in their power to make that happen. I thought at one time that I wouldn’t see it happen in my lifetime, but recently, I’m not sure.

  3. The free lunch and breakfast program for ALL students is a ridiculous waste of money. It will be difficult to undo. I absolutely want to help children in need who need those meals. I have no interest in helping parents who don’t want to pack their kids lunches everyday. You signed up to have children, so take care of them and pack them a GD healthy lunch. Get off of nightly Netflix and wine, go to Costo and change your mindset about packing lunches. I also hear part of the reason for this wasteful program was to reduce the logistics of keeping tabs on who owes for lunch, who receives free meals, etc. That’s their job. Sure, it might suck and be confusing, but that’s what you get paid to do. Stop being a baby and ruining our state.

    Have you noticed how they keep selling this program as helping local farmers? Local lettuce with a side of nasty factory farm chocolate milk. How about helping more local restaurants purchase local food instead?

  4. Does anyone else find it astounding how little most people in Vermont know about S.5? I ask people all the time where I live in Chittenden County and it only seems to be people like VDC readers who actually know what it’s all about. So many people I’ve come across never even heard of it…

  5. The Legislature and the Administration seem fixated on pies in the sky mentality. The fact is all the lies and deceptions are about to drop those pies into their faces. We now know NATO ground forces are fighting in Ukraine and the Pentagon is running the show over there. We know Taiwan is surrounded and choked off by the Chinese military. We know Japan and Germany are cutting deals with Russia. Saudi Arabia has cut oil production. We know our monetary and economic system is about to collapse. Regardless of their tomfoolery and dreams of stealing every last dime available, the reality is the fake money, the fake regime, the fake authority, the fake news, and the fake justice is about to completely fall apart on them. All the fraud and corruption is no longer a secret. Those with the most to lose, stand to lose the most.

  6. The expanded bottle bill means I will recycle LESS, as most of my recyclables are bottles they will go from recycled to redemption so I will drop weekly trash pickup as it’s too expensive

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