Warner: Wolf’s Howl Part 3 – Travesty and Hope 

by Aaron Warner

The handling of the pandemic has resulted in a sorely divided population.  Those in the camp who suspected something was amiss all along are now finding their suspicions confirmed by Dr. Wolf’s team of medical experts and their 58 reports culled from the Pfizer documents.  Pfizer’s integrity is at an all time-low as is the public opinion of politicians, media and the CDC.  

Despite objections from doctors and other medical experts, including the ever changing advice from Dr. Anthony Fauci, we were told to wear masks even though they were known to not only not prevent viral transmission but are now known to disrupt children’s development, hamper breathing, and even cause oral diseases.  We also found out well after it mattered that the “6 feet of separation” was an arbitrary number arrived at by a health advisor whose daughter used it in her school presentation without any peer review from professionals.  Government’s forced millions to lock-down in their homes, also shown to increase transmission by trapping the healthy with the sick, while governors and legislators violated their own lockdown edicts, or vacationed to escape them.

Naomi Wolf

Worse than all of that, the highly vaunted “vaccine”, as we were told by CDC Rochelle Walensky and former Vice President Joe Biden, would prevent infection.  Not only did it not, but the CDC even admits they don’t provide as much protection as natural immunity, despite the media claiming for weeks it was a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”.  The Pfizer documents show the number three side effect of the shots is COVID, and they knew this prior to distribution.  Add to that the meteoric rise in heart conditions and sudden death among the young and healthy, alongside catastrophic reproduction abnormalities resulting in the miscarrying of hundreds if not thousands of babies, and the gun is smoking.  

After a global crime like this the first sensible question to ask, is who pulled the trigger?  Another would be to ask, who loaded the gun?  Still others would wonder who built the gun, or who made the bullets? 

In a somewhat serendipitous turn of events this morning I found myself listening to the testimony of an Irish born physician, Dr. John Coleman, explain all of these things…from thirty years ago.  As luck would have it I was on Twitter this morning, taking and dishing out my fair share of abuse, when I saw a video posted of him.  

It’s title? Wake Up America

Over the course of an hour and twenty minutes he lays out the plan-demic from the 1990s.  Of course this much time means he can give historical lessons, name names, and give dates, locations and a host of other inside information he’s gleaned over the years.  His sources include the English congressional library, the congressional library of the United States, members of the English, French and American intelligence communities and his own anecdotal accounts.  That is, primary sources and first-hand experience.  His rude awakening came when he was on location in Sierra Leone to treat the nascent AIDS virus among the locals only to realize they were sent there to infect and even kill them with the virus.  

It was this experience that led him to look into the history of viral warfare, which he discovered had been essentially mastered by his fellow countrymen.  Accepted British history includes the use of smallpox to infect Native Americans, using opium to subdue the Chinese, and elite involvement in support the Nazi’s despite ostensibly apposing them.  He has a series of books that expose virtually every measure, institution and individual who have or are conspiring to destroy America using tactics from propagandizing and corrupting the youth, creating economic crises, fomenting social unrest and black mailing politicians to wrest control from we the people.  As a former member of the intelligence community he backs his claims up thoroughly.  

So where is the message of hope? 

Returning to Dr. Wolf she begins by telling us Pfizer has forty-five million vaccines they have that no one wants to take.  After the applause from the Hillsdale crowd subsides she tells us her team includes two hundred lawyers filing lawsuits against Pfizer and the other conspirators throughout the United States. 

She also says this experience, forcing her to gaze long and hard at how evil mankind can be, shook her to rethink her view of God.  A secular Jew most of her life she now realizes the truths of both the Hebrew and Christian Bible that warns of man’s nature.  She believes, as do I, that God has allowed us yet again to see what happens when a people turn away from Him and submit to the rule of man. This too is met with joyous applause.  

As for Dr. Coleman, who is no longer with us, his assertion intersects with those in the Convention of States movement.  Having taken it upon himself to study the source documents of the founding fathers in the U.S. he made himself a constitutional scholar boasting to know even more than the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court at the time.  He asserts our biggest failing is allowing representatives and presidents to usurp power never given to them by the constitution. 

Both Dr. Wolf and Dr. Coleman see the problem in its seemingly juggernaut array of governmental and supra-governmental enemies. The antidote to this bureaucratic and oligarchical virus is in a well informed and freedom loving people who, now knowing their enemy, its tactics and plans, will be emboldened to acquire the necessary information, and, more importantly, courage to fight like heaven when the rebellion reared its ugly head.  We are fighting, for all intents and purposes, the same legion of enemies.  However, we also have the same Great Commander on our side.

The author is a VDC columnist and Upper Valley regional reporter. He lives in Hartford, VT where he owns two award-winning small businesses. He is a graduate of Leadership Upper Valley class of 2010.

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    • It’s curious, Mr. Page, that Mr. Warner didn’t mention Trump in his missive. And yet all you see fit to emphasize is Trump’s involvement financing the ‘warp speed’ program to make a vaccine available as quickly as possible while, at the same time, ignoring Pfizer’s and Fauci’s misinformation campaign about the vaccine’s effectiveness and adverse effects. Did it ever cross your mind that Trump, too, was a victim of the Pfizer/Fauci malfeasance?

      • For the record, the above comment – “It’s curious, Mr. Page…..” – was authored by Jay Eshelman. Why the VDC website allowed and listed an alternate pseudonym I can’t say. The VDC webmaster should review and modify the comment section to prevent this from happening in the future.

      • Not sure why that happened, Jay. WordPress can be inscrutable. I see you used different email addresses for each comment- maybe that’s why. Beats me.

      • Apparently the younger Mr. Page is a never Trumper. If not, why would he bring up President Trump who is not mentioned in the article? It should also be noted while speaking of the former president that he was surrounded by back stabbers, liars, establishment politicians and other never Trumpers kissing his a$$ to his face and stabbing him in the back in the dark, dingy rooms of the behind the scenes planners. Mr. Trump is a threat to the DC status Quo and is a dander to the corrupt political machine that he exposed. What they hate most is that he’s not owned by the Washington machine. Why do you think they attack him so hard, they are afraid of what he will do when reelected!

  1. Donald Trump is masterful at marketing himself as the best president. It’s part of his narcissistic charm. However the vaccine clearly was planned and developed long before he arrived on the scene, and it’s effectiveness is hotly disputed by both Naomi Wolf’s team and the anecdotal evidence from the “died suddenly” camp which grows by the day.