Wilson: I apologize for the acts of many legislators

In his final report of the 2023 session, Rep. from Lyndon holds nothing back (again)

by Rep. Charles Wilson

Where to begin? I wholeheartedly tried every day at the State House to bring common sense and balance to the supermajority and their fierce drive to allocate money, infringe on rights, and make destructive decisions for others. It had to be said and it had to be done. My intention as a Representative was to stand up for my constituents to ensure that their voices were heard, their current needs met and that I had their best interests in the forefront of my contributions and votes.

I apologize for the actions of many of the Legislators. Much of this session’s legislation was flawed and compromised and often unconstitutional and therefore, I voted “NO” often, because many bills did not serve and would not solve the problems we face today. S.5 – the (un) Affordable Heat Act and gun control bill H.230 and its unconstitutional framework, were two of the more devastating bills to move through the House, as these infringe rights and will not serve the people of Vermont.

The overspending is rampant and the allocation of the money consolidates and limits funding in a way that does not allow for communities to receive back their fair share. Instead, money is often held up in bureaucracy with more studies and reports versus that spent on the people. 

Ensuring that Vermont has a sustainable and realistic budget wisely appropriated for the good of all the people of Vermont must be a primary goal. This did not happen this session as increased spending was the all-out drive to gather more money from the people through taxes and fees, which will be injurious and burdensome to those already struggling to make ends meet. All this directly conflicts with the oath of office we take as Representatives and I will not support the proposed budget for these reasons. It remains to be seen if the Governor will veto the proposed budget and how the supermajority will respond.

Currently there are many schools focused on indoctrination and training children, versus education. We have seen how these conflict with parent’s opinions on subject matter and age-appropriate material. Parental involvement in these conversations is essential for the support in moving forward to ensure sound and safe education of our children. Attacking schools, outside the public school system, depicts the problem with the power that the school lobbyists hold in the State House. Interfering with a family’s option to access and afford independent schools, would have a devastating effect on educational opportunities for many students in Vermont.

The current emphasis on “news media literacy” is essential in order to teach critical thinking, but when it becomes politicized and based on personal belief systems, versus an unbiased approach and understanding of the world to help children decipher the truth from lies and fiction, then there is a problem which will bring long term damage to them and our society. Ensuring sound education for students is the best path, and necessary so that there is a place for all children to be successful.

Another concerning theme relevant in many aspects of Vermont currently, is the drive for “equity” which is negatively impacting our children and resulting in messages of shame, blame and division. Equal opportunity for all is certainly a priority focus and all should have access to support resources toward a path of success. However, recognizing that an equal outcome is not possible, is a necessary truth. A value system based on respect and Constitutional law and Godly reverence, is the foundation of a successful society.

Passing this onto our children and future generations, will allow humanity to find its way through the difficult times and ensure that those in need are taken care of. Vermont is a special state and there are so many good, hardworking people, engaging and informing Vermonters to a solid path toward the future. The supermajority creates roadblocks in this path. They are not respecting their constituents and are acting as a swarm driven by ideology instead of being representatives and protectors of the people. It is my sincere hope that next session will bring common sense, real conversations, and reason.

The author is a Lyndon resident, House representative for Caledonia-3, and a Republican. He sits on the Committee on Agriculture, Food Resiliency and Forestry.

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  1. Thank You Sir for all you did. It may well be time for me to get involved. Fight on we support ya….

    • Well said keep backing the people of Vermont because someone has to. We are behind you.

  2. Thanks. But as you hope for the best, be prepared for the worst. These people in question are driven by dangerous philosophies. Again, like Obama whose goal it was to fundamentally transform America, so it is these people’s goal to continue to fundamentally do the same to VT.

  3. I hope you are right about next session; can a leopard change his spots? Will once rewarded evil turn righteous?

  4. Just learned that Vermont is sending a $120 EBT card using “one-time COVID relief funds” to every Vermont public school student for the purpose of buying food this summer. WHY? Just, WHY?

  5. Thank you for your efforts Rep Wilson. WE DO appreciate the few voices of reason and logic REPRESENTING Vermonters. Seems they want to bankrupt us or force us to leave the state…..we’ll see.

  6. The apology is not yours to make. You are not liable or responsible for the actions of others. As a minority voice in a pit of serpents, you should be commended for standing against the shameful actions of our compromised, complicit, and derelict representatives. Don’t back down, don’t retreat – the day of judgment is upon the wicked and corrupt. The blood is on their hands and it won’t wash out. Their only escape from their self-induced Hell is to drop on their knees and repent. The hour of decision is upon them now.

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