Unexplained ‘excess deaths’ rise in VT during pandemic

Trend likely to continue, Burlington researcher with science Ph.D., 36 patents says

Asks Dept. of Health to correlate heart deaths with vaccine status

by Robert Geffken

The following letter was sent to Dr. Mark Levine, Commissioner of the Vermont Dept. of Health.

Dr. Levine, My name is Bob Geffken. I have a PhD in Materials Science and worked at IBM for 33 years developing multi-level metal processes for semiconductors. I am the author of 36 patents and was elected by my peers to the IBM Academy of Technology. I list these to establish my bona fides for evaluating scientific data.

Recently the phenomenon of excess deaths has been in the news, so I decided to review the VT death statistics for the age group from 15 – 54. The average number of deaths for this age group for the years 2018 & 2019 was 581 which will be our baseline.  I will list the number of deaths per year and then the excess deaths.

              Year               Deaths        Excess Deaths   

               2020              582                     0

               2021              721                  140

               2022              903                  322  

So this younger group had no excess deaths in 2020 when COVID deaths were raging among the elderly. We started seeing excess deaths in this group after the vaccines were introduced in 2021 & 2022.  I calculated the excess deaths for these two years for drug OD’s, suicides and automobile deaths and they were approximately 70 in 2021 and 130 in 2022. This still leaves 70 unexplained deaths in 2021 and 192 in 2022. The numbers may seem small, but each death represents a person taken in the prime of life. Sadly, the percentage increase in deaths was largest in the youngest age group. The death rate was 180% above baseline in 2022 for the 15 – 24 year age group. This group was strongly urged or mandated to get vaccinated in high school and college, A review of 4 months of data for 2023 shows a continued increase over 2022 numbers.

Other interesting statistics involved the database listing of causative factors for death. Heart disease. and cancer are the largest contributors to deaths in VT. The only causative factor exhibiting excess deaths in 2021 & 2022 was heart disease. The heart disease baseline for 2018 – 2019 was 1353 deaths per year. Once again, I will list heart disease deaths and then excess deaths.

                  Year              Deaths         Excess Deaths

                 2020               1368                      15

                 2021               1530                    177 

                 2022               1672                    319

There were increases in cardiac arrest and blood clot related deaths for all groups over 40 years of age. Heart related deaths in the youngest age group (15-24) are predominately from myocarditis and pericarditis. I have reviewed the data from the first four months of 2023 and they project a continued increase in heart related excess deaths over 2022 levels. We have had a very benign variant of the virus for quite some time.

However, the population has had continued exposure to the vaccine through various “booster”  campaigns. This strongly points to vaccine damage as the cause of these excess heart deaths.

You might counter this argument with the maxim  “correlation does not prove causation.” However, this result is exactly what would be predicted by examining the data from the Pfizer and Moderna phase 3 vaccine trials. The FDA tried to seal this data for 75 years but it was released because of a successful FOIA lawsuit. An analysis by Doshi et al calculates a 36% higher risk of a serious adverse event  for  the Pfizer vaccine leg vs the placebo. If you look at the types of Serious Adverse Events you will notice a preponderance of heart and blood clotting issues.

We now know that the spike protein part of the virus is extremely toxic. The vaccine developers made a huge mistake when they chose to replicate the spike with their MRNA technology rather than more benign parts of the virus. The COVID 19 virus enters through your upper respiratory system where it  spends several days replicating. Those with strong immune systems can mount a defense against the virus before it gets to the lungs and thus limit the amount of spike protein in their system.

In contrast, the vaccine is injected into the deltoid muscle but rather quickly leaks into the bloodstream where it is transported to all the major organs of the body and  begins production of the spike protein. This mechanism and the continued use of boosters results in much higher exposure to the spike from the vaccines than from the native virus. Those researchers trying to treat long COVID and the vaccine injured are focusing on techniques to clear the spike protein from the body.    

 You could bring more clarity to this issue by investigating whether heart disease deaths in the 15 – 54 year demographic are correlated with their vaccination status.  Also, pathologists have developed techniques to detect spike protein in the heart muscle and can differentiate between spike from the virus and spike from the vaccine  The medical examiner should be directed to use these techniques in all future autopsies of heart related deaths among the young. 

The data shows that infants have extremely robust immune systems and essentially zero risk from the COVID virus. The CDC’s V-Safe data, also obtained by a FOIA lawsuit, indicates that out of 13,963 vaccinated children below 3 years of age, approximately 1000 required medical intervention after the COVID shot.

Given this and all the other data we have accumulated over the past 2 years detailing injuries and deaths from the vaccine, I find it inexplicable that the FDA would add it to the childhood immunization schedule. This decision confers no benefit but results in tremendous risk to the child. Let’s remember the physicians prime directive i.e. “First, do no harm!” –

The author is a Burlington Vermont, resident.

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  1. Thank you for looking into this. Please let the people know what Dr, Levine’s response is. I know that the big Pharma cannot be held responsible because it was done during a pandemic, but if the vaccines are causing these deaths then we should not be promoting them to be used.

    • What were the deaths for the 2 years before your baseline? Lower? Higher? The same? A well designed study doesn’t have us guess

  2. I have lost two family members to the clot shot “vaccine”, and another one was seriously injured. I don’t know of anyone who has died of “covid”, only those who have died of gross medical malpractice in the treatment of influenza.

  3. Some people are starting to wake up….

    Unfortunately most people have been jabbed already, and the irreversible damage has already been done.

    Sir, I suggest you look into cancer rates, and anything on the list of adverse reactions that was skipped over during the FDA hearing in October of 2020.
    Go to 2 hrs 33 mins and 40 seconds and slow down the play when he says “I’m sorry this is slide 17” you’ll see the flicker when he advances past the slide entitled: “Working list of possible adverse event outcomes”.

  4. Interesting. I will be interested to hear whether Commissioner Levine responds at all. No doubt Robert Geffken is aware of Ed Dowd’s book: “‘Cause Unknown,’ The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022,” which addresses the spike in all-cause mortality in the working age population. Dowd put it this way: “From February 2021 to March 2022, millennials experienced the equivalent of a Vietnam war, with more than 60,000 excess deaths. The Vietnam war took 12 years to kill the same number of healthy young people we’ve just seen die in 12 months.” Dowd concludes his book –

    “At this point, public health officials and vaccine makers are aware of everything that you now know from this book – at a minimum. At this point, they have moved beyond something we could write off as incompetence, in that they are allowing (and even forcing) mass use of products they know are harmful. At this point, powerful people in public health and Pharma are in full cover-up mode. They almost have to be, because it’s hard to imagine how they could pivot from what they’ve done to what they ought to do.

    At this point, the negligence in criminal.”

    • My bet is that if Levine responds, it will be to dissemble, prevaricate, or make fake excuses why that kind of data collection can’t be done. And the governor will do the same, both beholden to the uni-party globalists and their donors, which include big pharma and the teachers union, among others. You won’t get any help from them. Notice who gets censored and by what media. You can be sure local stations won’t run with these questions and non-answers. Notice who gets censored, by who or what media, and who owns them. Do your homework.

      It has to be the people to wake up and just say no. Voting doesn’t help because we know they cheat and have cheated for decades. When asked of Condos to have access to the Dominion machines software, he said there was no need and refused, basically saying trust us, most secure election evah…etc. Vermont still uses ERIC which many other states have banned.

      I hope I lose the bet.

  5. Thank you, Mr. Geffken, or should I say Dr. Geffken. I have been saying a great many things about this “vaccine” and indeed about the pandemic since the end of March, 2020. But as a nurse, my voice is lost in the wind. I follow Mr. Steve Kirsch on Substack who has been labeled the number one misinformation spreader in the world. You might like to look into him and reach out to him. I will be sharing this article with him as well.
    My own mother had one subclinical stroke after the first vaccine and then proceeded to have a stroke after each successive vaccine and booster until I insisted, she stop. She went from playing golf and driving and living independently to living with my husband and I and needing supervision with most upper-level Executive Function tasks.
    I cannot tell you how many patients I lost in 2021 to rapid onset, fatal cancers. In my entire 34-year career in nursing, specifically in homecare, I might have 3 or 4 cancer patients a YEAR. That year, 2021 I had 3 or 4 a WEEK and a majority of them died in less than a month. Some never got the chance to get treatment as they would be diagnosed, treatment was delayed due to the pandemic, and they would be dead before the appointment with the oncologist.
    You might not think your voice will be heard, but the collective voices will mount until we are heard. You also may want to consider joining or at least looking into StandFirmNow and look them up on the internet for more information.
    Thank you for your diligence and integrity. So very heartening.
    Pam Baker RN

      • I have followed Steve Kirsch too, as well as Chris Martenson, Meryl Nass, Jessica Rose, John Campbell and many others. Everyone of these reasonable and careful to analyze the data have been personally attacked for their efforts. No one in “authority” will debate them. One has to really question what is happening when all dissenting voices are silenced. Science requires open debate and discussion, and is never reliant upon consent. I used to be a medical research librarian and was also in charge of medical continuing education. Medical research has devolved from open inquiry into a field in which only pharma solutions are funded, as long as the results produce the desired outcomes.

  6. sucks that science doesn’t fit the Biden narrative for vaccines, school closures and tanking the economy during covid………..

  7. The link below came out today giving an overview of the effectiveness of mRNA – Pfizer and Moderna vaccines versus adenovirus-vector vaccines – Johnson and Johnson and Astro Zeneca. It uses data from populations of 70K and 120K respectively in the study from Denmark. It evaluates effectiveness as protection against Covid as well as cardiac issues there after. Bottom line the Adenovirus-vector vaccines were more effective and had less cardiac issues in their wake.

    The study is found here –

    A report on the study is found here –

  8. One of the problems with the vaccine narrative is that it was made to look as if there was a concerted effort by Pfizer, Moderna, et. Al to produce a vaccine utilizing good manufacturing practices ( GMP), and actually conducting proper and full clinical trials. Unfortunately these pharmaceutical companies were only directed by the DOD to run demonstration projects and under the auspices of the DOD, using legislative legerdemain that has been years in the making, these demonstration projects under operation warp speed had no legal requirement to comply with GMP, no requirement for actual and serious clinical trials ( surprisingly they at least conducted trials that are far inferior to the normal standard and in some cases fraudulent, see Brook Jackson’s whistleblower case), and we’re not even required to do serious post marketing surveillance. The companies probably don’t even know exactly what it is they were paid to put their labels on. They have never publicly published the sequence data of what is in the mRNA viles, that is if they ever sequenced them at all. That there are different lots with widely variable adverse event profiles points to very inconsistent manufacturing processes and/or lack of quality control. Some have concluded that this was deliberate. Since this was a military operation the FDA cannot technically regulate this product and apparently made no attempt but instead rubber stamped it as they were instructed. Likewise the CDC has no legal authority here either. All of this is detailed by both Sasha Lathpova, retired pharma clinical trial company owner, and Katherine Watt, a legal researcher. I think they are correct and this would explain why even though there is a clear safety signal in VAERS, as this being the most harmful vaccine ever produced, it is being ignored. What shall we conclude from this? That perhaps this is a war against the west, by the nefarious forces within the deep state, controlled by non-governmental, unelected elites who regard especially the West ( probably because we are educated, have created some wealth etc. ) and we are a perceived threat to their desires for world domination. It has taken a long time for me to come to this realization as sick and disgusting as it is.

    • Also all true. If you have yet, everyone should listen to Sasha Lathpova’s testimony (and there are many others who have been sounding the alarm since the beginning), and then ask yourself why she hasn’t been interviewed by the likes of 60 Minutes and other big 3-letter media.

  9. Thank you, Mr. Geffken, for speaking out and demanding accountability; you are knowledgeable in your field and can’t be dismissed. The people from these agencies – the DOD, HHS, FDA, CDC, CIA, Pfizer, Moderna etc… had to have known early on about the terrible side effects, they must have known prior to the “vaccine’ rollout from Pfizers own clinical trials. Which leads one to believe the motives were sinister; genocide via sterilization and outright death coupled with greed. EUA no longer provides (and never did) a justifiable immunity from prosecution when the clot shots are so patently harmful and killed so many. It is fraud, medical malpractice, outright murder.
    And children were never at risk from Covid; we need to do whatever it takes to protect them.
    Let’s see if Dr. Levine has the guts to respond.

  10. I doubt the Fauci puppet Levine will respond but keep us posted if he does. They all knew exactly what this so-called vaccine was going to do & they all need to be in jail! Covid was treatable but hospitals were given protocols that prevented treatment. It’s infuriating that they are still pushing people to get jabbed.

  11. I find this intriguing but there are many variables here that cannot be adequately resolved without much more data & research and honesty from hospitals, doctors, scientists, and the government – something that will never likely happen.

    If we were to, for the sake of this argument, suppose that these deaths were linked directly to the vaccine and not the virus itself (remembering that younger persons especially were often asymptomatic but still infected) we should also be asking why would often younger and typically healthier portions of the population (15 through 54 age group) be succumbing to these cardiac side effects as opposed to the older & more “frail” segments of that population, i.e.: over age 54?

    I’m generally cynical and suspicious of the pharmaceutical industry as are many, but there is much to sort through here and I’m betting Vermont isn’t the place where any resolve will ever take place, for it is here wherein males are considered females, where legislating prostitution is considered empowering to women, and where people living paycheck to paycheck are forced to buy multimillionaire’s children breakfast and lunch each day.

    Nonetheless, thanks for a thoughtful and well-argued query and we all look to the day when we are afforded the answers to our reasonable & justifiable intuitions.

    • What are prescribed and given out like candy to virtually everyone over the age of 40? Statins. Statins have both an anti-inflammatory as well as an anti-clotting effect. Two presumptions were made (or declared) by big pharma et al regarding the safety of the mRNA vaccines- those were that the spike-protein was itself benign and that the vaccine would remain locally at the injection site. These are both demonstrably incorrect. The spike protein turns out to be cytotoxic and the nanolipid particle delivery mechanism for the mRNA has demonstrated through pharmacokinetic studies that it is able to travel throughout the body and bioaccumulates in certain organs- notably in the ovaries. A working hypothesis describing a mechanism of action for the widely observed injuries following this experimental therapy as the author of this op-ed has put forth is that vaccine derived spike-protein is causing inflammation and clotting that is leading to cardiac injuries and death. Who ARE NOT taking statins? Young men, who incidentally are providing the highest signal for vaccine injury in the form of myocarditis and pericarditis.

  12. This was global genocide by global elitists. They will never publicize the real science. And this isn’t by any means over just because people aren’t taking shots anymore. All cause mortality is up an average of 40% in high vax countries. Now mrna recipients are dealing with turbo cancers, dying weeks, even days after diagnosis. I thank God every night i had the strength to see the truth and resist and didn’t subject my children to the poison either.

  13. I had a sixth sense about the vaccine. That sense is called CRITICAL THINKING.

    • We stopped after the first 2 Pfizer shots. both over 70 and no COVID tests showed Positive
      But after that something said WE do not do anymore regardless. Also, I have never received a FLU vacine shot. I had way too many shots while in the Navy ’62-’65.

  14. It’s actually worse than most people think. First off, we have solid evidence the SARS-CoV-2 virus was man-made. How do we know this with certainty? Because there is a man by the name of David E. Martin, PhD who ran a business tracking all patents world wide via his company called: M-CAM -International. SARS-CoV-1 was patented in 2001 & SARS-CoV-2 was patented in 2015 by a virologist from the lab at Wuhan’s Institute of Virology; her name was Shi Zhengli.

    The creation of this virus (deadly ONLY for those with pre-morbid conditions; Diabetes, our elderly, COPD, and Vitamin D deficient BPOC) ~ was funded by DoD, NIAID & FDA. When Obama banned bio-weapon research, the DoD went underground to a private to company; Eco Health Alliance (CEO Peter Dazsak) and funded them to do the GoF research.

    I hear Bob Gefken stating they should have used the less virulent part of the virus; (non-spike part) what it seems he may not know is it was man-made; it has a patent # that Pfizer, Moderna, Astra-Zeneca and J&J bought the patent for SARS-CoV-2 (it is a bio-weapon) in 2018 & 2019 – BEFORE this so called “novel ” virus (not novel at all) showed up … so they could make $Billion$ in profits off of poisoning us.

    WHY? … A few agendas; [1.] they stole all our Social Security retirement & invested it in other countries (China), and [2.] their agenda to: Depopulate – part of the WEF & WHO plans to give the Earth more green space (sustainable development goals; SDG) – United Nations is in on it; the entire system from the top down is corrupted.

    SARS-CoV-2 was computer generated – it does NOT come from nature. It does have a specific genome sequence which makes it replicatable; SARS-CoV-2 is what they placed in the mRNA nanolipid particles so it could be delivered to every organ in the body; including our lungs, heart, brain and reproductive organs). Basically anywhere we have blood vessels.

    SARS-CoV-2 was given Gain-of-Function to be more virulent than SARS-CoV-1 because it was made to attack specifically human (lung) epithelium (the very cells that make up our blood vessels; capillaries; arterioles, venules… Explaining why there are so many died of acute respiratory distress syndrome, endocarditis & blood clots elsewhere.

    Even the Remdesivir the CDC protocols used was a weapon (it was known by FDA that it causes kidney failure. The ventilators blew their fragile compromised lungs out. Many people in different States across the USA are suing hospitals for murdering their loved ones.

    Fauci did the same thing to victims of AIDS, only instead of Remdesivir, he used AZT (triple the therapeutic dose) which killed AIDS patients. Fauci also withheld from them medications that could have saved their lives;
    1980’s; HIV; Bactrim & Interferon was not FDA approved…
    2020’s: Ivermectin & Hydroxyquinolone ;
    watch the movie “Dallas Buyers Club” to see ~ same modus operandi.—Full-Interview—Planet-Lockdown:9

    *** to see all the #CrimesAgainstHumanity — Dr David E Martin has a complete file of all the crimes & violations – including RICO …
    Go TO:

  15. Thank you sir. Your data is backed up globally as reported by increased rates of death based on life insurance claims. This is not just occuring in Vermont.

  16. Something that only seemed to affect those with underlying issues from day 1, yeah that’s why I refused the jab then and now even if I had rough year plus from the damn bug. After all the previous years chatter through the grapevine about Social Security soon being overwhelmed and dollars being wanted to go elsewhere, THEN incentives or disgraces for getting/not getting the jab(s)? Yeah, NO THANKS!

  17. Bill Gates and the top personnel in the various health departments all directed by the CFR, are ‘ Culling The Herd’.

  18. I want to salute the people who resisted the unprecedented pressure, bombardment of insults, loss of employment, loss of family, vilified, and slandered for refusing to play Russian roullette with their health. Those who chose to “just say no” are true lionheart warriors. The fight is not over as the casualties continue to mount. The full Truth yet to be revealed. The ones who resisted are still struggling and still maligned for not complying with a lie. If there was any segment of society that deserves reparations, it is those who stood firm and resolute in the face of pure evil and have suffered more than most could ever endure or survive.

    • Thank you Melissa for that acknowledgment! You’re right, it has been really hard to swim against the tide. Judgment, persecution and rudeness among other things has been the things we have had to endure. I lost a good portion of my clientele due to my stance. People looked at me and said that I didn’t care about others. I did extensive research and never felt comfortable with the vaccine. I had people begging me to get it, even doctors. But I stood my ground and I thank God my husband and daughter stood by me and did the same. I think a lot of people won’t ever admit that there’s a possibility that these shots could be deadly. Because that means they have to face their own decisions and mortality. I get that. I think if I had taken a shot, I would be ignoring all this too, otherwise, I would be out of my mind worrying. I don’t know if people will ever admit they were wrong, but I guess that really doesn’t matter. But I do feel vindicated. I just wish people would be less, trusting, and do more research. Because the information is out there.

  19. None of the Emergency Use Authorized Products, approved by the FDA in response to Covid-19, have been evaluated for safety or effectiveness. Although the Federal Emergency officially ended on May 11th, the approval for these experimental products is planned to continue. (

    These unassessed products include vaccines, face masks, and tests.

    It is time to conduct a thorough Cost/Benefit analysis of these products. Any one of them could be causing a range of health issues. Only a thorough investigation will be able to assess and tease apart this perfect storm of insults to the body.

    Our government officials and mainstream media won’t even acknowledge this harm is happening. We are going to have to do this ourselves.

    We are starting the process by touring the state with the results of our “Emergency Forum to Assess the Respiratory Hazards of Masks,” which happened last weekend in Burlington. Perhaps the same model could be used to gather and assess the harms correlated with the vaccines and other products?

    Thank you Vermont for caring so lovingly for your neighbors.
    Keep the spirit of Neighborliness alive.
    With Love,

    • The long-term care facility my mother is housed in requires masks be worn by visitors and staff (patients are exempt.) Their facebook page shows photos of a gathering for Mother’s Day where visitors and patients gathered together and many not masked. I called the facility and inquired of the mask requirement. The facility director advised me they were following State of Vermont protocols. I was directed to contact the licensing division. I spoke to the licensing division, the Health department, and DAIL. All of these State departments told me it is not them and they are not requiring masks in long term facilities. As the CDC, CMS, Federal government, WHO, and all other government authorities have punted and washed their hands of it, there is no clear information, authority, or responsibility for continuing the pantomime of masking.

      • Hello Melissa,

        It does appear that every public official has “washed their hands” of mask decisions as much as possible, passing the buck and refusing to address the issue at all. The best I can tell, the responsibility is being passed on to employers. In that case, there are clear OSHA standards that are not being followed.

        I just met two women who both work at nursing homes in Central Vermont, and they are still being masked at work. Working 10 hour shifts, one has asthma and is going through cancer treatment.

        It is time for an assessment, by the People, for the People.

        Thanks for making the calls and calling people on their decisions.
        ~ Amy

  20. If the rate DROPPED, would that be “not enough deaths” instead of “excess?” I may be nitpicking the language, but it almost sounds like there is an acceptable quota.

    • Well the WEF would like to see 7.5 billion people culled, slowly and equitably ofcourse.

  21. The vaccine developers didn’t “make a huge mistake” basing the vax on the spike, because they did it deliberately. The lipid nanoparticles that enable the spike to pass the blood-brain barrier were developed by DARPA, the research arm of the Dept of Defense. What role does the MILITARY have in public health and vaccines? None. So why were they involved?

    I’d like to know how Dr. Levine—who said two years ago that Vermont’s high vax rate would create “a wall of immunity” that would stop even the variants, and who pushes a bivalent shot tested on only eight mice who all got Covid anyway—still has his job.

    Everything, or most everything, the “anti-vaxxers” said at the beginning turned out to be true. Mr. Geffken’s letter is a noble effort to educate those who shouldn’t need educating, but it’s a bit like trying to persuade a religious devotee to change their religion. Because that’s what vaccination has become—a religion that cannot be questioned under any circumstances.

  22. Bob entered this discussion based on his professional life; certainly lot of work with good intentions. I certainly will agree with Bob’s conclusions.I knew this Fake Pandemic was planned way before it started; therefore, I was well aware that all hell was going to break once I understood what was taking place in China and Taiwan. This is nothing more than a planned Genocide by many groups. There is just a small list how have been all in with the Globalist Agenda in the US: Both Political Parties, a vast majority of the Medical Profession (monetary gain), judicial system, FDA, CDC, HIS.and many of the Universities developing this ” Gain of Function KILL SHOT”

    The list of those Americans aligned with the Globalist 1 world order is vast both in the US and around the globe and has been in serious plannng stage for decades sponsored by our Former Presidents (trump excluded ) and both Houses of Congress. I shouldn’t have to mention this comment but I will; Big Pharma has been slowing doing this slow kill for decades, shortly this will all be exposed, in fact this entire planned killing of the global population will be addressed within a few months all around the world.

    The Nuremberg trials will begin again; Us Military will start their Tribunals and before pantomime breaks out in this column, know the entire Juridical system is completely compromised from the Federal to State level. In fact we will all see Tribunals all around the Globe. Politicians, Medical Mafia, Judges , etc those involved in this Genocile will be delt with.

    These lawful actions will not bring back everyone’s loved ones and family but it will certainly remove these very, very sick puppies out of society, for ever..