Former CNN producer and VT man may be nearing civil settlement in child sex abuse case

by Mike Donoghue, republished in part from the Caledonian-Record

John Griffin

BURLINGTON — A former senior producer for CNN television, who admitted luring a Nevada woman and her adopted pre-teen daughter to Windsor County to have sadomasochistic sex with the girl, is close to striking a settlement in a civil lawsuit with the juvenile.

John J. Griffin, 45, formerly of Stamford, Conn., is facing a possible life sentence in prison after pleading guilty in U.S. District Court in Burlington in December 2022 to a felony sex charge.

Griffin admitted enticing the then-9-year-old girl and her adoptive mother to fly from Las Vegas to Boston in July 2020. Griffin picked them up in his red 2019 Tesla and drove them to his slope-side home at Okemo Mountain in Ludlow, where he engaged in sex with the girl and mother during a weeklong stay, records show…..Read more here

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  1. Wait a second……this man hasn’t been appointed to any government commissions by the Governor or isn’t yet the director of a school board in maybe Burlington or Essex yet? Well, regardless, I’m sure “Rights & Democracy Vermont” (his right to be psychopathic and to denounce democracy) will fully embrace him, correct LT Governor? And his heinous crimes, by the way, may soon be misdemeanors should the “progressive” Saul Alinsky/Klaus Schwab & the WHO devotees have their way.

    • WOW!…. Nice job exploiting this Childs horror so you can make political points. You have the same integrity as the abuser. Anything is OK as long as I get to spew my seed…..sheeeeesh! Physician, heal thyself.

      • I’m not a physician(?) nor do I play one on TV, but speaking of TV – it was indeed CNN, under the direction of this amoral villain, that used their own national platform to “make political points” by lecturing the nation about how “deplorable” Conservatives were and how morally superior “progressive” democrats & socialists were whilst their degenerate producer simultaneously raped little children and ranted about the “evils” of womanhood. Oh, and by the way, it is the “Democrats Equality Act” and various Democrat party congressional bills, like the ones in a number of states (such as Minnesota and in California) that seek to protect the act of pedophilia. And lastly, the ONLY person who exploited and horrified this child was: The Producer of your CNN, a network that shames Constitutionalists and laughably demonstrates their hypocritical piousness each and every day.

      • i dont see any exploitation there…just exposing of the facts and the predictable outcomes when we:
        -vote for a supermajority of demoprogs in the legislature
        -elect marxist prosecutors who selectively enforce statutory law
        -normalize and celebrate sexual behaviors that were considered taboo a couple of decades ago

  2. Being handled in federal court, this man is certainly not getting the velvet glove treatment he may have been expecting out of Vermont district courts were he to be prosecuted. He probably came to Vermont expecting that having a woman deliver him her pre-teen daughter was perfectly acceptable here. The confusion is understandable.

  3. When our State openly advertises perversion and death cults welcome, the wealthiest scum of the earth dwell and play here right alongside the drug runners and human traffickers. The only difference between them is the zip code and tax bracket.