Klar: Woke Theocracy Dominates America

Government Advocacy of Social Justice is Unconstitutional: Here’s Why

by John Klar

Social Justice ideology has saturated American governmental institutions. President Biden’s Executive Orders and press conferences burst with references to “marginalized groups” and “equity.” Public schools are implementing “critical” queer, gender, and race “theories” as required content, including in sex education. Woke ideology is pervading healthcare, government grant policies, “diversity and inclusion” committees and training requirements, criminal law, labor practices, and every other facet of government operations. Is “wokeness” a religion, and are these practices a violation of the Establishment Clause?

The U.S. Constitution proclaims that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…. U.S. Supreme Court interpretations of this language have been less than lucid in defining “religion,” though the Court has firmly prohibited government from favoring one religion over another. The saturation of government programs and administration by the revolutionary tenets of woke-ism is patently violative of this secular-sacred boundary.

A unanimous U.S. Supreme Court declared in Torcaso v. Watkins:

We repeat and again reaffirm that neither a State nor the Federal Government can constitutionally force a person “to profess a belief or disbelief in any religion.” Neither can constitutionally pass laws or impose requirements which aid all religions as against nonbelievers, and neither can aid those religions based on a belief in the existence of God as against those religions founded on different beliefs.

In a footnote, the Torcaso Court referenced “….religions in this country which do not teach what would generally be considered a belief in the existence of God [such as] Buddhism, Taoism, Ethical Culture, Secular Humanism and others.” Many have seized upon this language to define atheism as a religion, including the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, in Kaufman v. McCaughtry:

….we have suggested in the past that when a person sincerely holds beliefs dealing with issues of “ultimate concern” that for her occupy a “place parallel to that filled by . . . God in traditionally religious persons,” those beliefs represent her religion. ….We have already indicated that atheism may be considered, in this specialized sense, a religion. ….The Supreme Court has recognized atheism as equivalent to a “religion” for purposes of the First Amendment on numerous occasions…. 

The federal government has recognized the Satanic Temple as an organized religion for IRS tax exempt status. This “modern” version of Satanism purports to be secular, consistent with Kaufman’s ruling that:

Atheism is, among other things, a school of thought that takes a position on religion, the existence and importance of a supreme being, and a code of ethics. As such, we are satisfied that it qualifies as [a]religion for purposes of the First Amendment…. [It is] religious in nature even though it expressly rejects a belief in a supreme being.

The social justice movement clearly “takes a position” on these same core beliefs. Numerous theology schools gush with classes themed around salvific social justice doctrine. Northeastern Seminary offers a Masters of Arts degree in Theology & Social Justice; New York Theological Seminary offers a certificatePhillips Theological Seminary and Union Theological Seminary provide Masters in Social Justice; United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities created a Leadership Center for Social Justice “to equip, inspire, and empower [spiritual] leaders to faithfully and reflectively engage in concrete, contextual ministry for social justice.” Articles abound crafting Social Justice in a Liberation Theology vein, touting explications such as Calvin’s Theology of Social JusticeBonhoeffer, Theology, and Social JusticeThe Theological Perspective of Social Justiceand Jesus Valued Social Justice and So Should You

The Supreme Court has strongly preserved the importance of maintaining separation of church (or churchlessness) and state, repeatedly. In McCreary County v. ACLU of Kentucky, the Court summarized the vital primacy of this doctrine:

The Framers and the citizens of their time intended not only to protect the integrity of individual conscience in religious matters… but to guard against the civic divisiveness that follows when the Government weighs in on one side of religious debate; nothing does a better job of roiling society, a point that needed no explanation to the descendants of English Puritans and Cavaliers (or Massachusetts Puritans and Baptists). 

Wokism is a bold, radical cult. James Lindsay and Helen Pluckrose explain in Cynical Theories that “….postmodernism applied its cynical Theories to deconstruct what we might agree to call “the old religions” of human thought…. and replaced them with a new religion of its own, called “Social Justice.” John McWhorter plainly states the theological case in Woke Racism (p. 23):

I do not mean that these people’s ideology is “like” a religion. I seek no rhetorical snap in the comparison. I mean that it actually is a religion. An anthropologist would see no difference in type between Pentecostalism and this new form of antiracism. ….With the rise of Third Wave Antiracism we are witnessing the birth of a new religion, just as Romans witnessed the birth of Christianity.

McWhorter details the various attributes of the social justice movement that display its religious ferocity, calling the cult’s adherents “medievals with lattes.” Many clerics concur, including Owen Strachan (Christianity and Wokeness) and Voddie Baucham (Fault Lines). Baucham writes:

The antiracist movement has many of the hallmarks of a cult, including staying close enough to the Bible to avoid detection and hiding the fact that it has a new theology and a new glossary of terms that diverge ever-so-slightly from Christian orthodoxy. ….This new cult has created a new lexicon that has served as scaffolding to support what has become an entire body of divinity. 

Strachan agrees:

This is not a system compatible with Christian faith. ….The Gospel announces forgiveness and resulting innocence; wokeness announces guilt and unending condemnation. God’s good news is the ministry of freedom; wokeness is the ministry of imprisonment. ….A more technical description of this new religion… is “Utopian Judicial Paganism.” .…the worldview of wokeness is not a Christian one where God is Creator and Ruler, but an atheistic one where man is divinized.

By these arguments, this is not merely a Democrat political movement, but a dynamic and transformative religious exaltation of secular humanism. In The Marxification of Education, James Lindsay stridently critiques this “Marxist theology,” most especially in erstwhile secular public education influenced by Marxist Paolo Freire:

….this is a replacement of the Christian theological beliefs regarding the central event of their faith, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, with a blatantly Marxist counterfeit in which the individual dies to the existing world and is resurrected into a Marxist (conscious “Socialist Man”)—his own Marxist “Christ.”…. This heresy is not just a blurring of the boundaries between school and churches, it’s also an advancement of Liberation Theology and a repurposing of that Marxist faith into educational theory and practice.

The words of Paolo Freier affirm Strachan’s characterization of this belief system as human divinization:

Our pedagogy cannot do without a vision of man and of the world. It formulates a scientific humanistic conception that finds its expression in a dialogical praxis in which the teachers and learners together, in the act of analyzing a dehumanizing reality, denounce it while announcing its transformation in the name of the liberation of man. (The Marxification of Education, p. 105).

The failure of proficiency in core subjects in today’s schools is not just because racial, queer, and intersectional “studies” have displaced core subject learning. Lindsay illustrates this is a product of a deliberate “conscientization” by which children are inculcated into unconstitutional political/religious state learning:

.…to the degree that this pedagogy has informed public schools in the United States and its fifty states, one might suspect it butts up against a heretofore unrecognized Establishment Clause challenge. Visible are a conception of the world, life in it, and its ultimate questions such that duties of conscience arise from the belief system. These points, though, are the usual criteria for recognizing a belief system as a religion according to First Amendment jurisprudence on the U. S. Constitution. These, the state cannot mandate or compel. 

John McWhorter raised similar alarms about the saturation of public schools with social justice religiosity:

.…as I write this, religion is being preached in one school after another nationwide, even to children who aren’t even reading chapter books yet. In other words, the Elect are founding the equivalent of Sunday school – except that, because they have penetrated actual schools, they get to preach at our children five days a week.

Adherence to the new faith is increasingly viewed as a requisite qualification for public office. Toscano v. Watkins struck down a dubious Maryland state Constitutional provision that “[N]o religious test ought ever to be required as a qualification for any office of profit or trust in this State, other than a declaration of belief in the existence of God….” In a recent Vermont episode, a black member of a local governmental “Belonging, Equity and Inclusion Committee” named Keith Longmore was expelled by the mostly white group because he challenged the racial justice orthodoxy:

“The reason for removal of Mr. Longmore is he has repeatedly derided the mission and need of the committee, calling it, quote ‘unnecessary, a hoax and an affront to the families of this city,’” City Manager Dominic Cloud said….

This Great Delusion is sweeping all before it: the dam between church and state is being washed away as in a Great Flood. Douglas Murray recounts the anti-traditionalist nihilism in his timely work The War on the West:

.…the religion of antiracism fills people with purpose and a sense of meaning…. Perhaps most crucially, it allows them to war on what were their own origins. The appeal of this conflict should not be underestimated. It is a very deep-seated instinct, the instinct to destroy, burn, and spit on everything that has produced you. And of course, there is one final appeal. The opportunity to treat other people badly beneath the guise of doing good.

This reverse-Christian religion thirsts for chaos and retribution, echoing the warning of Aldous Huxley:

The surest way to work up a crusade in favor of some good cause is to promise people they will have a chance of maltreating someone. To be able to destroy with good conscience, to be able to behave badly and call your bad behavior ‘righteous indignation’ — this is the height of psychological luxury, the most delicious of moral treats.

The religious zealotry of social justice seeks to usurp all political and state power, to subsume child education, the economy, media, and all means of production (including food). It seeks to devour the Constitution and all its protections of individual liberty, and it is now improperly Established in the halls of local, state and federal governments.

This newfangled movement has been boldly woven into every layer of American governance. When Ketanji Brown Jackson refused to define what a woman is, she signaled her adherence (“wokeness”) to the new state faith. When Kamala Harris proclaims “Equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place,” she is reciting the Marxist Theology’s pervasive hermeneutic, a liturgy diametrically opposed to Martin Luther King Jr.’s most famous proclamation.

Americans are witnessing not merely a subtle intrusion of an evolved liberalism into public institutions. This quasi-religious sect is as much anti-liberal as it is anti-Judeo-Christian. Growing hostility toward Christianity, Christians, and America’s Judeo-Christian heritage is evident in the rapidly radicalized alarmism over so-called Christian Nationalism and increasing bellicose declamations against the State of Israel. 

Islam is theologically distinct from Christianity and Judaism in that it does not envision any separation of church and state. The Woke Cult shares the same theological perspective, and thus not only pushes a theocratic worldview but is rapidly implementing a Taliban-like takeover of every aspect of American government into which it insidiously seeps. It is a wolf in wolf’s clothing – a religion that has no place in government, especially in schools. 

Doubtless this new religion will eventually be challenged by American secular jurisprudence. The outcome of that court battle will determine whether America remains the land of the Constitutionally free, or “establishes” a Neo-Marxist Cult as official Religion of the Land.

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  1. Sadly, we are racing toward the latter – a neo-Marxist cult.

    And interestingly, one of the largest “marginalized” groups, and one which was until very recently classified as a “protected group” was women. Yet not too long ago, the DNC decided that women somehow were either too large of a demographic to control, (they of course comprise the majority, in all actuality) or were too “diverse” to attempt to indoctrinate, or were essentially a segment, sadly, too weak & ineffective to use in their quest to create a fascist state. After all, calling every citizen a “sexist” if they didn’t vote for crooked Hillary largely didn’t work! Therefore, girls and women very quickly became the enemy of the Democrats. Just as Feinstein is considered now as well, after serving her party’s purpose.

    Women & girls are now simply relegated to now being a group that is benign at best, and non-existent at worst; they believe men can function at being better females than ACTUAL females, and female existence can only be depended upon in reproducing more males (as China once did before their culture nearly collapsed). This was precisely WHY is why it was so imperative that women be allowed to abort based upon gender selection now in VT…………everyone knows this will be utilized the majority of the time to select males, not females. My, my, how we NEVER learn from history, do we? Not even China’s history!

  2. Considering the backlash on Bud Light, the great awakening cannot be stopped. Anheuser-Bucsh lost $6 billion in market cap in a matter of days. The answer is hitting them where it hurts the most – the money. Stop feeding the beast and it starves to death. Go woke, go broke. It has toppled more businesses than writing op-eds or calling your represenatives. Imagine, if you will, if Vermonters had the courage to withhold their money en masse, what could the fake regime do about it? Unite and fight by withholding the money. Don’t support any business or comply with the fake authority spewing woke doctrine. Things would shift in a heartbeat.

  3. THANK YOU, MR. KLAR! The vanity of this new godless theology so full of itself and other false and humanist idols is just one of the many reasons that our nation seems doomed: “The failure of proficiency in core subjects in today’s schools is not just because racial, queer, and intersectional “studies” have displaced core subject learning. Lindsay illustrates this is a product of a deliberate “conscientization” by which children are inculcated into unconstitutional political/religious state learning.”
    Bernie’s minions are the cancer within eating away at our Constitution and Judeo-Christian values.

  4. Unfortunately, the Woke Liberalist movement I believe is a counter-intelligence covert operation (aka Psyop) to validate the push for a Theocracy. And, it has already pushed itself onto shores far beyond the United States of America anticipating a world coup d ‘etat of our religious & spiritual freedoms..

    The Globalists who plan to leave the United States in a pile of dust (like in Boulder County Colorado; 2022 DEW’s damage; Santa Rosa, CA in 2017 & Paradise, CA in 2018 – used to avoid eminent domain time consuming litigation; ONLY time will prove this to be true; just ask all the Californians leaving the state).

    Our own *government plans to leave U.S. Empire to crumble under the planned economic collapse caused by unnecessary Covid-19 lock downs (*having stolen 21 trillion from the Federal Reserve; Baby Boomers will have no retirement savings in the 401k’s or Social Security waiting for them; Social Security is predicted to go belly up by 2028 & Medicare by 2024).

    The Globalists (The Club of Rome, Central Bankers, who have stolen our Democracy using Lobbyists / Hospital Industrial Complex) have been planning ‘One World Religion’ to go with their ‘One World Tower’ that replaced the WTC 1 & WTC 2 (perhaps symbolic of pluralism all along; without our knowledge) in Manhattan for decades, if not a century (1913). We all know how much tyrants they love their symbols.

    They are calling their theocracy center “The Abrahamic Family House” and they have named their ‘One World Religion’ “Chrislam” ~ without anyone’s consent, or vote. Pope Francis has already signed the ‘official’ documents; under the guise of a ‘human fraternity’…

    It appears all 3 domains of patriarchal brotherhood are digging in their heels for an Islamic, Judaic & Christian fraternity when the world is in a state of unrest and chaos (e.g., all this Transgender chaos is likely created by Deep State; I find it highly suspect & believe it is a very clever way of the Globalists inducing hatred towards the innocent and finally succeeding viciously in dividing America (i.e., by using our children’s bodies; the most vulnerable in our society, using their covert weapon of war ~ the mighty Caduceus of the Medical/Surgical Industrial Complex.

    All this chaos will make the USA easier to dismantle and enforce their Theocracy they’ve dubbed “Chrislam”. David Rockefeller famously said that a “global crisis” would have to occur before the people of the world would be willing to accept a New World Order.

    This is the perfect decade & timing for their forced totalitarian theocratic regime. They did not even bother to consult with the world’s inhabitants on what their thoughts were on this. And, Main Stream Media did not even cover the news of the opening of the Abrahamic Chrislamic Center in Abu Dhabi February 2022 with their plan to have One World Religion ? I would not call this a ‘conspiracy theory’ when they’ve actually built the multi-billion dollar headquarters in the United Arab Emirates and Pope Francis has ordered the consolidation of all the trillions of the Vatican Bank last August 2022 into to IOR (Institute For the Works Of Religion) .
    One World Religion Headquarters To Open 2022 –
    Date and Venue #CHRISLAM ,

    The Abrahamic House for ONE WORLD RELIGION
    officially opened its doors in February 2023

    Today’s The Day! The Abrahamic Family House In Abu Dhabi Set To Open And Will Serve As The International Headquarters Of The One World Religion Of Chrislam
    … last August 2022 Pope Francis ordered a consolidation of all the assets of the Roman Catholic Church into the Vatican Bank … aka the IOR (Institute for the Works Of Religion). I suspect their ‘New World Order’ with ‘One World Religion’ and the conversion of the US dollar into digital by July 2023 will ensure the Vatican’s (now empowered by the merging with Islamic faiths) full control over the World Economy.

    Going by what Dr. David E.Martin has reported the asset transfer into the IOR is in the many trillions.

    Pope Francis Calls For ‘One World Government’ To ‘Save Humanity’

  5. We need to make sure the USA withdraws from the WHO
    (Trump got us out of the WHO & Biden got us back in).
    The WHO works with the Globalists/Central Bankers/Vatican to take away our sovereignty … (this includes our human right to have separation of church & state; it’s all connected). We need the House to pass this bill.

    This bill requires the President to immediately withdraw the United States from the World Health Organization (WHO) and prohibits using any federal funds to provide for U.S. participation in the WHO.

    The bill also repeals the 1948 act authorizing the United States to join the WHO.
    It’s all connected;

    WHO Withdrawl Act H.R. 79

    PLEASE write our House & Senate with one click:
    Stop WHO Power Grab With H.R. 79 (USA w/draw from the WHO), H.R. 343 (not my tax $), and S. 444 (Say “No” to WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty)

  6. I actually don’t see Woke-ism as a religion, but more of a system of applied philosophical beliefs, like Confucianism compared to Daoism is Classical Chinese society. They follow a philosophic idea, not anything supernatural in nature. Noone is contemplating the “Meaning of Woke” or anything, but instead simply take it as a system of rather imprecise ideals. These ideals are not thought out to the point as to be effective, even, as society is seeing more and more clearly by the day.

    I’ve had a lot of discussions with people, especially in the much-maligned mental health field who identify as Democrat, but are “sick of the extremism” and “the sheer insanity” of what is going on today. Rather than demonize these people on the fence, or alienate them, we as rational, conscientious citizens need to remain the “only adult in the room” when it comes to these discussions. The Woke-ist figureheads are showing their true colors to their own side, finally, and it will be their undoing.