Warner: Convention of States Needed Now More Than Ever

by Aaron Warner

The term Convention of States (COS) can be confusing to the average citizen given its vague federal and constitutional implications.  What exactly is one?  What’s its purpose? How is it conducted?  What do I as a lone citizen have to do with it?  What are the risks if any? 

These are all necessary questions given the implications of a COS, because the outcome means an amending of the Constitution which affects everyone in America. 

What is a convention of states per the constitution?  It’s laid out in Article V, however in everyday language it’s the safety clause given to the states, and therefore we the people, to act as the larger democratic and legislative body we are when we are dissatisfied with the actual legislature and or executive.  

That is, when our government becomes a runaway government such as: not listening to the people (failure to pass bipartisan legislation), weaponizing the media (Twitter files), weaponizing the justice department (IRS goes after conservatives, FBI spies on churches, etc.), executive orders declaring war support for Ukraine without the approval of congress, leaving billions in weaponry to our sworn enemies, over 70% of Americans believe elections are rigged, and so on, we still have a voice and we can take back our power.  

Per the federal system we use simple majorities and super majorities in order to pass bills or elect individuals.  The same is true with a COS which requires 2/3’s of the states to adopt the proposal by passing it through their state houses.  Once it’s passed they are added to the list and when that list reaches 34 states the convention is called.  At which point each state nominates two delegates to represent them in the hearing of resolution proposals which are then voted on.  In the case of the current COS proposal the resolutions to amend the constitution are: 

  1. Adopt term limits (to avoid life-time politicians like Pelosi, Schumer, & McConnell)
  2. Adopt a balanced budget amendment (to curb over spending and decrease the debt to our children and grandchildren)
  3. Lower regulations (to decrease the size of government, allow more freedom of opportunity in businesses small and large & cut wasteful spending on unnecessary government programs)

What do you as a lone citizen have to do with it?  Whether you realize it or not, you’re the boss.  This government is your employee thanks to your very citizenship and the fact you pay taxes.  You foot the bill, so you have the power – if you’ll only use it.  Currently most citizens have been so numbed and dumbed down by the misuses within the system we’ve allowed the very environment to let the government runaway.  Even the well written letter, timely phone call, ad campaign or civil protest are treated as feckless by the powers the be because the system has gotten so out of control.  Due to our lack of involvement and unwillingness to use our political voice the state and federal officials have grown comfortable not taking us seriously.  

As the founders were wise to see the problem inherent in their ingenious model was man’s nature.  We’re prone to corruption.  With those in political power it can be seen in the abuses we see now.  However the converse is true in that we the people are equally corruptible only by way of laziness and cowardice.  

For all the talk of the Great Reset – which is Klaus Schwab’s communist wet dream – we have at our disposal an even Greater Reset built in to our constitution in Article V.  The founders put it there because they understood man and science.  Science?  Yes science.  The second law of thermodynamics is the entropic principle, meaning all energy systems are given to decay.  Essentially the energy that runs the country would decay slowly to the point of a runaway government full of corruption and a people too lazy or cowardly to turn it back – save for the convention of states clause. 

We have it, and it’s time to knock on every door, call every phone, and read every article to equip yourself and your employees (re: representatives) until Vermont joins the now 20+ states ready to right the ship.  

So what are the risks?  This is a common question and an even more common source of fear mongering.  Truly there are no risks.  However to give the devil his due let’s consider the primary complaint. 

 A runaway convention that leads to bad legislation such as stripping of the second amendment. 

Answer: This has never happened in the forty-two other times we’ve called a convention.  In fact, the players involved in establishing the proposals are so hyper-aware of that concern it is impossible.  Furthermore, the actual runaway is in place – it’s our government.  If we don’t act now we won’t even have this safety clause to fall back on.  Take a look around.  Even with a massive risk of a runaway convention, which is next to impossible, the time is now to convene regardless. 

Furthermore, a convention has established legal precedence protecting us from virtually all chicanery that a runaway government could throw at it.  The only thing it can’t prevent is the fear mongering messaging of mainstream media, which, last I checked, have the second lowest approval rating after congress.  

If those facts don’t scream it’s time to get your representative to do your bidding and pass a COS then God help us all.  This beautiful experiment called America will be ending shortly. 

(Read these articles to familiarize yourself with the COS and why you don’t need to worry about it but should harass your reps until they sign on to it☺

The author is a fitness expert living in Hartford.

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  1. It’s a great idea, however I don’t see the Democrat/Progressive controlled Vt. legislature wanting anything to do with it. They already have complete control and why would they support anything that would threaten that control?

  2. Mr. Warner, I am pleased with this commentary overall, but I wondered if you purposefully omitted Pat Leahy among the lifetime politicians named in your commentary. If not, he should be among them! Frankly, I am a strong proponent of term limits for all levels of government.

    I would also like to suggest that “reduction of the federal administrative state”, e.g. elimination of the Department of Education, be included among the agenda items.

    Perhaps it is needless to point out that our current majority of Democrat/Progressive legislators will likely require gargantuan effort to get them to agree to such a Convention, but like you, I agree that we must try. I will be writing to each representative and would like to be kept informed about progress of this effort.

    Thank you for your commitment to liberty and justice.

  3. How about adopting fair and legal elections every presidential and midterm elections by only allowing US citizens to vote. Photo ID’s required. No drop boxes. No stuffing boxes in the middle of the night and if you want an absentee ballot—request it!!! Verify voter lists and purge (remove) the voters who have moved away or have died. One vote counted so your vote stands for something. If you try and vote illegally then you will be prosecuted!!!