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VT’s $39.5 million opioid settlement share divvied up among State, towns, cities

State officials are asking municipalities to sign off to receive their fair – but not very large – share of Vermont’s $39.5 million share from five five opioid manufacturers and pharmacies.

Vermont officials have given certain municipalities and counties (pdf) in the state an April 18 deadline to request participation in the settlement with five opioid manufacturers: Teva, Allergan, CVS, Walmart, and Walgreens.

“As was the case for the previous settlements with Janssen and the Distributors, each state has been allocated a percentage of the settlement funds based on a formula that considers the number of opioid deaths in the state, the number of people in the state with opioid use disorder, the amount of state opioid sales, and population,” wrote (pdf) assistant attorney general Jill Abrams.

From Vermont’s $39.5 million, 15% will be divvied up among towns, cities, and counties, 70% to the statewide Opioid Abatement Fund, and  15% to the State of Vermont. 

Burlington will receive the largest ‘subdivision’ share, with 10%, which works out to $593,000. On the lower end of the scale are small towns like Stannard, which will receive less than $6000. Source – Journal-Opinion 4/14 newsletter.

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  1. I wonder what the payout will be when we bring the Feds to task for their fake health/death jabs that raised the mortality rate among the vaxxinated to 120% higher than normal…

    Vermonters are by enlarge, sheep with no bawls.
    Wokism replaces truth and true discernment, or even concern with what REAL HEALTH is.

    Health has never been fixed by a jab.
    It HAS been fixed by a lifestyle change, change in food and exercise habits, and changing what we BELIEVE to be true and make our choices based upon…all those are rightfully within our purvues to change. Ourselves.

    A jab?
    Make sure you make a followup appt for the NEXT not-gonna-make-what-ails-ya-go-away…

    I showed the snakeoil salesman the door, personally.
    I’m among the living, and healthier than anyone I know.

  2. Basing ANY kind of funding distribution on the “number of people with opioid use disorder” is bad science. True that there are people who are more prone to becoming addicted or obsessed with many substances and activities, ANYONE who dabbles in the recreational use of opioids with any regularity WILL become addicted…hence EVERYONE essentially has “opioid use disorder”, but most of us keep it in check by CHOOSING to not use opioids recreationally. At his point, the problem can no longer be blamed on the pharma companies, it is wholly the fault of the current administration in DC which maintains an open southern border, flowing with deadly fentanyl.