Naomi Wolf’s Howl: Pfizer COVID documents reveal ‘Greatest Crime in Human History’

Naomi Wolf speaking March 6 at Hillsdale College

by Aaron Warner

Naomi Wolf was once a darling of the Democratic Party.  A Yale graduate with a Ph.D. in history Wolf worked as an advisor to the Clinto-Gore administration. Described as an American liberal progressive, feminist author and journalist she rose to prominence as the author of The Beauty Myth in 1991, which was named one of The New York Times’s seventy most influential books of the twentieth century. For all intents and purposes she had built up political capitol both in and outside of Washington D.C.  None of which was able to keep her from being canceled once she started to push back against the elite left’s manipulation of the pandemic. 

Wolf made a now famous video that went viral where she expressed profound concern over the proposed vaccine mandates being discussed in her state of New York.  Governor Cuomo and Mayor Deblasio had both exposed themselves as authoritarians who’s agenda superseded the constitution, civil and human rights, all of which Wolf holds dearly as a Jewish American.  

Following her fall from grace she was targeted again for speaking out against the rising number of reported abuses from mandates and adverse reactions specifically harming women.  The number of miscarriages, jobs lost from refusal to comply, and attacks on parents rights were cause for more concern resulting in Wolf being kicked off most of her social media accounts for speaking out. 

Suddenly she was embraced by the strange bedfellows from the right, such as Steve Bannon, and other life-long progressive liberals like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Together they were amassing a body of intellectual and medical professionals who knew the pandemic and it’s government response were not an organic anomaly due to random biological evolution but a well organized, well funded, and targeted bio-weapon attack on American’s including their loved ones.  

As a result Wolf seized the opportunity made when Pfizer was court ordered to release their trove of COVID research documents rather than their preference to have them sealed for 75 years.  At a rate of 55,000 documents released monthly Wolf knew she needed help weeding through the jargon to develop the picture she already suspected would emerge: that people were being injured at record numbers in the U.S. and likely around the world. That Pfizer knew this was happening and hid it from the public. And that members of the government, the military, Big Tech and Big Media were colluding to deceive, coerce and intimidate Americans into injecting themselves with not just an experimental mRNA gene “therapy”, but a bio-weapon that would decimate thousands if not millions of Americans. 

Her appeal for help netted 2,500 experts willing to volunteer their time in reading the Pfizer documents and produce reports. The team included: physicians, RNs, bio-statisticians, medical fraud investigators, lab clinicians, research scientists, cardiologists, pathologists, anesthesiologists.  Wolf was barely able to manage the incoming reports, however what she and her staff uncovered she describes as “evidence of the greatest crime against humanity in the history of our species”.  

Here are a few of the details from the 58 reports she shared during her recent speech at Hillsdale College:

  • Pfizer knew one month after roll out the vaccines didn’t stop COVID despite paying for massive celebrity campaigns.  They also knew they had “vaccine failure” and “failure of efficacy”; documents identified the third most common side effect of the vaccine is “COVID”.
  • Pfizer was receiving so many adverse event reports they needed to hire 2,400 staffers to simply process the paperwork. 
  • Pfizer knew in May of 2021 the vaccines had caused heart damage in 35 minors within a week after the injection.  The FDA knew since the documents all say “FDA confidential” at the bottom. Parents were not told of this risk until August of 2021. During those four months parents and youth alike were propagandized by celebrities and advertisements funded by the CARES act and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to “be strong” and “do it for grandma”, despite knowing of the life threatening side effects. 
  • Looking at the bio-chemical interaction the CDC and Pfizer, when asked how long do the petroleum based lipid nano-particle and spike protein contained in the vaccines stay in the body, lied and said they are metabolized.  The truth is the vaccines were designed to “bio-distribute” to major organs.  Meaning they cross every membrane in the human body. In women they accumulate in the ovaries and there is yet to be a mechanism for safely removing them. 

Dr. Robert Chandler, a respected pathologist who treats the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Angels, discovered the particles decrease at the injection site yet increase in the organs over time.  Pfizer knew all of this.  

  • In only three months there were 1,200+ deaths out of 42,000+ reported adverse events. The documents also reveal Pfizer deceived the public by listing minor side effects while knowing they would cause strokes, hemorrhages, lung clots, leg clots, neurological disorders, dementia type disorders, Guillain-Barre syndrome and Bells-Palsy.
  • #1 side effect is joint pain.  Wolf knows young people, teens and twenty-somethings, with limps and chronic joint paint following getting the COVID shot.  She explains the nano-particles pass into the cartilage. 
  • Perhaps the most appalling, before it was legal to do this in early 2021, Pfizer injected 62 kids, as young as 2 months old.  We don’t know what happened to 28 of them.  Records show a seven year-old British girl who sustained a stroke and a two month-old baby with liver damage.  

It’s no wonder they wanted to seal the evidence for 75 years given these details alone indicate crimes against humanity on a global scale worthy of the death penalty.  However the leviathan behind all of this is international in scope and so well funded, thanks to the trillions of dollars controlled by the captured industries, the battle for justice already in the courts is severely uphill.   

The second part of Wolf’s speech details her reasons why she is convinced this is a bio-weapon intended to target Americans and western culture in general.  Part 2 of this series will be published Monday. 

The author is a VDC columnist and Upper Valley regional reporter. He lives in Hartford, VT where he owns two award-winning small businesses. He is a graduate of Leadership Upper Valley class of 2010.

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  1. Where is Dr. Levine and what’s he saying now? So glad i didn’t fall for this. Even more grateful my kids were never injected.

    • Slimy Levine isn’t going to admit he’s a liar.
      I too refused this BS poison, best decision “we” ever made… glad your children are safe! They’re lucky they have a smart father!!

  2. Remember, Safe and Effective? The next time the government wants to inject something into your body, you might want to ask some questions instead of just lining up at the cliffs edge!

  3. No cow crap, we have be saying this since the beginning and for telling the truth we have lost jobs, income, and have been attacked and labeled as selfish for not wanting a useless vaccine. Now you’re on the same page as a lot of people in the country shocker.

  4. Vermont’s death commissioner dr. levine is in on it to the core – besties with fauci. he will be smiling all the way to the bank behind the double mask he wears.

  5. Since the beginning I have been posting this link:
    No one wants to believe what our country has done and is doing. And you all are letting it happen.
    I hope people will see the light on what the people who say they are in charge are doing to We the People.
    Now maybe something will get done besides asking permission to not be poisoned or have our freedoms curtailed by these monsters.

  6. Covid19 was engineered as a bio-weapon by the Communist Chinese government & with the aid of the USA.

    Covid19 was released intentioned – it was NOT a “lab leak” – but was timed to ensure that a duly elected POTUS was either forced from office or not elected again.

    The mass mainstream media was ordered to disseminate information that blamed the worldwide virus on the POTUS, Donald Trump. This, after prepping them with accusations that he was racist, a rapist, etc.

    When President Trump mentioned very early on in the pandemic, just before cases began to be seen in the USA, that he was shutting off travel from China – Fauci pleaded with him not to, and the aforementioned press labeled him “xenophobic”.

    The USA used the Chinese virus to cull our population. Those most vulnerable to the disease were the older and infirm segment of the population, typically more conservative, patriotic, and traditionally educated – and they were the ones specifically chosen to die.

    The Chinese government in collusion with factions within our own country immediately made certain that the origins, the plans to release as a bioweapon, and the manner it was intentionally spread were destroyed, so that the USA could never be implicated, and the truth could never be investigated.

    Specific politicos and current US leaders have sold out their own nation to Communist China, a long-term enemy, for power and for profit. They are well aware that the USA’s standing as a military might and the most powerful country in the world is over, and the push for globalization & a “Liberal World Order” (as Biden refers to it) is near.

    The last resort the patriots of this country have is try these people as traitors, and if convicted, execute them as we did the Rosenbergs in 1953. They are traitors of the most wretched, treacherous type, for they were/are not only spies transferring highly secret & sensitive information to foreign enemies for monetary gain, but they did so with full knowledge that their actions placed the people they were sworn to serve in immediate peril of suffering and death and would cause, at the very least, long term damage, deconstruction, and immense devastation of their very country of origin – all of which will most likely result in its abject collapse.

  7. Kathleen,
    I agree with lots of what you say except one thing that you actually have wrong. The covid is/was not real. Never was. The whole lab leak thing was to allow China and the banksters to kill millions. It was a way to cull the population without repercussions Remember 8yrs ago the Chinese were slaughtering Muslims and the world went nuts.
    Look at the evidence. No test was ever done on the actual “virus ” to isolate it. The PCR tests were a lie, so any results were deemed “covid”. Even the inventor said so. ( He suddenly died too, hmmm) Covid was/is a propaganda campaign that worked against we the people (the sheeple ). Look at how they disparaged any thing that could or would “cure” the covid. They went so far as to destroy peoples lives over saying the alleged “horse paste” worked and was not so dangerous. Same with basic vitemins and Oh, yes let’s not forget how HARMFUL THE SUN WAS during the start of the plandemic.
    Some of us never believed nor trusted (or trust) the government, why should we, they do what THEY want, not what we do. This has never been about money it is about ultimate power. Power to do to anyone what they will. Power to traffic children, power to kill, power to take, what ever they want. Look at what they are doing. Remember 1500 scientist from Nazi Germany were, against Truman’s objections, brought into the US for “research” into what they did and how they could help “us”. OPERATION PAPERCLIP. Look it up. They should have been put down with the other animals and the research and other things, including cures to anything should have been barred forever from seeing the light of day. But instead it is still used, even today on the off the bodies of the Jews and Blacks and Gypsies and horribly the Russians lest we forget. No it was all a big fat lie and too many people fell for it. I have been told that people are finally waking up after being asleep, but some of us like my wife and I have been awake this whole time wondering when the trains will start to run.

    • Oh, and the shots are the “bioweapon” not the hijacked Flu. Notice how no one died like they do from the shots BEFORE they came up with it and called all deaths covid.