Wilson: Not ‘hate speech’ – just facts about bills harmful to farms and homeowners

Rep. Charles Wilson

In response to my writings and updates this session from the House of Representatives, many apparently feel I am negative. I report the truth so that people will know how much debt we are in now and will be in the future due to the decisions made by the current supermajority. The true Vermont culture, established over many generations, is quickly disappearing, and may forever be lost.

Rep. Charles Wilson

S.115, passed by the Senate and now in the House, tightens guidelines and raises fees for agricultural food contamination or infectious disease. Vermont has excessive fees, regulations and permits that hurt and disable small farms and businesses. The US Dept. of Agriculture also leads the way in regulations with penalties for offenses of the agricultural jurisdictions. There is now a Dairy Adjustment Insurance which farmers pay, which again is a tax!

H.270 – Cannabis regulation, tax and fees, which passed in the House and is now in the Senate. In the grand scheme, will this help our youth and Vermont?

H.131- This is a beverage, value added tax on alcohol to support and implement, three new bureaucratic positions for Green Mountain Recreation. This bill is now in my committee.

S.37, passed by both House and Senate – This bill is an unconstitutional provision to deter women who wish to REVERSE the effects of the “abortion pill” medication to save their pregnancy. Where is the personal right for a woman to choose in this? Also, there is serious talk of allowing the abortion pills to be available through vending machines on college campuses and possibly elsewhere. In all my writings and updates this session from the House of Representatives, many apparently feel

And now to S.5 – the “Affordable Heat Act,” passed by both House and Senate. Not only is this bill going to cause great financial and personal living harm to many low-income earners and seniors, but the oversight to this monstrosity is going to be in the hands of the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) who are not elected officials. This should be the responsibility and therefore be held accountable to the Legislature. This is a cauldron of Democrat/Progressive overreach and abuse of power because there has been a huge outcry of rejection…By whom? The people of Vermont! Our citizens (and fuel dealers who will become our new tax collectors) are outraged and the parties in power do not care. They have been untruthful and have ignored their oath of office, not to knowingly be injurious to their citizens. 

When our President in the first days of his presidency, closed the Keystone Pipeline, and sold off our strategic fuel supplies, he in fact aligned himself with the U.N. and the Paris Accord. Our fuel companies are being blamed for the high fuel prices, but the truth is in the dependency we now have on more foreign oil.

This is all not “hate speech.” This is the truth of where we are headed. If true Vermonters do not embolden themselves and stand up to this legislative lawlessness, there is no voice of the people. More dairy farms will go under, landlords will continue to raise rents, electric rates will rise, as well as fuel, propane, car prices, car repairs, housing, land, food, property taxes, and medical and insurance rates. We will see more lawsuits against the State of Vermont, a doubled salary increase for the legislators, and of course who will pay for all this? You, Dear Citizen.

The author is a Lyndon resident, House representative for Caledonia-3, and a Republican. He sits on the Committee on Agriculture, Food Resiliency and Forestry.

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  1. Completely agree with you assessment! Our current and past government has relied on non-profits and special interest groups in this state and out of state to guide their thinking and law making, not on the welfare of its people. I can only hope that enough people come to realize this before it’s too late, not just the lower wage earners with families but for even big wage earners when they have to pay for more people sinking lower and needing help! THAT’S SOCIALISM AT IT’S BEST

  2. Unfortunately, Rep. Wilson- all speech not in conformance with the government diktats is hate speech, we seem to have ignored what occurred for the last 6 years regarding censorship, First Amendment issues and “mis-information”
    None of your commentaries are “hate speech”, in fact they are truthful representations of legislation and politicking currently happening in “our” legislature.
    I, probably speaking for many- welcome your candor and views while reporting on the
    political games played in Montpelier.
    Perhaps a majority of Vermont voters truly are socialists- and are pleased with what is legislated this session, but I doubt it. More likely- the majority is distracted with life, kids, work and earning a living to pay the ever growing tax/fee lust in this legislature.
    As an Addison County resident and conservative, I have zero representation in state government. No Representative, No Senator- and a Governor that is left of center on most issues. Your views and voting record are appreciated.

  3. Dear Rep. Charles Wilson,

    THANK YOU!! You are a great example of Courage!

    Unfortunately, most people, especially those elected, function in the realm of selfishness and fear. They weigh, theorize and try to predict what the results of their words and actions will be and choose accordingly.

    You are an exception! Telling the truth and speaking with reason and common sense in the face of an overwhelming herd of over-emotional, depraved and reprobate minds.

    If only there were many more doing the same.


  4. My thanks too. Wasn’t it the legislators who cried about the rising costs of fuel – and now they are imposing even higher taxes on that same fuel. Who will they blame for this? They pass laws both we and they can not understand and appear to not even have read themselves; based on their responses to requests for clarification.

    Thanks and keep writing.

  5. There is no such thing as “hate speech”.

    There IS such a thing as “speech some people hate”.

    FREE SPEECH, on the other hand, is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.

    Sorry, VT legislature. I have free speech. I speak freely. I will ALWAYS speak freely. Tough toenails to you: (i.e.: a silly phrase you young woke socialists wouldn’t recall as it was often an indignant retort used back in the days when history was taught in school, religion wasn’t imagined as threatening, and citizens appreciated inherent freedoms. But the phrase still stands, so……tough toenails, kids!!!)

  6. Charles, thank you for speaking the truth, especially when it is negative. The problem for liars is that they have to remember which lie they told. Biden has a severe case of this. The truth is easy to remember.

  7. Thanks Rep. Wilson for your vote and your common sense.
    H.131 is just one of many examples of legislators who fail to consider unintended consequences. Guess they’re not interested in supporting retailers who sell alcoholic beverages any more than they’re interested in supporting fuel dealers?
    Whatever, it’s of no consequence to them within the parameters of their tunnel vision. What the heck, NH liquor sellers will prosper on the eastern side of the state, though on the NY side maybe not so much.
    Makes me wonder if the same process will shake out with S.5. Perhaps call it bootleg heating fuel? People will find a way to get what they need at an affordable price even if it means leaving VT.
    If the legislature continues legislating in this vein, will Vermont will become an island along the lines of Little Saint James, Jeffrey Epstein’s amoral private world, with abortion on demand, protected mutilation of children, etc. etc.?
    Or can we turn this ship of state around before its too late?

  8. Quotes from smart, honest Americans;

    “The very reason for the First Amendment is to make the people of this country free to think, speak, write and worship as they wish, not as the Government commands.”
    -Associate Justice Hugo L. Black

    “Our whole constitutional heritage rebels at the thought of giving government the power to control men’s minds.”
    Thurgood Marshall-Supreme Court Justice

  9. I would love to “stand up” to this legislature, but the elephant in the room is HOW? They don’t listen, they don’t care and it’s pretty obvious that they’re bought and paid for.

    • You are absolutely correct – we do not have representation. They are belligerent occupiers.

  10. I’m not great at politics, so I looked up the Vermont legislative process. In the article, it brings up that the “standing committee” is responsible for examining the bill and making recommendations to the legislators (because . Maybe if we all start naming names, write letters to the editors of newspapers still in print, and we can put a bit of pressure on the standing committee along with the legislators that are pushing S.5.
    “One of the common misconceptions about the Legislature is that the Members are at work for only three or four days a week when the Legislature meets. (I love this next line) What the public fails to realize is that most of the Legislature is done by standing committees. Actually, they are the backbone of the legislative process.”
    We can grumble and complain, but none of our complaints seem to make it to the ears of those who need to hear it. I originally was going to look up if our constituents are allowed to be present when bills like S.5 are to be voted on. In person, clear and present. Does anyone know that so I don’t have to try and find it please?