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VT Emergency Forum to Assess the Respiratory Hazards of Masks

An all-day forum on the respiratory hazards of mask mandates will be held May 12 in Burlington.

The Vermont Emergency Forum to Assess the Respiratory Hazards of Masks will be held Friday, May 12 from 9:00 – 4:30 pm, at Burlington City Hall in Contois Auditorium.

The Covid Federal Emergency is scheduled to end on May 11th. However, approval for face masks and other emergency authorized products is expected to continue.

Mask requirements have, and continue to be, imposed on people of all ages and abilities, without any of the basic protections offered to employees who wear an N95-style respirator at work.

Meanwhile, an entire infrastructure is being built, promoting the use of “Vaccine or Mask” policies beyond medical settings. (See True North Reports article for details.)

OSHA experts Tammy Clark and Kristen Meghan Kelly, along with cellular biologist Dr. Christina Parks  and Special Education Accommodation expert Megan Mansell, are bringing their expertise to Vermont to set the record straight on the respiratory hazards of masks, and inform Vermonters of their right, and responsibility, to assess the hazards in all settings.

Whether you know them from their appearances on The Highwire, their association with The Frontline Doctors team, or the Quest for Truth Tour, these brave women are speaking up and helping us untangle the web of continuing, and encroaching, mask requirements.

The day-long Forum will conclude with the presentation of a Breathing Champions Award, presented by former Deputy State’s Attorney Tom Kelly to the Desautels Family, who have been standing up for three years to defend the legal rights of students and employees through the Vermont court system.

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  1. Masks = compliance, nothing more. Anything they say to tell people will probably be a lie, just like covid and the Vaxx that kills No mask can protect from an airborne “virus” unless it is military issued and you wear a full chem suit also. Otherwise you are wasting yours and others time. The mask lie was a tool to get the gullible people to submit. No , not going to happen, that is my right and as it is a lie, you do not have the right to tell me to not enter because I refuse nor do you have the right to impose your none scientific garbage on we the people. The wind of truth and reality is blowing and you mask fools will lose. Businesses that comply usually in some way sponsored by that same fascist government, that has no right to impose any such restrictions, will fails others will rise as they do not impose the governments vile edicts on us without our consent. They don’t have mine.

  2. The masks could/can only filter to 3 microns. the C19 particles are smaller then 3 microns. — To be telling people to wear them was and is nonsense. And to hold a hearing on it, is utter idiocy.

    • After all this time, after all the research published, and all the Truth bombs dropped regarding censorship and surpression of vital medical information regarding treatments, those who are still discussing masks or wearing one are lost in the wilderness and may never recover. Propaganda works and the mask psyop is proof.

      • As I understand, the forum will present the truth about masks: essentially that they don’t work, are unnecessary and should not be required. The forum is an effort to provide accurate information about masks. Note the headline – “respiratory hazards” of masks. Since some are still suggesting people wear masks it seems the discussion is worthwhile.