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VT Headlines: Cannabis sales ahead of long-term projections in Vt.

WCAXCannabis sales ahead of long-term projections in Vt.
VT DiggerPhil Scott looks to Canada as a possible source for abortion pill, but Vermont’s drug importation plan is stuck in government bureaucracy
VT DiggerMethane digester, natural gas pipeline planned for Berkshire farm
VT DiggerMedicaid reenrollment is underway, and it’s complicated
VT DiggerState’s attorney: former Stowe police officer ‘untruthful’
NBC 5Demolition planned after Brattleboro structure collapse
VT DiggerHinesburg, Richmond to collaborate on policing

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  1. There’s a SHOCKER!

    Vermonters love drugs!

    Next up: Legalized heroin and cocaine, just like out west. Yay!

  2. Wait. And aren’t these all technically & legally FEDERAL CRIMES?

    Oh well, so is violating immigration law.

    Nobody except approximately two-thirds of the US population wants laws heeded anyway! Again: Yay!

  3. Does anyone know where the money being made off cannabis taxes is being used? The state claims to be way ahead of projections – so where is the money going? Seems as if this money maker is doing so well and we keep hearing about how well the other taxes are going – shouldn’t there be some relief for the tax payers?

    • Dont worry… the supermajority in the VT Legislature has been busy since january coming up with new and creative ways to spend revenue from all sources…

  4. When the smoke it doesn’t it to global warming? Seems to be adding to the greenhouse gases?

  5. I don’t get it. Why would anyone buy weed at $480/oz when you can grow the same product legally for little or nothing? There has to be a huge black market.

  6. I wouldn’t have any faith in the cannabis sales numbers. The market for legal weed is new and oversaturated and methinks the promoters in VT agencies know that liberal Vermonters are gullible and socially suggestible. If the sales numbers were pathetic due to the high tax and the fact that there is PLENTY of weed on the black market, they would still release inflated sales figures to get people to participate in the legitimate sales, because they want people to think “everyone else is doing it”.

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