Wilson: Feeling like the Last of the Mohicans…or Republicans

by Rep. Charles Wilson

The brightest spot by far in my experience in the Legislature is to know that most of the Republican Party are resisting the supermajority in this Legislature. At least 72% or more of Vermont’s voters are Democrats or Progressives that pass emotional, short-sighted legislation from California to Burlington then onto Montpelier. 

It is obvious that California has nothing in common with Vermont. California has a huge carbon footprint so why are we following them? Vermont’s carbon footprint is 1/10th of 1% so do we truly have a problem here? The GWSA is a hoax bill that was passed in Vermont by mostly Democrats and Progressives as we cannot “save the whole world.” On Friday 4/14/23 as I left the State House building in Montpelier, there were hundreds of school children chanting on the front steps “fossil fuels must go!” This collective chant has been taught to them by our schools and reeks of propaganda. The truth in this, is that fossil fuels are used to mine and transport lithium, iron phosphate, nickel, cobalt, aluminum oxide, nickel manganese, cobalt oxide, and graphite all used in the production of batteries to be used in electric vehicles. Strip mining ruins the earth, and in the name of “saving the planet” salesmen and investors are the ones getting rich.

California has a massive homeless problem. Massive. There is no solution for this and in Vermont we are now seeing illegals and refugees (“New Americans”) pouring through our northern borders. The legislature wants to build housing and shelter them, give health benefits, food, and transportation/licenses. How will we afford all this?

All this legislation is happening strategically, slowly, and easily with a change of words. Our Constitutional Republic is now a Democracy which does not protect individual or property rights, and “equity” and “equality” are not the same word.  The current supermajority rules and it is all about programs and committees, out-of-state agendas, and a huge growing bureaucracy. Who really stands to benefit? The very few elites.

H.338 (now in the House General committee) seeks to give state employees and their union officials the power to hold our government hostage by strikes as we are witnessing now in Europe.

S.3, a knowingly unconstitutional plan to prohibit paramilitary training in camps, even though there are none in Vermont, has passed the Legislature and awaits Gov. Scott’s decision.

S.5, the Affordable Heat Act is widely opposed by our citizens, but it will probably pass anyway. This bill leads us to believe that “affordable” but mandated greenhouse gas reductions through efficiency, weatherization measures and carbon credit manipulations will not be a huge expense to taxpayers…but it will be, especially to our seniors and lower income workers.

Last week the House removed the checkback provision added to S.5 by the Senate earlier this year, when citizens demanded the Legislature review and vote on the actual plan devised by unelected state officials. S.5 is now in the House Appropriations Committee.

H.89 and S.37, the so-called shield laws for abortion and transgender service providers, would punish healthcare providers from saving the unborn and our future children. S.37

H.148, passed by the Legislature Friday, raises the age of eligibility to marry to age 18 – yet rights to voting, abortions and transgender counseling without parental knowledge or permission care are being granted by the same Legislature.

H. 513 – a bright spot. This bill would prevent athletes who are born male, but have transgendered to “female”, from competing on girls’ teams which could endanger young women by potential harm. Sponsored by Rep. Art Peterson and co-sponsored by me and others, it’s now in the House Education Committee.

It is noted that many are speaking against me. Again, I say, the right and proper thing to do is to speak to me personally. My phone and email are easily available. Representative Charles Wilson – Caledonia-3,, 802-730-6564.

The author is a Lyndon resident, House representative for Caledonia-3, and a Republican. He sits on the Committee on Agriculture, Food Resiliency and Forestry.

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  1. “It is noted that many are speaking against me.” Well Charlie, I am one who speaks for you and many others that see what is really going on. Please keep up the excellent work that you are doing.

    You may feel a lot like Sisyphus., but we shall prevail eventually. The extreme left has no clothes.

  2. There is a para military training facility here. It’s in Pawlet and it’s called Slate Ridge. Get your facts right, please.

  3. Thanks for representing me along with other like-minded Vermonters. Don’t be silenced by the peanut gallery.