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Category: Commentary

Alice Flanders: Those who can and those who won’t

I am not a proponent of Critical Race Theory, as I am firmly convinced that this political agenda broadens the societal gap, and honestly, takes us all back to pre-civil rights times, where folk are wrongly judged by race, religion, creed, sex or national origin. I believe it is nonsense to subjectively evaluate people based on the color of their skin, rather than based on character, academic achievement, team playing ability and determination.

Evslin: Docs who won’t vax shouldn’t practice

I’m NOT saying that Rauch should be barred from practice because he speaks against vaccination; he has a right to free speech even if that speech is unpopular. He and other medical professionals who refuse vaccination should be barred from practice because their refusal to be vaccinated makes them a danger to their patients.

Warner: Tyranny of the weak

We’ve entered into a new era in America. It is an era where those who identify in any of a multitude of victim classes have banded together to form a monolithic body politic who have managed to use their weaknesses, and perceived weaknesses, as the justification for enacting political and cultural tyranny on those who they perceive as their oppressors.