Gervais: Uphold the Assault Veto

The not so silent assault on Vermont children, Part Two

by Joe Gervais

In my article The Not So Silent Assault on Vermont Children, I established a hypothesis that the progressive push for state funded / controlled childcare was motivated in part by the desire to groom / indoctrinate our preschool children in line with World Health Organization and United Nations sex education guidelines. Recently, Governor Scott vetoed H.217 – An act relating to childcare, early education, workers’ compensation, and unemployment insurance

I outlined national efforts to groom and traffic children. Tucker Carlson, in his June 8th Twitter monologue, spoke of the pedophilia network operating on Instagram recently exposed by the Wall Street Journal. In a June 9th Flashpoint Interview, (starts at 38:15), Tim Ballard, Jim Caviezel and Eduardo Verástegui gave some background on the human trafficking behind the story told in the upcoming movie Sound of Freedom. Mexico is the largest trafficker and the United States is the largest consumer in this trafficking industry that exceeds $150 billion dollars a year. 

Joe Gervais

Rob Roper recently published Scott’s Veto of Childcare Bill Should be Upheld. In the article he examined the financial implications, and some of the players being appointed to the new Prekindergarten Education Implementation Committee. These players include Let’s Grow Kids, with its ties back to the WHO through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Over the weekend, I started seeing Facebook advertisements from Let’s Grow Kids urging voters to  contact our representatives. Many of the comments expressed concern about the tax burden and giving government control over preschoolers when the current school system is failing many older children. Regardless of the money, we don’t need even younger children groomed by the government.  

Ericka Redic interviewed Tara Ferf Jentink, a mother of first and third grade students in Ferrisburg, Vermont. Tara explains the grooming that takes place in Vermont Schools starting at kindergarten, and how the external curriculum being presented by Women’s Safe is being hidden from parents, and parents are being blocked from observing these “health classes” or pulling their students from these classes. You can find the interview on rumble and notes on the interview.

Women’s Safe is listed as a United Way supported non-profit in Addison County. In their Fall 2022 newsletter, they discuss their community education “Our team provides education on healthy sexuality and violence prevention, utilizing age-appropriate and inclusive curriculum for youth across the gender and sexuality spectrum.” I don’t need my preschool grandchildren, great grandchildren, or grand nieces and nephews receiving any sort of curriculum across the gender and sexuality spectrum. 

As much as our representatives tell us that this childcare legislation is to help the struggling, working families, clearly a motivator is to divide families by indoctrinating and grooming our most impressionable children – the preschoolers. This is bad legislation, and we need the veto to be upheld, but as Rob Roper points out in his article, odds are against us without a move of God.

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  1. It’s a wonderful idea, in theory. In practice, it’s as Mr. Gervais states.

  2. Another example of the states/ country pandering to the less then one percent of the population. Instead of addressing the true issue of mental illness problem