Kelly: when Elon Musk calls ESG ‘Satanic,’ get concerned

by Tom Kelly

Have you heard about this thing called ESG?  I for one am trying to wrap my head around ESG.  What is it and why should we care?

I offer the reader a 30-minute video with an explanation by podcaster Larry Taunton – Larry Taunton on the Forces Behind the ESG Movement (  If you want to learn more about ESG the video is well worth your time.  It does not answer every question but it’s a good starting point perhaps.

Taunton says  Elon Musk, of all people, has labelled ESG “Satanic”.  Taunton says ESG is part of a Utopian movement which has contempt for the will of the people and only answers to its “stakeholders.”  He says watch out for euphemisms like “sustainability” which he likens to the WWII policy in Germany known as “the final solution” a euphemism for the extermination of millions of Jews.

Is the ESG movement intentionally obscure?  No doubt.  Should those of us interested in individual rights and freedom learn more about it?  Absolutely.

The State of Vermont has the following investment policy, copied directly from the state website,  Note the highlighted word “sustainability.”  May God help us.  

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Focus

The Treasurer’s Office and the Vermont Pension Investment Committee (VPIC) consider financial factors and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in their investment decisions. The VPIC has a long-term investment strategy consistent with the duration of Retirement System liabilities, so the Board developed a VPIC ESG Policy to integrate ESG factors consistently into the investment decision process. The VPIC believes that the development, disclosure, and reporting of ESG analysis equips management teams to effectively monitor and mitigate the company’s exposure to ESG-related risks and track performance outcomes.

The Treasurer’s Office and the VPIC emphasize through engagement with companies the importance of disclosure and reporting be consistent with industry-recognized guidelines, such as those developed by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, of which the VPIC is a member, the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures, as well as targets set forth by the Paris Climate Agreement. The Treasurer and VPIC are committed to a long-term process of constructive engagement with companies to address environmental, social and governance issues.  (emphasis added).

The author is an attorney, former candidate for the Legislature, coordinator for 40 Days for Life – Barre, and a Barre resident.

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  1. Thanks, Tom Kelly, all Vermonters need to be aware of this and to understand what is behind ESG.

  2. You should look at your retirement account… It’s had ESG scores for years. This has all been being done behind the scenese for a long time, what you are seeing is the roll out of it.

  3. “Collective global efforts toward greater sustainability have created the need for organizations of all sizes to be more transparent about what they’re doing to manage environmental, social, and governance risks. As a result, stock exchanges, regulatory bodies, and other government agencies have mandated ESG-related reporting; this reporting is widely known as ESG disclosure.

    ESG disclosure helps stakeholders (like investors, creditors, employees, prospective customers, etc.) understand how a company is managing ESG risks and opportunities. Ineffective or misleading ESG disclosures may be considered greenwashing.” –

    As you can see from above this is mandated from a government and financial level and you can’t get a loan from major financial institutions without disclosure, and you can’t get the government grant or highway funds. In essence if you deal with money (we all do) you will eventually have to disclose this (89,000 IRS agents). This isn’t some joke it’s already here and your retirement account already has an “ESG” score to decide if invest in ESG “approved” investments furthering their control.

    In my opinion your ESG Score is one component of your social credit score, and will all be integrated into a social credit system that will determine what you can and can’t do. First it will be a digital ID (, then it will be tying your health and vaccination record to that digital ID, and you probably won’t even know that they did it (, finally they will tie your records to the ESG, credit score and federal system that they have already made (

  4. Hi Tom,
    Glad you’re holding the torch in Vt.
    Good of you to do this article with links.
    I reluctantly moved to Florida 3 years ago, no regrets except the beauty and people like you.

  5. The good news is the criminality behind this “movement” is being exposed. The infiltration into American government and corporations is a global movement that hinges on America falling into line with the New World Order. For now, the United States is occupied by belligerent, anti-American, anti-religious, globalist eugenists. Seeing a number of Catholics, Christrians, and Muslims rising against the enemy of humankind is something they want to stop, dead in our own tracks if need be. The gates of Hell will not prevail. Their plans are being destroyed. Make “just say no” great again!

  6. also look at your bank or credit union. is it time to call them out and write that letter? when I wrote a letter to my bank contact, she did not know what i was referencing. i am in the process of switching banks.

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