Who’s Afraid of Naomi Wolf?

Seeking truth attracts the ire of liars

by John Klar

Naomi Wolf stands out as a walkaway; a dyed-in-the-wool liberal feminist who woke up to the lies of her government. 

Intriguingly, Naomi Wolf has been alternately praised and scorned by both the Right and the Left.  She was a darling of the Left as a third-wave feminist, and now that same cadre condemns her roundly for her questioning of the mRNA narrative; she was criticized sharply by conservatives for her feminism, but now is welcomed with open arms for her open-eyed revolt against globalist initiatives to enslave us all.

The Left dismissed conservative complaints against Wolf, once upon a time.  In a 1999 article in the Seattle Times the liberal author remarked:

The punditocracy and political consulates remain hot and bothered over news that comely best-selling author Naomi Wolf has been surreptitiously talking — for big money — to Vice President Al Gore.

….”They’re telling Naomi Wolf that she should have no voice, because her voice is different, and that’s discrimination,” says [Donna] Brazile.

2012 article in Breitbart criticized Wolf for her lack of support for our military:

Ultimately, Naomi and her kind are not about women’s rights or equality. This group is more focused on a societal revolution that results in the creation of a special interest society dominated by a confederation of fringe interests and directed by the radical feminists.

But much like the ire reserved by trans-activists for detransitioners, the mRNA-touting Left pounced viciously on Naomi when she sought to dispel illusions (lies) about the science of COVID vaccines.  Consider this effort at character attack by those fearful of Wolf’s truth-seeking:

Many old friends and admirers of Naomi Wolf are horrified. The great figurehead of 1990s “third wave” feminism, who bestrode the highest pinnacles of literature and politics to become an inspiration to a generation of young women, has morphed into something other than the Naomi they thought they knew. ….as Wolf has aligned herself with figures from the political far right and turned on Joe Biden for taking America on a path to totalitarianism with his strategy for fighting Covid-19, her liberal allies have been aghast. ….on Twitter, …she bombards her 142k followers with messages about vaccine side-effects, the profits of big pharma and the negative impact of masks on children.

Oh no, how dare she?!  Discussing the ills of corporate profits, the CDC-documented facts of adverse reactions, or the clear insanity of masking and vaccinating children — that is verboten!  Pay no attention to that third-wave feminist behind the curtain, who used her female brain to cast doubt on the COVID mantra –best to attack her personally and discredit her for hanging out with conservatives rather than address her factual allegations. 

Wolf even came out and boldly apologized to conservatives for believing the January 6 insurrection lies.  (That must have really burned the gaslighting Left!)  What’s next? Will she object to experimental hormone blockers for prepubescent children?  Support parents’ rights?  This woman is an absolute terror to lie-tellers!

As one observant mind opined:

The line separating good and evil, Naomi Wolf now understands, does not divide progressive feminists from everybody else. Whitecoat supremacy is oppressive and also evil. In this spiritual combat, Naomi Wolf has proved herself a brave ally.

Brave people follow Naomi Wolf, and heed her research. More and more Americans are joining her at “Outspoken with Dr. Naomi Wolf.

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  1. George Orwell: “During times of universal deceit telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”.

    George Orwell: “The more a society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those who speak it”.

  2. I have costocondritis from the COVID shot over 2.5 years of pain and getting worse. Have to use oxicodone and lidacaine patches to make the it at leadst bearable. How I wiosh I could go back and undo that day!!

  3. The damage done to countless people based upon lies and deceitful propaganda all perpetrated by the media, medical personnel, and leadership is criminal conduct at the highest degree. To this very day, the criminal conduct continues with impunity. Every single person who peddles the lies and covers up the lies, must be prosecuted and held to account for crimes against humanity. For those who claim they are just doing their jobs should be relieved of their jobs, lose their licenses, and made to face the consequences of their actions. Never again should this ever happen to another human being. May God bless and heal those who are injured, lost jobs, lost families, lost hope due to these purely evil, despicable deeds. Declared and decreed.

    • And to the relatives of those that dies of COVID before a vaccine was made available (through the efforts of President Trump, it should be noted), what do we say to them?

      And to those with long covid – how do we address their suffering that could have been lessened or prevented with a vaccine?

      My guess is that, not fitting your narrative, we ignore them?

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