Warner: In New Hampshire, Donald Trump breaks CNN…again

CNN graphic promoting May 10 Town Hall in Concord, NH

by Aaron Warner

In case you missed it, Donald Trump graciously allowed CNN to interview him by way of interrogation on Wednesday night in Concord, NH. Emerging to loud applause, the embattled former president graciously took a seat next to CNN hopeful Kaitlin Collins, who proceeded to wage a mockery of a pre-election inquiry.  

CNN has been credited with appearing to return to their once “most trusted name in news” style of unbiased reporting under new management. It is clear their old habits are hard to break. Such is the bane of hopeless elitist ideologues. But at least they deserve credit for trying.  

Collins has a history with President Trump, who shut her down on multiple occasions in public during his presidency.  Though the introduction and first few moments were cordial, it didn’t take long for Collins to maneuver the dialogue to a series of “gotcha” type sound bites they no doubt were desperate to obtain.  

Rather than sit through the CNN broadcast and be pummeled by Pfizer advertisements during the breaks, I decided to watch the Louder With (Steven) Crowder coverage and play along to the drinking game with a nice Temperanillo and cigar.  The rules for taking a drink were: 

  • Any mention of January 6th or insurrection 
  • Trump says “excuse me”
  • Trump insults the hostess
  • Trump’s impeachments are mentioned
  • Trump drops a “thug life” moment 

The nice thing about this format is it made the obvious hit piece much more tolerable. I had to drink rapidly within the first ten minutes. Luckily, it slowed down after that. 

Collins asked leading questions attempting to get the unleashed MAGA-log-maniac to heel, only to be reminded why the country picked him and still loves him. He has ZERO respect for the establishment or the elite or their media lap dogs.  

Very clearly commanding the stage, Trump would answer her questions in his candidly Trumpian way, as she bravely interrupted him to interject her attempted counter-trump cards, such as “will you accept the results of the 2020 election?” Whatever your feelings about Trump, he remained true to form and would not budge an inch. This is called integrity. 

She moved on to the recent E. Jean Carroll case Trump ostensibly lost calling it “sexual assault” when the verdict was for defamation and battery. CNN’s mistake was allowing Trump to speak, which is when he reminds the audience of how crazy the woman is. Not admissible in court was her dog’s name “vagina” which Trump enunciated in his uniquely NY accent – which rose to the level of a thug-life moment and one more drink. For those wondering if this Carroll woman is yet another story-teller, I suggest you check out Mr. Reagan’s take. It appears she may have based her story on a Law and Order episode.  The similarities are uncanny, as was the way she related the story without remorse to Anderson Cooper.  

Collins tried to capitalize on the crowd’s questions offered to Trump, which included how he’d handle the war in Ukraine.  “I’d end it in 24 hours” he says, followed by raucus applause.  The hostess, clad in her white pant suit, attempts to take the moral high ground and get him to stand with Ukraine by suggesting “don’t you want Ukraine to win”.  Trump brings it back to the need to stop the human carnage, and we’re again reminded of his humanity, often overlooked by his critics.  

Other topics included: Roe v. Wade, a victory for Trump who loves babies; mass shootings and gun laws, where he focused on mental illness; and the high cost of living under Biden, which was a slam dunk for his economic record including low gas prices.  “Drill baby drill” he said, and we all happily drank to that. 

CNN had the event scheduled for 90 minutes only to cut it short at 75 minutes because Collins was taking an absolute beating.  They love to dish it out, but they can’t take it. Evidenced by the stunned dialogue from the talking heads at the home studio.  

CNN to Trump is like Wile E. Coyote to the Road Runner.  Their seemingly endless amounts of Acme props brought out to destroy him in fantastic fashion nearly always backfire in their faces.  Cartoonish and brutish, they sally forth for yet another stab at him as if they were goring a bull in a stadium full of adoring fans.  

Not that night in Concord though. The crowd still had that “live free or die” vibe we know and love from the Granite staters. They applauded the champ multiple times and even boo’d the media darling. 

Hats off to the bull. 

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  1. Biden should do him one better and appear on Fox for a live interview ( no prep of questions ahead of time and after 8 PM when Joe is normally in bed.

  2. I loved it ! (the out takes, I would not watch CNN unless it was on fire !) Had to laugh thinking about how Biden would have fumbled, bumbled, and melted down in a similar situation, which is why you won’t see that.

  3. Thank you for a very entertaining and clever commentary about the ‘interview’. Those CNN folks can’t let go of the STOLEN election and Trump’s continued ‘lies’ about it. I’m with the Donald!!!!! It sure as heck was stolen. Poor Kaitlin tried SO hard to control the narrative, but she was SO outclassed!

  4. Did Kaitlin Collins have training from Savahanna Guthrie? The ankle-biting yipping mean little dog shtick played exactly the same. Except Kaitlin’s inner-demon didn’t emerge with the dripping fangs and steely death dagger eyes. I wonder how she feels being sacrificed and dragged like a troll on national TV? The plug was pulled 20 mintues early – gee, I wonder why? A prime example why cable news is in a death spiral – it is officially an irrelevant, propaganda, sideshow for people with low intellect and even lower frequency vibration. 45 knows the game very well now and he used them accordingly. Ever since, the meltdowns and hysteria is 2016 all over again.

  5. It was the first time I watched CNN for one solid hour, but I don’t know if it counts as I DVRed it.

  6. I agree that the “town hall” was a joke. But what’s with Trump’s assertion that “I will end the Ukraine war in 24 hours”. Think about that, even y’all who love Trump the most. Do you REALLY think he can pull that off?

    • The Truth about Ukraine is being surpressed and hidden. Anyone who believes that Russia couldn’t crush them like a grape in 24 hours is a complete fool. I suspect the rope-a-dope being played is a tri-lateral agreement to drain NATO of resources and avoid the contents of those biolabs being unleashed into Eastern Europe. No one really knows what the ghouls are hiding in those labs and where those dirty bombs are for sure…sum of all fears.