Baker: make July American Pride Month

by Pam Baker

As June comes to an end and the endless celebrations of the LGBTQ etc. coalition and propaganda wrap up, we can all breath a collective sigh of mixed emotions.  I can say with great alacrity that although June is my birth month and a wonderful season of the year with temperate weather and blooming flowers and singing birds, I for one am delighted June is ending. 

And one very talented, hardworking and clever Congressman, Wesley Hunt, not from our state sadly, has put forth a Resolution to the US House of Representatives that may bring joy to a great number of our population.  He calls it “American Pride Month” and you can read the full text here.

He proposes that we remember all the things that make us unique and exceptional on the national/international stage.  He doesn’t propose canceling or erasing difficult parts of our past, but he wants us to remember that we can be great and have been great, many, many times in our history. 
It inspires me and brings hope into my heart where none has resided in a long time.

Congressman Hunt is a native Texan and hales from Houston, a son of a military family and a military man himself.  He is a graduate of West Point, an Army Aviation Branch officer, an Apache pilot and has served our country with honor and dignity.  He then earned his M.B.A., an M.P.A. and a M.I.L.R.  No one can say he is not well educated.  He is a husband and a father and a lifelong conservative. 

His Resolution is a direct response to our current presidential administration’s overwhelming support of June “Pride” month.  He invokes President Reagan’s words, “ If we forget what we did, we won’t know who we are.”

Let’s let our legislators from the state of Vermont, Senators Sanders and Welch as well as Congressperson Balint, know how we feel about this Resolution.  It is highly unlikely that they will back it, but wouldn’t it be astounding if we overwhelmed their email severs or mailroom staff with communications from us?  It would be a thing of beauty.

Happy Fourth of July fellow Vermonters!

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  1. I have no issue with the resolution from Congressman Wesley Hunt except he failed to mention those heroes from the Korean War. Wonder how that happened?