Letter from the Publisher

Big changes coming for Vermont Daily Chronicle

Vermont Daily Chronicle is preparing to offer an important new news feature by mid-July.

Sorry, we can’t tell you what it is.


But it’s good and it’s big and it will increase the amount and quality of our daily news reporting.

Sorry for the teaser – but trust us, it’s good news! We should be able to tell you in a week or two.

Free Speech Forever,

Guy Page, Editor & Publisher

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  1. If you want to do just one thing to try to change the current state of politics in Vermont, then please donate to Vermont Daily Chronicle. As Steve indicates, finally real journalism in the State! Guy, another check will go in the mail on Monday.

    • Mark, I have no doubt that narcicistic Dem-Prog Group Think in the Legislature will do its utmost to shoot itself in the foot at leasst a couple of addition times in the second year of the biennium. Perhaps it will be enough to shake the support of some of their follwers and to elect a more cautious and conservative legislature!

      Or am I simply dreaming?

  2. Just sent in my second check…two years subscriber and so very well worth it! My first read in the morning, every morning…love the comment sections and the opportunity to add my own every once in a while. The articles are new, refreshing and reinforce my Christian beliefs and long held traditional Vermont values which need to be resurrected in this woeful liberal state. Thank you so much, Guy and Tim!