Warner: Biden laptop revelations leave big questions unanswered

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Part Three in a Three Part Series. Part One: New report on Hunter Biden Laptop exposes government, Biden family corruption in detail. Part Two: Corruption timelines, and details of Biden family crime.

by Aaron Warner

Several big, unanswered questions emerge from the extensive, verified Marco Polo report on Biden family crime. 

For example….

How has a family like this been able to fly under the radar for so long and with so little accountability?  Why haven’t the applicable agencies done their jobs when given the evidence of crimes?  Why does it seem like there is a separate set of laws for the American elite versus the average citizen?  What does it say about us as a nation that we allow a family like this to rule over us with impunity? 

When will we have had enough of being intimidated and embarrassed by our fellow countrymen? 

The answer to the first question comes back to both the establishment in D.C. and the establishment in the media.  Thankfully the internet and social media have caused the rapid spread of news that, for years, was being suppressed.  This new connectivity is why we know about Jeffrey Epstein and the menagerie of elite who benefited from his services, including another president who repeatedly lies to us, Bill Clinton. 

Epstein was also in tight enough at Harvard and M.I.T. that he had an office and was on a first name basis with law professor Alan Dershowitz, already accused by one Epstein victim, and the otherwise avuncular socialist and linguistic expert Noam Chomsky. Included in Epstein’s flight log was Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a banker, who can be seen pictured with Hillary Clinton whom she supported as a political candidate.  Oddly we don’t find the Bidens in Epstein’s black book despite their obvious proclivity to enjoy the same lifestyle.  However both groups were protected by a media either lax in its duties or suppressed by those off camera quietly running the show.  Were we to name names this article would be prohibitively long, however these people are indicative of the establishment.  If you have to ask who is in the establishment that simply means you aren’t in it.  The Bidens are. 

The establishment includes the carefully selected power players who ascend to the high positions in the agencies sworn to uphold the laws.  Having double-minded men and women administering two-standards of justices is nothing new in American politics.  There is more than enough evidence that J. Edgar Hoover operated in similar fashion, thanks to the exhaustive research done by Whitney Webb in her two-part series titled One Nation Under Blackmail.  In it she chronicles the apparent beginnings of utilitarian relationship between federal law enforcement and the mafia. 

Again, Webb names too many players to attempt to list them here however the mechanics of the establishment are well worn even as early as the 1960s, a decade made famous by the assassination of those who would push back against those in power.  That one decade saw courageous men like Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Robert Kennedy and his brother and sitting president John F. Kennedy, who we believed to be the most powerful man in the world, all taken down with relative ease and with little public outcry about the guns that brought them down. 

Such cryptic synonyms as Donald Trump’s “Deep State”, Thomas Sowell’s “the anointed” or the legendary “Illuminati” imply the hidden hand of global control.  However they are more than happy to work right out in the open, especially if the goal is to intimidate those who would push back against them.  The Biden’s clearly are built to benefit by playing along.  Joe Biden is a career politician who is loyal to the system for which he now serves as a figurehead, replete with cue cards and instructions.  His brothers, sons, daughter and other family members have all participated willfully to enjoy the corrupt largesse. 

The slow take-over of America’s institution by the unscrupulous elite is the work of over a century.  Originally a nation built on Judeo-Christian values we have slowly moved in the direction of a secular hedonistic culture.  Epstein and the Bidens epitomize this fact.  Not surprisingly we find the Bidens connected to Hollywood, where American hedonism has been virtually perfected.  The now openly satanic rituals paraded in front of the cameras and crowds belie the ignorance of the celebrated class.  

Whether they believe in the literal Satan or not, they are apparently unaware of the historic fate of people and cultures who give themselves over to the satanic values of wanton sexual gratification, tasteless debauchery, narcissism and greed.  As this class of people fills the halls of power the gears of government become sclerotic and slow.  Why?  Because narcissistic pleasure seekers can’t be bothered with doing their jobs competently.  They arrived on entitlement and excuses and will use them as they prove they are incompetent or criminal, which we’ve seen repeatedly with this administration.   

Diversity hire Pete Buttigeig (Harvard) is laughably bad at running the transportation department where he is unqualified; deputy admin assistant for the office of nuclear energy, Sam Brinton (M.I.T.), wears his criminal evidence after stealing other people’s luggage; assistant health secretary Rachel Levine, formerly Richard (Harvard), doesn’t appear to be healthy by any physical or medical metric including psychological; Demetri Daskalakis (Harvard) seems more interested in worshiping satan via BDSM gear than solving the monkey pox problem unique to his diverse G-group. 

What awful people these appear to be, but I’m reminded of Romans 2 where, after describing the same crowd of his time, Paul tells the reader: 

“You therefore have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, far at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.” (Romans 2:1) 

Really?  Yes, really.  Which is why we are being ruled by these reprobates.  We deserve the very leadership we have, no different than in the time of Judges when the Israelites lived among one another where “In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit.” (Judges 21:25) 

We too have no king.  We have abandoned the one who offered to protect us and keep us from harm while blessing our faithfulness.  His title is on our money, yet we worship the dollar more than the deity. 

Hunter Biden flat out rejects God.  In his own words he says to his fixer George Mesires: 

“[God is]…just a fictional character from the imagination of the collective frightened.” (1/1/2019)

When you believe there is no God, suddenly the laws that bind us to respect one another have far less meaning and authority.  We “do as we see fit”.  In Hunter Biden’s case that means sleep with your dead brother’s wife, girls your daughter’s age, do crack with hookers in penthouses around the world and broker deals with international deep pockets using your dad’s last name, all the while lying about it to a public looking to trust you and your father. 

The truth is I was just like Hunter Biden at one point in my life.  Just as debauched and godless and empty.  Like him I partied myself into a corner, only I didn’t have the inexhaustible funds of a politically connected dad to bail me out.  In fact it was my lack of father that likely catapulted me down that road. 

Even after all of this the American people are forgiving.  I think we can even see a future where we forgive the Biden’s, but they have to come clean, and we have to hold them to account. 

With this trust broken, the only recourse for the public is to speak to the power elite by dint of the laws that protect us from them, starting with the first amendment.  Otherwise the swamp will continue to produce more reptiles like the ones we suffer now.

After looking through the extensively documented and verified communications, pictures and overt commissions on the Hunter Biden laptop, as presented in the Marco Polo report, the magnitude of the Biden crime family is as global as it is unnerving. The amount of criminal activity in the United States alone is enough for Hunter, his dad and uncles to all serve lengthy prison sentences from which they should emerge penniless. Instead they remain free to continue to live above the law with almost no serious scrutiny of their activities, with Joe sitting in power over the very Department of Justice sworn to keep people like he and his family from fleecing the American public.

The author is a VDC columnist and Upper Valley regional reporter. He lives in Hartford, VT where he owns two award-winning small businesses. He is a graduate of Leadership Upper Valley class of 2010.

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  1. “Oddly we don’t find the Bidens in Epstein’s black book despite their obvious proclivity to enjoy the same lifestyle.”

    Instead the Bidens own an island just a short boat ride away….

  2. With a father like Joe Biden, it is not a mystery why Hunter is the way he is – the fruit did not fall far from the tree. The “accident” that killed his mother and sister was likely when his destiny and future was determined. No excuse for his deeds, but the root cause is not hard to fathom.

  3. Go down to Chicken Shack in Fredericksted USVI and ask the locals if they know Joe Biden.
    He’s a regular down there. Didn’t need Epsteins invites…

  4. Re: “When will we have had enough of being intimidated and embarrassed by our fellow countrymen? ”

    That ‘our fellow countrymen’ are beggars and thieves is no longer in question. And its’s becoming clear that most all of them are so. Ergo the ‘deep state’ majorities and the legislators and crony capitalists supporting them.

    But they neither intimidate me nor embarrass me because I now choose to disassociate myself from them.

    When will everyone else have had enough?

    Likely not until they steal everything you have under the usual false pretense of institutional philanthropy – while skimming their administrative share of the endeavor to disproportionately benefit themselves.

    But I’m already prepared for and relish this eventuality – that… “the task of weaning various people and groups from the national nipple will not be easy. The sound of whines, bawls, screams and invective will fill the air as the agony of withdrawal pangs finds voice.” –Linda Bowles

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