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Biden Laptop, Part Two: Corruption timelines, and details of Biden family crime 

Part One, “New report on Hunter Biden laptop exposes government, Biden family corruption in detail,” was published May 10

by Aaron Warner

The 624-page Marco Polo (MP) report includes a timeline of specific events of government corruption involving Hunter Biden and the Biden family. These entries are based on the trail of evidence found on the laptop and then corroborated either with official White House entries, newspaper articles and releases, as well as names of those involved in the criminal activity. 

Perhaps the most notable: Hunter, having been discharged from the military on his first day of service after testing positive for cocaine, quickly found help from friend and business associate Devon Archer who, similarly unqualified, found opportunity in Ukraine with the Burisma Energy company. The timeline moves through the “western supported” ousting of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych who seeks exile in Russia, followed by the White House announcing Joe Biden as the “face” of American concerns with Ukraine’s “energy security”. MP notes: 

“April 13 [2014] at 12:43 AM: Hunter emailed Archer an extremely long memo about leveraging Joe’s position as the “public face” of the U.S. administration’s policy in the Ukraine: ‘The [Bursima] contract should begin now- not after the upcoming visit of my guy [Joe]. That [Burisma contract] should include a retainer in the range of [$]25k p[er]/m[onth] w/ additional fees where appropriate for more in depth work to go to BSF [Boies Schiller Flexner LLP] for our protection.”

MP also notes “the e-mail to Archer contained 22 bullet points and bore the subject line ‘Tmrw.’ In No. 22, Hunter Biden told Archer ‘Buy a cell phone from a 7/11 or CVS tmrw and ill do the same.’”

  • April 18th [2014] Hunter joins the board at Burisma despite having no experience in the energy industry. 
  • April 21st [2014] Joe Biden arrived in the Ukraine ostensibly to help Ukraine extract “unconventional” gas, for which Burisma held a current license. 

Fast forward to February 18, 2016 and the White House released a statement praising Ukrainian president Poroshenko for firing the Ukranian prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, mere weeks after Biden threatened to withhold a $1 billion loan guarantee if Shokin – who was investigating Burisma at the time – were not fired. Biden would later brag about this at a Council on Foreign Relations meeting that would go viral. 

  • April 12th [2019] “An inebriated Hunter” drops off three laptops at Mac’s repair shop for data recovery. 
  • April 25th [2019] Joe announced his candidacy for President of the United States 

What follows is a series of attempts by Mac, and his father and uncle – both former Air Force colonels – reaching out to the FBI for help. Instead they are met with either silence or threats to keep quiet about the laptop’s contents. Meanwhile, then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi begins impeachment hearings on President Trump’s call to Zelensky to uncover the truth about the Bidens and Burisma. Ultimately acquitted by the Senate, the tarnishing attacks on Trump were just beginning. 

As the laptop saga unfolds we find more associates of both Joe and Hunter use their positions of power to either intimidate or harass Mac, who had to relocate to Denver following massive threats to his person and livelihood. One such couple included Joe and Lesley Wolf. Lesley graduated from Yale alongside Hunter and Archer. Joe worked at U Penn home to the Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement which “received over $22 million in anonymous foreign donations from China blatantly violating 20 USC & 1011f(e), which forbids anonymous foreign donations over a $250k threshold.”

MP sets aside a section to describe the Biden “mob” family as essentially four packs emanating from Joe’s father. Throughout the years they have had multiple brushes with the law, engaged in obvious nepotism, and shown disdain for law enforcement. Among them include:

  • A sweetheart deal from now deceased Beau Biden to longtime associates from Du Pont escaping punishment for raping his three year-old daughter only receiving probation
  • daughter Ashley faced no consequences for obstructing police who were detaining her friend; Joe’s sister Valerie Owens and her daughter Casey funneled over $50k to their “consulting business” in a single election cycle
  • Jack Owens helped Joe’s brother Jimmy secure a half million dollar loan ($2,583,000 in 2022)
  • Joe’s younger brother Jimmy secured over a half million dollars in private mortgage loans for a vacation home in Florida from John Hyansky, a donor to Joe, immediately following Hyansky’s multimillion dollar U.S. govt. loan to sell luxury cars in the Ukraine
  • Joe’s brother Frankie obtained government loans for a Costa Rican solar farm after becoming an elevator operator during Joe’s first year in the senate. 

The Biden mob extends to Hollywood by way of Kevin Morris, an attorney and husband to super agent Holly Mongerman, who represents the likes of Miley Cyrus, Matthew McConaughy and the creators of South Park. Morris “threatens and cooks up ridiculous PR strategies for his media defense.” 

Devon Archer, a former model and fellow Yale grad, is also a felon. Hunter considers him “family” and one of their text exchanges is uniquely benighted about how they use power to achieve their goals. 

For all of the media’s soft pedaling, Hunter liked to play the gangster behind closed doors. Several text exchanges with lawyer friend and cover man, George Mesires, show him using the “n***a” word liberally. He humble brags a song titled “Break Da Law” is his “life without exaggeration for the past three years”. Perhaps this alter-ego grew out of his relationship to James Bulger, nephew to infamous Mafiosi and serial killer James “Whitey” Bulger, with whom he sat on the Bohai Harvest RST (BHR) board. The Bulger clan are in tight with the CCP. 

Also connected to China, and bizarrely the Satanic Biden appointee for the monkey pox outbreak, Demetre Daskalakis, is Joe Zeigler, the agent responsible for obtaining Hunter’s bank records from accounts held in China. Zeigler, appears on pages 78-79 of the report, with his partner wearing a tutu and a rainbow “love sees no color” shirt. Zeigler was the IRS Special Agent and go between who would have revealed multiple felonious violations of Foreign Bank Account Registrations (31 USC & 5314) connected to Hunter, which are yet to emerge. Apparently love is also blind to the breaking of laws.

The reports section on the Biden family involvement in China is extensive. Hunter does most of the heavy lifting by using his social skills to meet, greet and match Chinese businesses to their desired American connections. Emails reveal Hunter can drop the gangster attitude in exchange for a sinophilic sycophant saying to prospects “you’re the best” “we had a blast in Shanghai” and “give me my marching orders”. 

One oddly Third Reich-ish message to Devon Archer reads “Your question – ‘why does Super Chair[man – Che] love me so much?’ is easily answered. It has nothing to do with me and everything to do with my last name (and I bring along very handsome Aryan godlike men wherever I go.)” 

Along the way Joe’s name is dropped, as his brother Jim’s, and pictures of Joe shaking hands with the Chinese suitors are abundant. This is, apparently, the Delaware way, Vermont. One wonders, with Vermont politicians also making friendly with the Chinese, if we are unaware of the Biden’s in our midst? 

 The report goes on to show the same scheme played out in The Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Russia and Mexico. The casualness displayed by the Bidens as they run roughshod over the American legal code is stunning. The collective narcissism and lawlessness, made easier by the inbred self-deception, and what this says about our country, is the focus of part three in this series.

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  1. The main stream media did not cover the press conference on this information. The New York Times ran a headline that the Republicans took a swing at Biden and missed. I watched the press conference, the information presented was clear and precise. Biden should be impeached if not jailed.