Act Like Men, Part III: Compromise or Courage

Photo credit- screenshot of Jordan Peterson from How To Academy YouTube video

by Aaron Warner

Part Three of a three part series. Read Part One here, Part Two here.

Dr. Jordan Peterson is one of the most staunch defenders of men and masculinity.  

Peterson was living a relatively quiet life in Canada teaching psychology and coaching both women and men when his university and country decided to attempt to compel his speech.  Suddenly the Canadian post-modernists, including Justin Trudeau, demanded others refer to them by their preferred pronouns.  Peterson refused.  Under the false pretense of personal respect and politeness these people were making a power play and he saw right through it. Rather than simple courtesy they wanted compulsion, and with the same assumed authority of royalty.  What difference is there between being told you must call one “his or her majesty” versus “he/him” “she/her” or “they/them”? Essentially there is none. 

Furthermore Peterson is classically trained in psychology while also having an insatiable appetite for learning.  His interests include everything from art to history to sociology to environmental concerns (having been tapped by the United Nations to assist in developing data driven responses to their climate change initiative).  As a self-respecting clinician he understands the value of data, scientific research, and the necessity of rigor applied to the scientific method.  

A serious man and defender of what is true, Peterson is not easily manipulated by cultural trends. 

As a student of history he saw the slow march of communism lurking behind the social justice warrior advances in the west.  Not one to guess, Peterson reads voluminously and thinks in great depth about issues in order to offer insights and commentary aimed at leading others to reasonable conclusions.  Though often the smartest person in the room Peterson is anything but a know-it-all.  His temperament is genial and his disposition, sometimes stern and other times sensitive, allows listeners a genuine look into the man.  Though cognizant of his shortcomings Peterson isn’t one to fall back on them as an excuse to extract social credit or demand sympathy from others as a ruse to take political power.  He would much rather demand more of himself in the service of others.  This combination of factors have built a character that is unafraid to take on the kaleidoscope of threats to western culture and values no matter the cost. 

Jordan Peterson is a man who doesn’t just wear the uniform but fulfills the duty. He is a man of principle and truth interwoven by integrity, unwilling to compromise and with the courage to take a stand against powerful foes who would strip him of his essential manhood if only he would let them. 

He won’t. 

The attacks against Peterson came slowly at first.  His colleagues issued a public denunciation of his unwillingness to play the pronoun charade.  He was then interviewed by so-called journalists who used their hi-profile and well funded platforms to try and paint him as an atavistic misogynist and bigot.  

He is anything but. 

Though the consummate gentlemen Mr. Peterson found himself on the receiving end of attacks by feminists who attempted to put him in his place only to learn he is not one to be trifled with.  One interview with BBC darling Cathy Newman was a master class in defending one’s own manhood against an ideologue who prefers cunning and word games to the pursuit of truth.  Though pushed to the limits of his patience Peterson calmly parries her repeated attempts to put words in his mouth or straw-man his positions while trying to embarrass or humiliate him.  Instead she is made famous for being taken down by one of the world’s leading intellectuals like a kitten attempting to wrestle a lion.  

In yet another attempted take-down Peterson is interviewed by a similarly demure English-woman working for Gentleman’s Quarterly (GQ) online who tries the same tactic as Mrs. Newman only to come away man-handled by the clinician who shows no compunction about dismantling poorly reasoned  nor weakly supported claims in the presence of a lady.  He knows his character and reputation are at stake but doesn’t make the mistake of believing he needs to be nice in order to keep them, and he certainly isn’t willing to walk out on the truth in order to make concessions for better treatment by a social class bending toward insanity.  

Jordan Peterson is a man who understands his essential manliness is critical to his mission.  

To all of the men reading this, we can’t all be Jordan Peterson’s but we can learn from and be like him when facing the slings and arrows of an enemy who has enumerated his tactical style and made clear the rules don’t apply to them. 

One thing that does apply is the truth, and the truth cannot be compromised.  Its very nature is uncompromising because it is fully integrated and immovable in that it is true.  

The left is feathering its attire with any number of distracting splashes of color and flickering lights intended to disarm, manipulate or attract you.  It has built its castle on sand made out of lies.  It will play victim or play nice and demand pity in exchange for power.  It will sloganeer and slander, and if it can’t kill you with cunning masked as kindness, it will drop the act and go on the offensive using scorched earth tactics ranging from mass media mind-control to misuse of law enforcement to violent riots, property destruction and even murder.  

In other words, it will masquerade as angels of light before revealing its demonic nature attempting to take your soul and steal your manhood, if only you will let it.  

Will you?  

I hope not.  We need you, your courage and your authentic masculinity now more than ever. 

Act like men.  

The author is a VDC columnist and Upper Valley regional reporter. He lives in Hartford, VT where he owns two award-winning small businesses. He is a graduate of Leadership Upper Valley class of 2010.

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  1. Truth is not something that is pursued or appreciated by the Left. That is why they regularly try to demonize and destroy Dr Peterson or people like him who are committed to a deep and practical understanding of history, of biology and of human nature. The Left has invented the concept of “toxic masculinity” to advance their agenda of giving power to historically disadvantaged categories of people. Our society has prospered and succeeded because we have embraced the concept that the best ideas win in a meritocracy and factors like sexual orientation or skin color should not come before merit. For me, I want our fighter pilots to be the best at what they do, no matter their racial or ethnic background. Leftists claim to want to live in a tolerant society (as we certainly all do), but their commitment to tearing down what “the patriarchy” has built is taking the form of the exact opposite of tolerance because truth is the enemy of their world view and they cannot accept anyone who speaks the truth.

  2. Excellent article Mr. Warner. I am a huge fan of Dr. Peterson. And not blindly either. I see the man for who he is and have watched countless…. countless hours of his interviews and his recorded classroom lectures. It wasn’t easy at the beginning to get a handle on his style and keep up. But I persevered and was rewarded with expanded ideas and thoughts amongst other things. Many times, I had to rewind and listen to what he was saying to process his words and make it relevant. Many times, I had to rewatch a lecture or interview to gain a more comprehensive understanding.
    Thank you for sharing so eloquently for those that might not be aware of him. Although I can’t imagine there are many.

    • I beg your pardon Mr. Warner…. I only wish I could edit my comment and give proper credit to you. Please excuse my gaffe.