Klar: Ireland joins the climate campaign to kill cows

What is really going on in this cow thing?

by John Klar

Ireland has announced plans to cull hundreds of thousands of cows to comply with European Union climate policy.  Similar initiatives in Belgium and the Netherlands ensure that beef prices will rise, but these proposals offer little environmental benefit.  Indeed, cows are the heroes, not the villains, in rescuing the climate.

Ireland’s push to eliminate 200,000 cows demonstrates the persistent folly of climate alarmism, while contrasting the shortcomings of renewable energy products.  The fundamental premise of the targeting of benevolent bovines is faulty: that cow burps cause damage to the environment.  Interestingly, the alternatives propounded—for humans to obtain protein instead from insects, or soy-based synthetic meat substitutes—will profit industries who are key partners in the globalist effort to eradicate cows. 

The attacks on cows are premised on data for beef and dairy cows that are managed in Concentrated Animal Feed Operations (CAFOs), in which the animals are fed a diet rich in grains; manure is collected in lagoons or massive piles that must then be spread back onto the fields.  It is the fossil fuels and chemicals involved in producing grains and other feed, and moving them (and the resultant manure) mechanically, that creates the lion’s share of cow pollution. 

But cows raised on pasture, and rotated regularly, do not depend on GMO grains for their food, nor on diesel-powered equipment to discharge their fecal by-products.  More, their manure then replaces synthetic fertilizers, including urea manufactured from natural gas. 

That fake meat that Bill Gates wants Americans to eat in place of cows is made from soy and other plant inputs.  GMO soy and corn are produced using massive quantities of synthetic fertilizers, round-up and other herbicides, fossil fuels for tractors and harvesters, and more fuel to process and transport the food for human consumption.  Also, in many areas these crops are irrigated with precious underground aquifer resources.  How is replacing grass-fed cows with fertilizer-fed and glyphosate-saturated soy an improvement to the environment? 

Cows have been chewing cud to convert grass to steak for humans for thousands of years.  In Ireland, the government has for years paid farmers to increase their herds and production, and many of those dairies are grass-fed.  Ireland has built a niche market in that very field:

Until recently, the government had encouraged dairy farmers to expand to exploit the end of EU milk quotas. Farmers invested in new equipment and the dairy herd grew by almost half in the past decade. Irish butter, cheese and other produce – 90% is exported – filled supermarket shelves around the world.

In contrast, consider the production of solar panels in China, made from quartz heated with coal, and spewing enormous amounts of pollution.  Those will be funded, while cows are slaughtered as polluters?  How much more toxic chemical pollution is released into the atmosphere when an EV car is manufactured, than a cow ever belches?  And how much water is saved, and soil rebuilt, in the United States when new windmills are shipped out, versus properly stewarded cows?

The push to eliminate cows is a scam.  One of the clearest proofs is that there is no attack on pigs or chickens.  Ireland produces 70 million chickens a year: why aren’t they being culled?  Chickens and pigs cannot be raised on grass, but are almost wholly dependent on grain crops.  A genuine effort to curtail pollution from tilling and monoculture cropping would favor cows and sheep over pigs and chickens!  (Ireland has 1.6 million pigs).  Instead, Ireland follows AOC and the WEF in the bullying of cattle.

Reducing dairy and beef production in Ireland will undermine its economy, as these make up about two-thirds of the nation’s agriculture output, with 90% being exported.  It will also drive up food prices, and create environmental pressures in other nations that fill the production void.  This is called “carbon leakage”: when production is moved to countries with an even higher carbon footprint.

Rewarding farmers for releasing confined animals back onto grass would sequester more carbon over time than EVs or solar panels, while improving soil health, reducing fertilizer use, and saving water (healthy soils retain more water).  Also, when cows die they rot back into the earth as healthy compost, unlike the inevitable future of solar panels and EVs, foisted on consumers by government edict in the name of climate rescue. 

Eliminating cows increases food domination, and profits for global corporations.  It does not profit the environment much at all.

The author is a Brookfield best-selling author, lawyer, farmer and pastor. Reprinted from the Small Farm Republic website.

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  1. Another insidious way for militants to use “climate change” in order to demonstrate their utter disdain and lack of reverence for life in general whilst encouraging others to do the same — eventually seeking to reduce and eliminate additional portions of the general population (such as Jews, Christians, conservatives) in the name of “population reduction”.

    This is yet another stage in the battle between good and evil. These radicals first targeted the most vulnerable of all of us, that being babies in the womb. Next, it was those who were predicted to be born “defective” in their assessment (ill babies, babies with chromosomal conditions) as it has also evolved to the culling of the mentally ill, those with diseases, and the aged populations who currently have the grand opportunity to commit “assisted” suicide. Now these pathetic villains are after this earth’s innocent animals over whom we were given dominion by our common Creator – not to brazenly murder, but to honor, care for, and to utilize for sustenance as needed.

    One of Obama’s cohorts, Ezikiel Emanual pondered in a magazine interview concerning older Americans, insofar as their lives and longevity are concerned whether “our consumption is worth our contribution”(!!!) This Grim Reaper, referred to in this “new world order” as a medical ethicist – Emanual clarified his position of life over 75 not worth living by stating: “…there are not many people who continue to be active and engaged and actually creative past 75.

    So be damned all our grandparents (for whom we would not be here without) and the myriad of apparently “uncreative” senior artists who changed the world such as Monet, Grandma Moses, and modernist architect Frank Lloyd Wright! And to hell with people such as Nelson Mandela who became president of South Africa at nearly 76, and our own founding father Ben Franklin who was a delegate at the Constitutional Convention at age 81 as he signed our famed US Constitution now under attack by young, immature, inexperienced gender-studies college grads bent upon somehow substantiating their intellectual superiority – and therefore their right to continue to suck air.

  2. OMG, the sky is falling, the sky is falling! Does no one have a brain anymore?


    Worried about cow farts? Well in the early 1800s there were roughly 60 million buffalo residing in America. There are currently 9.4 million dairy and 31.7 million beef cows in America. You either have to prove cow farts are more destructive than buffalo farts or admit that cow farts aren’t really something to worry about.

  4. Instead of killing cows in Ireland, how about introducing China, and India to the Trans culture ? or maybe bombing them with condoms and birth control pills ? If the Irish want to comply with the eco-freakos they are going to do what they what they do, that does not mean we have to compound their ignorance with more ignorance.

  5. Personally I am holding out for the Soylent Green.

    Given current challenges there may be a glut of it on the market making it reasonably available for universal school lunches, homeless hotels, climate activists who can no longer get a burger at McDs. Not mention I may be able to afford it with what is left over from the carbon taxes coming my way.

  6. That last two sentences of this great article are the most important. The people behind the curtain drafting these plans are not actually climate activists, they are control activists. They want a one nation globe where few control every aspect of what will be left of our lives. They know almost anyone can raise a few cows for a healthy source of protein but only they can produce lab grown, petri dish fake meat so you will comply with their orders to get what they deem your share. Plus lowering natural, muscle fiber protein intake and replacing it with soy-based “beyond burgers” will result in less testosterone production in boys and men thus curbing hyper-toxic masculinity. Yes we could all have soy-boy man boobs like bill gates and the blue collar jobs that actually require brute strength can be replaced by AI bots giving us more time to sit around, get weak and absorb their totalitarian propaganda on Xi’s tik tock.

    • Soy is also potentially dangerous for females as it mimics estrogen in their bodies as well and increases the risk for breast cancer in some women. But we can presume that even that may just be a big plus for the leftists, as their goal is to obliterate womanhood, (lots ‘ luck) to begin with, as well as the fact that no person should be living beyond aged 75 anyway according to Obama’s “medical ethicist” Ezekiel Emanual…..politicians and the uber wealthy notwithstanding, of course.

  7. Don’t worry there will be enough beef left for the elites to feast on, the “little people” get to eat bugs.

  8. I visited Ireland with my daughter @ (5) years ago. They had a farm to table similar to Vermont’s at the time. It was a wonderful experience. What’s happening in Ireland and others is heartbreaking…thank-you, John for your uncompromising courage 🙏

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