Warner: What’s up with Tuck? Word War III

by Aaron Warner

Tucker Carlson at Quimby Country Lodge & Cottage, Averill, VT

As many of you were yesterday upon hearing Fox News Network was “parting ways” with Tucker Carlson, the shock was sudden but the surprise was short-lived.  We are living in a day and time when virtually every sacred cow in America and the institutions they represent are being thoroughly savaged.  From the founding of the country (1776 or 1619), to the fathers themselves (they were all racists including Lincoln apparently), to the very fabric of the scientific method used to catapult us to the front of the world superpowers, we are seeing a deliberate undoing of all things American, and by those who told us they were our fellow countrymen and women.  

Tucker Carlson’s firing is emblematic of the most recent of the pillars in society we’ve long held as inviolable to what makes America so special.  We have long been a nation so revered refugees and immigrants will brave life and limb and even violate laws to join us.  That reverence largely comes axiomatically thanks to our stance on the freedom of speech.  It is, as the founders well knew, the very essence of a free people and a free country.  Why? 

Words have tremendous power.  Words can motivate men and women to do incredible things.  Even God Himself chose to communicate to mankind from His word, likewise identifying Himself as “the Word”.  The same word that brought the universe into being, who made us in His image and likeness, knows full well the way to communicate His perfect will is not through pictures but through words.  Conversely, the greatest arbiters of evil understand the same thing.  Hitler’s rise was born out of the written word (Mein Kampf) and the passionately delivered orations of his spoken words.  As was Mao’s, or Lenin, both drawing socializing strength from the written words of Karl Marx, and passing the legacy on to Derek Bell, Kimberle Crenshaw, Judith Butler, Ibram X. Kinde and Robyn DeAngelo.  

Tucker Carlson is perhaps one of the finest on air wordsmiths of his generation.  There are few people who can pull you into rapt attention as Tucker, drawing nightly interest, the most in cable news history,  from a throng of 3.5 million fans and many who understood him as the biggest threat in Word War III – the ideological battle undergirding the current unrest in our country and throughout the world.  

Tucker’s popularity grew steadily over the past few years, thanks not only to his witty turns of phrases and keen insights into all aspects of American political life, but more by his choice of words and the integrity necessary to generate the type of power he commanded.  He acquired this power, found in the massive audience who looked to him for journalistic insights, by steadily choosing his words carefully although not as one concerned with political correctness.  Tucker understands words have power beyond meaning, including the ability to frame a situation or person in the proper light. 

Across the airwaves Tucker’s ideological opponents understand words in the same way, however they have chosen to join the side that uses words as weapons of war against America.  Joy Reid, Anna Navarro, Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, Chris Hayes and the like all showed themselves adherents to the new ideology that hides behind such monikers as “woke” or the equally vague “liberal” which in reality is communism.  

Communists are smart enough to hide behind words because they know the truth is not on their side.  In fact, truth is as much a hindrance to them as are words that convey it, which is why they incessantly quibble over words and attempts to control what we say.  Pronoun pleading and policing are the epitome of this attempt.  Not only do the pronouns they choose not fit within the truths of the English language (no one can be a they/them, no matter how many personalities or demons you’re entertaining inside of you) they’ve also become a tool by which to control your speech.  You will be told which pronouns to use, or else.  

Tucker, a student of history, also saw quickly through the ideological left’s use of double-speak.  Words such as “diversity” “equity” and “inclusion” all have dictionary definitions yet have completely opposite uses for political purposes.  These terms sound like people of diverse backgrounds, thoughts and opinions will be included into the public discourse and halls of influence so that equality will be realized, embodying the American dream.  However the same word merchants tell us America is evil, its founders fatally flawed and the documents they wrote enshrine systemic racism.  Understanding this, Tucker reminds us we would be insane to think their words have anything remotely to do with American values.  No.  The type of diversity they are after is skin deep.  Inclusion is merely to hold a place for another communist to assume political power.  Equity can perhaps best be seen in any of the thousands of stolen items the left will have you believe are “reparations” when in reality it’s theft that is leading to the closing of hundreds of retail stores across America.  Just ask Whole Foods shoppers in San Francisco or Wal-mart and REI hopefuls in Portland, Oregon. 

Just days before his firing Carlson delivered a speech at the Heritage Foundation wherein he cautioned his listeners to quit being fooled into thinking what is going on in our country is in anyway politics as usual.  Harkening back to the 80s and 90s when politics was about achieving desired outcomes that were for the best, and extending grace to ideas maybe not your own for the sake of seeing what works, Carlson dispels that delusion. Rather than suppose our differences are politically right vs. left he explains: 

“What you’re watching is not a political movement, it’s evil.”  

He then defines the characteristic differences between good and evil.  

“Good is characterized by order, …peace, lack of conflict, cleanliness.  Cleanliness is next to Godliness. And evil is characterized by their opposites: violence, hate, disorder, division, disorganization and filth…if you’re advocating for the latter what you’re calling for is evil.”  

Leave it to Tucker to cut through the morass and clarify the terminology.  

Much like Naomi Wolf and others who are, rather than becoming woke, awakening to the reality we are facing is evil masquerading as good, Tucker concludes his speech by reminding us where true goodness comes from – asking for more of it from its true source.  With his uniquely confident yet self-effacing wit Tucker says “even I, an Episcopalian, the Samaritans of our time” (Samaritans were considered as the lowly step-cousins to the Jews), “I am coming to you, not as an evangelist, but from the most humble and lowly theological position you can…that maybe you can take ten minutes out of your busy day and say a prayer for our future.” 

Thanks for the reminder Tuck.  Not only is their power in our words, there is tremendous power in our prayers when we assume the posture of a modern day Samaritan. 

My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise.” (Psalm 51:17)

 (Reminder: The National Day of Prayer will be held Thursday May, 4th of this year with a gathering in Massachusetts)

The author is a VDC columnist and Upper Valley regional reporter. He lives in Hartford, VT where he owns two award-winning small businesses. He is a graduate of Leadership Upper Valley class of 2010.

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    • And you know this with certainty how precisely? Prove it with evidential facts and data. There are varying degrees of fraud in EVERY election.

      But, speaking of lying….your government propaganda fake news lied/lies about:
      1.) Masks prevent the spread of Covid19
      2.) Vaccinated persons cannot transmit the virus
      3.) The virus originated from a “wet” market
      4.) Covid19 was Donald Trump’s “fault”.
      5.) Males can transform into females and vice versa
      6.) Packing the US Supreme Court is righteous
      7.) Donald Trump colluded with “Russia” to win the 2016 election
      8.) The USA’s international borders are secure
      9.) Hunter Biden’s laptop isn’t really Hunter Biden’s laptop
      10.) Christians are “domestic terrorists”, in violation of the US Constitution

      Let’s just begin with those in terms of rot. Sorry.

    • You should probably stick with NPR and CNN or MSNBC. They like to keep their useful idiots uninformed! PS, I don’t watch Fox.

  1. Tucker will bounce back like a coil spring. The Conservative world is his oyster which he will continue to drop pearls on, at Newsmax ……….

  2. As a recently hired Federal employee, the first paragraph in my training manuals referenced Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. anyone that thinks the rot in society that Tucker references has not reached to the depths of our Federal Government under Biden’s leadership, is delusional, and blind. Many, I think, are just sticking their heads in the sand like an Ostrich and pretending not to see, hoping secretly that the insanity will pass without their involvement. It will not! The only hope for this state and country is to change the people in charge. And that takes votes, or bullets. I sincerely hope it doesn’t come to the latter because in the end, we will ALL lose!

    • What happened to the “good ole days” when DEI stood for Dale Earnhardt Incorporated ??????

    • Agreed! 110% (I’m not too great at math, but better at predicting the future).

  3. Count me among those who think there’s more in play here. For instance:

    Tucker gave a speech Friday at the Heritage Foundation, who gave him his first real job. In the short Q&A after the speech, the President of the Heritage Foundation quipped “Tucker, if this thing at Fox doesn’t work out, we’ll be here for you”. Tucker replied “You’ve saved be before”. Tucker knew what was coming. I would assume he had sources who let him in on it, but even if not, a good journalist feels things “in the air” or “in his bones”, and Tucker is a very good journalist.

    Tucker also quipped about his recent Elon Musk interview “We drove around in his car and smoked cigars”.

    Also over the weekend, President Trump gave a speech in Lee County FL. General Flynn was in the audience and in fact gave the speech immediately prior to President Trump’s. Trump said in his speech “A year and a half, General, hang in for a year and a half”.

    And another bit from Fox – Dan Bongino quit, saying “We couldn’t agree on a contract”.

    This all fits together somehow. There are no coincidences in Washington DC. We’ll just have to wait to see what happens.

    My hope? Elon starts an entirely new television network featuring, of course, Tucker Carlson. But I feel I may be thinking too small…

  4. How about this: Who cares. He is just a presenter on a propaganda show. They used sex to get rid of Bill O’rielly. Didn’t care then either. If you get news from Fox you are a fool. There are much more honest people out there that are actual investigative journalist who do not get the “coverage ” because they are not as handsome or pretty as Fox people. Remember what happened to Megan Kelly ( all part of the defunct “me too ” movement) and how it flooded the airwaves? Unless he was murdered by someone their really is nothing to see here.

    What is the Government doing?

    That is worth talking about, not some multimillionaire who reads a teleprompter for an hour a night ( who is told what to and not to say). It’s like listening to Jon Stewart or some such silliness.

    Just let this sink in. Where is all the info that Tucker was and said he would put out? (The J6 raw camera footage, you know 40,000+ hrs of it) Nowhere. Just another distraction.
    No one who is committing crimes in DC or any other state is getting arrested or even charged for crimes against we the people.

    Big fat waste of time, just like all the congressional hearings that go nowhere and no one , even when they are found to be lying , gets arrested. As always.

    • You are correct – the hammer is not coming down but no matter what – the people of a FREE nation rely upon a FREE press in which to garner news, undercover reporting, etc. and THAT is 100% gone from the networks, PBS, and much of Cable “news”. These are all simply vehicles of pure propaganda controlled by the DNC & Communist China & Big Tech & the Pharmaceutical Industry, etc.

      We are a nation in serious decline and particularly in blue states such as Vermont – the electorate is seriously ignorant, apathetic, uninformed, & hypocritical….they vote and speak as if pre-programmed drones. Tucker wasn’t perfect simply because no one is. He was certainly constrained and controlled to some degree by contractual limitations, corporate changes at Fox, and the influences that the D.C. swamp wield over what ought be independent media sources. We nonetheless all still require and deserve access to the most unbiased news we can access and that was once via Fox Network and now is via Newsmax, AM radio, and independent podcasts/internet sites & publications.

      Tucker Carlsen will undoubtedly re-emerge and each of us can, as before, choose to listen or not. At least for now. What the future holds for our currently politically & spiritually compromised Republic remains unknown, but it appears grim.

  5. Really well written. Thank you Mr. Warner. Wherever Tucker Carlson ends up-he will end up on his feet and those 3.5M viewers he enjoyed will follow him. In the interim I would recommend you all to view Tucker’s speech he gave Sunday night at the Heritage Foundation. It was the truth!! It is the truth and I will never believe otherwise. It’s sad that the executives at Fox News couldn’t support him better. Renegotiate settlements. Fight harder!!! No voting machine case is worth over 700M. You can’t tell me it couldn’t be appealed. And there were voting irregularities in the last presidential elections—the Dems being able to get Biden’s sons laptop labeled as “Russian disinformation” and not “Election Interference” in which it should have been—-Biden would not have been elected!!! That is illegal—Election interference at the highest level should count for something. And it should count for all other cases that involve last presidential elections.

  6. This is what happens when you question the UNtied States. we can simply secede from the US empire. The Second Vermont Republic is the only answer to this nonstop nonsense. It’s our legal right to do so as it is with the republic of Texas. The time is right for the 2VR. you can then promote Mr. Carlsen for president of the Switzerland of North America 🤴He’ll have to move from Maine first 😎

  7. Klaus Schwabb of the WEF is the defacto head of government in the US. Government is a corporation, rather bundles of for-profit corporations. Covid and 2020 was the coup, prepped by 9/11 and a host of false flags. Transgenderism is to normalize pedophilia, and the press/movie media is the hypnotist to accomplish their agenda of depopulation, now underway. The need to belong makes Vermont Strong, and it is the foundation of the majority’s dangerous naiveté coupled with white guilt. No political approach will ever work to restore sanity or heal the divide. Yet, there is a way. That way involves putting the means of exchange, the methods of money in the collective’s purview. The threshold to sanity and healing the great divide and the great healing altogether is an enterprise threshold. Check out the plan at, sign up to be included.

  8. For those who believe Dominion had a solid case and FOX was compelled to settle for more money than Dominion could possibly claim as legitimate ‘damages’, watch this Epoch Times documentary (Who’s Stealing America) from almost two years ago. Something doesn’t smell right with this settlement. And Carlson appears to be collateral damage.

    Understand too, as reported by the BBC in July of 2021, that:
    ““Over a period of almost 20 years, Mr. Murdoch travelled regularly to China and assiduously courted its leaders, in the hope of creating a truly global satellite network.

    But last August, News Corp announced it was selling controlling stakes in three of its Chinese television channels to a domestic private equity fund based in Beijing and Shanghai.

    News Corp currently owns 47% of Star TV China, and 17.6% of Phoenix TV, a popular Hong Kong-broadcaster.”

    Murdock is a World Economic Forum aficionado. Even though his early forays into China were only marginally successful, to think that Murdock has no interest in China today, or vice versa, is a ludicrous notion.

    The Epoch Times documentary clearly connects Dominion, the Biden administration, and Chinese influencers. If you have limited time, at least watch the ‘Dominion connection’, then go to the 56 minute point in the video. Of specific interest is the clip of Di Dongsheng, Associate Dean at Renmin University and CCP foreign policy insider, on the specifics of China’s financial influence in U. S. politics.

    And note that the clip of Di Dongsheng was first aired by, you guessed it, Tucker Carlson.

    Watch the documentary. Then judge for yourselves whether or not the FOX/Dominion settlement seems above board.

  9. So praying is your advice? Praying or also known as talking to yourself is what people do when they don’t want to do anything. I find it amusing that praying to a all powerful god to do something as though it doesn’t know what to do unless a lot of people are begging at the same time is not rational. Just another human invented idea based on hope. Hope and faith are destroyers of action because god has a plan and I believe the continual talk of prayer is an attempt to convince which is necessary when no evidence of reality exists.

    • Great! Don’t pray! It’s a FREE COUNTRY… I will continue to do so.
      In the end though, better PRAY that you’re right and over 90% of the world’s population has been wrong, k?

      By the way, where’s YOUR proof? I’m asking for an imaginary friend.

    • Praying is Carlson’s advice, but I absolutely agree. I didn’t start praying until I became a Christian at 30 years of age. I continue to this day because I have had more than enough positive answers that I would be stupid not to recommend it.

      Your doubt and condescension are your choice. They’re also your reward.

  10. It’s all right to pray. Tucker said in his speech at the Heritage Foundation to pray for this country and I will. I just won’t stop there. I’ll will forward that link of the article in Epoch Times to everyone I can think of-even Democrats. Everyone should understand we will no longer be a free sovereign country if we don’t. And that should scare everybody!

  11. Yesterday evening, Tucker released a video at 8:00 p.m. (in other words, concurrently with “Fox News Tonight”) and it’s already up to 17.5 million views on Twitter. What a scamp! I can’t wait to see what “America’s Sweetheart” does next. Check it out: @TuckerCarlson (Maybe someone should tell him about what’s being done to us. “Vermont as a Marxist Experiment” would make a great Tucker story. Will someone important please contact him?)

  12. Aaron Warner, thank you so much for your take on Tucker. You have succinctly described this man as a voice of the truly American Right and common sense man. I was thinking of how I could submit my reaction to Fox’s abasing cowardly actions, but I was heartened by your article…you expressed exactly how I feel…God Bless America and the righteousness we subscribe to…we will not quit!