Warner: Wolf’s Howl Part 2 – Bio-War Against Americans?

by Aaron Warner

In the first part of this series we looked at the massive amount of evidence from Pfizer’s own “confidential” documents illustrating almost Nazi-like experimentation on innocent people via COVID mRNA shots. Rather than a highly skilled scientific response to the inevitable growth of a novel virus we find a highly coordinated effort to inject billions with a, known to Pfizer, lipid nano-particle delivery system that compromises immunity more than enhances it.

Dr. Wolf asks: how do the vaccines act as a bio-weapon? Who was subject to the mandate, and why? Of the adverse events, why are they primarily in western countries? What do these findings indicate about this being a bio-weapon aimed at Americans rather than a miracle vaccine developed to save the world?

Means and Malice

Of the malevolent findings the most prominent is the action the vaccine takes against human reproduction. Among Pfizer’s areas of study were the reproductive responses in rats. They found vaccinated rats suffered numerous degradations to their male and female organs and hormonal levels. Wolf notes the incongruity – this is a respiratory virus, so why is Pfizer looking at how they affect reproduction in lab animals?

Furthermore we learned from Pfizer they listed twenty-six different types of menstrual irregularities or injuries suffered by women and the attack on male developmental characteristics in utero. The cold descriptions and thorough documentation accompanying these are reminiscent of those found among the Nazi scientists who ran experiments on Jews and other captives intended to advance their war machine. In the book “The Paperclip Conspiracy” the author tells of Jews being forced into extreme cold temperatures, altitude tolerance, as well as racial reaction to various diseases, sterilization and drug testing. The conspiracy came when western powers, in the case of Project Paperclip, spirited Nazi scientists away to their countries rather than have them stand trial at Nuremberg for war crimes. American military and intelligence coordinated by putting paperclips on the files of scientists they wanted to retain. Most famously the one time head of NASA was a former Nazi Werner Von Braun. Wolf begins connecting some dots.

Pfizer is a German-Chinese owned company. They bought BioNtech mere months before the start of the pandemic. BioNtech was also co-owned by Germans and Chinese. Both companies then signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with Fosun, a Chinese pharmaceutical company essentially controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). This MOU transferred technology rights to Fosun for producing the vaccines. Thus, China was making the vaccines distributed in the west. They did this through fifteen labs they put in to production between 2019-2021 in the west. Of the thirteen two are located in the U.S., one in Princeton, NJ and the other in Springfield, MA the rest in Europe. Curiously, the vaccines China gives to its people are not the same as they give Americans.

Mandates and Manipulation

Here in the U.S. where mandates were enacted the target subjects, aside from being nearly everyone, Wolf notes special heat was placed on key members of society. Among them are college and university students, especially those at elite schools like her alma mater Yale, where she has friends who are distraught at what she’s uncovered. The military also mandated the enlisted, many of whom either quit or were forced out for refusing or being disallowed religious exemptions. Then there were the first responders who provide the nation’s medical care.

Add the 24/7 psychological pressure applied by network media via COVID fear propaganda (remember the constant death toll tickers), funded by Pfizer, and it becomes exceedingly clear this was by design not out of an abundance of caution to “stay safe”.

Her husband, Brian O’Shea, was trying to tell her this at the beginning of the pandemic. He had the luxury of twelve years working in military intelligence. Whereas she originally considered him “crazy” she could see things more clearly, not just from the admissions within Pfizer, but thanks to her time in politics. One of her roles was to reverse engineer the outcome by encouraging manipulative messaging for the desired political goal. What she witnessed in media (t.v., news papers, magazines, social media, etc.) was textbook political-style emotional manipulation, not emergency medicine. Her 2,500 volunteer medical professionals confirmed as much in their 58 reports.

State of Mind

Wolf concludes the real villain, aside from Pfizer and associated Big Pharma cohort, is China. The documents reveal China knew from two separate studies. The first, a Chinese study from 2018, showed lipid nano-particles damage mammalian fertility. In 2021 a study in Hong Kong, also controlled by the CCP, showed the first injection enlarges the heart in rats and the second injection causes catastrophic multi-organ system failure.

The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) for Pfizer shots showed 46,000 adverse reactions. Of these 36,000 happened in the U.S., approximately 7,000 happened in western Europe, so more than 90% of the vaccine injuries happened in the western world, with prior knowledge by Pfizer, Moderna, BioNtech, etc..

Though I agree we should look there not just for the source but for means, motive and methods related to this crime against humanity, the blaming of a nation or people is erroneous. The Chinese people, many of whom hate the CCP, had literally nothing to do with COVID or the response. They are not the enemy.

At one point Wolf describes the forces of COVID acting in “lockstep” which is a key term given the Rockefeller Center published a paper in 2010 which included a scenario “lockstep” describing in almost precise detail a pandemic originating from a flu-like virus in China, spreading to the west, massive amounts of economic turmoil, supply chain issues, etc. It’s as if they war-gamed it ahead of time. Here at the Chronicle we offered the Plan-demic series explaining the less than subtle maneuvers of the global controllers, such as Gates and WEF head Klaus Schwab, and how the 1918 Spanish Flu acted as a dry run for it’s 100 year anniversary party in COVID. This “truther” video, also from 2010, matches up to the Rockefeller document with uncanny similarity.

The real war is one of ideology. In this case elitist sponsored and directed socialist-communism vs. good old-fashioned western liberalism. In the last article in this series we will look for hope these super criminals will see justice in this life.

The author is a VDC columnist and Upper Valley regional reporter. He lives in Hartford, VT where he owns two award-winning small businesses. He is a graduate of Leadership Upper Valley class of 2010.

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  1. I don’t understand the? in the title, there is no question that just happened. It’s a fact.

    It’s also misleading to say it was against Americans, as your own article points out, a good chunk of Europe was involved in it too. And before you think I’m being racist, quite a few African American presidents of their nations were assassinated or died mysteriously just after saying that they would not give out the jab.

    Don’t stop at the Chinese, there’s more to uncover.

  2. Oh and if you think they stopped giving out the jab just because they stop putting pressure on us, you should start looking at MRNA in our food supply and the delivery mechanisms they have recently developed.

  3. In August of 2019, President Trump closed down Fort Detrick, the go-to facility in the US for researching (and developing) bio-weapons, for three weeks. Why?

    In September of 2019, a strange outbreak of a never before seen lung disease broke out in MA. It was blamed on vaping and vaping products were banned from sale.

    In September or October of 2019, the first case of what came to be called covid was found in WA State.

    Meantime, our buddy Dr Fauci moved R&D of this new bioweapon to the University of North Carolina. Which of course was illegal, so off it went to Wuhan.

    So, when people say it got out of the lab in Wuhan, technically that’s correct. However, I believe this was a Make It Happen On Purpose (MIHOP) event, as it just covered too many leftist agendas too perfectly, not the least of which was rigging the election.

    But the point is, and make no mistake about it, this thing was developed here, in the US of A. And until that’s accepted, we’ll never have a free country again.

    • In cohoots with the CCP. Of course that’s been going on for much longer – when did Hilary leak weapons documents to the CCP. When did the CCP gift Hunter Biden 10% ownership of CATL that makes all of the Tesla batteries – just before we left Afghanistan with its rich Lithium mines open for grabs with the lovely Biden exit from the country – an invitation to the CCP to make quick graps on not only our huge military equipment stockpile, but also access to all their Lithium deposits. Do we smell rats? We would be wise to have active rat patrols…

  4. Since the beginning I have been posting this link:
    No one wants to believe what our country has done and is doing. And you all are letting it happen.
    I hope people will see the light on what the people who say they are in charge are doing to We the People.
    Now maybe something will get done besides asking permission to not be poisoned or have our freedoms curtailed by these monsters.

  5. Immense thanks to Aaron Warner and Vermont Daily Chronicle for publishing this information. At last perhaps more Vermonters will begin to wake up. Instead of continuing to promote the use of masks, Vermonters need to research how to get the vaxx poisons out of their bodies if it’s not too late already for that. My heart breaks for all my friends in Vermont who took the jabs and especially for those ho gave it to their children.

  6. I quit my job of 42 years, 18 months before I was eligible to draw SS. Numerous of my co-workers, didn’t have that option. It will be a fearful day on Judgement Day, and I am thankful that my one plea will be “I trusted in the blood of Christ”. On that day, there will be no plea bargaining, only true justice. This, and so much of what we have been observing is about population reduction by any means, whether it be vaccines (so called) drug overdose, suicide, transgender mutilation or any other countless evil schemes. The architects are soulless creatures, having become so from searing their consciences one too many times. They could repent, but likely will not. So to them I offer this invitation, if the earth’s population is so very unsustainable…feel free to check out anytime. Since our “lawmakers” are so very concerned about suicide, NOT! I would not recommend checking out via firearm, background check, minimum age, waiting period and all…may I suggest rope, it’s cheap and available no questions asked. Oh and be sure to leave all your earthly possessions to help fund all the BS, unaffordable programs that you have espoused.

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