DePino: Gun grabbers going after LGBTQ+ gun owners

by Bob DePino

For years we have said the gun-grabbers have a single end goal in mind, the complete disarmament of the citizens of America. You laughed. We said the gun-grabbers are incrementalists. You laughed. Anti-gun legislators in Vermont have introduced almost EIGHTY (80) bills that restricted the constitutional right to bear arms a piece at a time in the last decade. Nobody is laughing.

Every so often, the gun-grabbers actually name a specific group of people as those that need to be disarmed next. With H.230 (passed by the House, now in the Senate), the newest group of people so dangerous they need to be disarmed for the good of themselves and others has been officially named: “members of the LGBTQ+ community.”

[Editor’s note: Section 1, paragraph 7 under “Findings” of H.230 states: Persons at greatest risk of suicide in Vermont are men, persons living in rural areas, persons with a disability, veterans, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.]

The LGBTQ+ community is one of the fastest-growing groups of gun owners in the nation! As gun owners, we welcome these new members to our family. Seeing their name in a bill that promotes the forceful disarmament of gun-owning citizens is alarming. Our anti-gun legislators now perceive them as a threat to personal and public safety!

This is incrementalism and distraction in action. Introduce a bill with a broad general spectrum, i.e. “suicide,” add other new gun control like “safe storage” and Extreme Risk Protection Orders (where the government sends armed men to a household to forcibly confiscate a citizen’s firearms without trial or representation), then use the different sections as distraction from the naming of the latest group of gun owners.

As justification, the House legislature used firearm homicides in other states, straw purchasing, and firearm trafficking to neighboring states to prove the need for a suicide bill. Doesn’t make any sense, does it?

An anti-suicide bill would discuss the need for early identification, counseling, therapies and medications, medical training, hotlines, and a litany of other subjects that could get to the root cause of suicide. But no, THOSE bills never made it out of committee!

You see, it’s not about suicide. It’s about gun control.

With the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen decision fresh in their minds, the gun control activists in Montpelier are desperately trying to pass any form of gun control in Vermont before all the existing unconstitutional laws are struck down one at a time.

In 2018, S.55 was introduced as an anti-DRUG bill, which the Senate and House struck the entire bill and wrote fourteen pages from the national special interest groups’ wish list of gun control!

H.230 started as a short blurb, a “short form” bill with no substance. It then blossomed into a full NINE PAGES, then after much discussion further expanded into 12 pages of anti-gun legislation.

When gun owners across the country say the gun-grabbers are “coming for your guns,” H.230 is absolute proof that gun control isn’t about safety, it isn’t about suicide, it isn’t about crime, it isn’t about children. It is about destroying the single constitutional right that protects all others from a tyrannical state government.

Welcome to Vermont, proof positive that the gun grabbers will lie to your face about what they are doing and then come back for more. And more. And more. Until there is nothing left to take.

The Vermont State motto is “Freedom and Unity.” Seems to many people the motto is in need of changing.

“Unity without Freedom,” should be the hallmark of the new one-party state. Joseph Stalin would be proud.

Please contact your Senators and tell them, “H.230 should not pass the Senate. Vote NO on H.230.”

The author is Vice President of Gun Owners of Vermont.

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  1. So Vermont wants to assist in your suicide vacation but can’t stand the thought of you committing suicide at home of your own volition? Do these people not understand how hypocrisy works?

  2. Don’t worry about the “camel’s nose under the tent”. The camel’s in the tent, and is proceeding to crap all over everything inside ! Vote them out !

  3. Liberals dont consider the firearm to be a legitimate tool for do-it-yourselfers to use to provide protection against evil humans threatening themselves or their family/loved-ones. Liberals dont like do-it-yourselfers in general…they want everyone dependent on some element of government for all needs. If you have a problem with some evil human threatening you, your only option should be to call 911, and a social worker will be in touch soon to talk to the both of you. The trained professional will talk with the apparently-threatening individual to discuss their feewings, and to hear about their grievances about our uncaring society and their demands for reparations. The social worker will then want to speak to you about what you did to provoke the attention of the evil human and what you can do in the future to avoid the oppression that you project on the world.
    I must disagree, and suggest that an armed society is a polite society. Liberalism is a mental disorder and anyone who votes habitually for demoprogs really should seek professional help with their delusional problems.

  4. As an American citizen, I believe targeting this group is wrong and unconstitutional! LGBTQ+ people are also protected by the Second Amendment that DENIES THE GOVERNMENT THE AUTHORITY TO INFRINGE ON OUR RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. Just because some members of that group have been “targeted” by media for attention is no excuse. A member of any group can commit suicide; we cannot a priori deny that whole group their constitutional rights.

  5. Most people are dying to come to Vermont. Normal people are trying to get out of here to save their lives. A life is much more than just existing. So if you are unhappy living in Vermont but can’t afford to get out of here, the dem/prog uniparty has made it legal to off yourself upon request. Who really believes that these legislators aren’t problem solvers? Just look how they solved the problem of being unhappy in Vermont. You won’t need a gun or any other tools, just bring your checkbook.

  6. The only rights they can take from us are the rights we let them have. Gun Owners of Vermont seems to think that they can fight these communists at the legislative level, we can’t. They have a super majority and a eunuch governor that has no veto power and has already conceded to their agenda by supporting their magazine capacity ban, fed flag laws and universal background checks in the past so expect no help from him. GOV seems to think they can go to the hearings in Montpelier and convince these communists to see the error of their ways and change their minds on the unconstitutional legislation they are passing.. (You can’t wake up people pretending to be asleep – Rosanne Barr)

    They bought in Dr. John Lott, the most prominent expert on gun control and gun statistics in the United States and let him speak for about 10 or 15 minutes while allowing their “expert witnesses to have twice the time to speak. Gun Owners of Vermont is at best an informative organization. They haven’t stopped one gun control bill in Vermont from passing. What Gun Owners of Vermont should be doing is preaching civil disobedience and total resistance to any form of gun control. Hold seminars at town halls around the state to educate the people about the history of the 2nd Amendment and their rights. Have a petition drive and get signatures from the citizens resistant to gun control. Hold 2A Rallies all over the state especially in the towns of the legislators pushing these laws. Make it clear that we will not comply or obey to the best of our ability any unconstitutional laws.

    Topher Field: “The only thing that limits the power of our government, is the limit of our obedience”.

    • With the legislature and the majority of the media on the same side, “disobedience” will only lead to being branded as “white supremacist, extremist gun nazis”. The courts will be our only hope to reverse these unconstitutional restrictions…and I dont mean the Vermont Supreme Court, which is also made up of moonbats.

  7. Why isn’t the Vermont republican party bringing law suits against these unconstitutional laws? They are always begging for money, but we see nothing from the party. Isn’t the governor supposed to be the leader of the party? He’s done nothing to protect our constitutional rights and in fact has signed laws taking them away. He does just enough to look like he’s doing something. Something is not enough because he’s elected by liberals so he walks on thin ice. Expect nothing from the republican party or the governor.

  8. Well, gender dysmorphia is by definition a mental illness, and we can’t let people with mental illness have guns, now can we? Never mind the increased risk for suicide, I’ve been predicting the obvious uptick in trans violence for a while now, and the media can only cover it up for so long.

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