Month: December 2020

Thank you, Subscriber

Your interest, encouragement and support made 2020 a growth year for Vermont Daily. Since New Year’s Eve of 2019, subscriptions to Vermont Daily have more than doubled. Just yesterday, the number of comments passed 1000! Many of you contribute financially on a monthly or one-time basis to defray webhosting, advertising and software expenses. Others write news and commentary. You are all part of the team that makes Vermont Daily an expanding enterprise.

Dear Mr. Vice-President: the law has been broken and the Constitution defiled

There will be Vermonters coming to Washington next week with others from across the nation to support you in the difficult task you face as President of the Senate. Others have shunned their sworn duties and much damage has been done. As a result, you will be standing alone at that moment to do your sworn duty to defend the United States against all foreign and domestic enemies by protecting our God given rights under the Constitution.

Your 10 Most-Read Stories of 2020

Who knew that Joe Biden’s promise to pick Beto O’Rourke as his gun czar would go viral and be read by someone, somewhere everyday after its Sept. 25 posting? If there’s a theme running through these high-interest posts, it’s the concern that Big Government not take away the speech, assembly and firearms rights of individual Vermonters.

Courts, Congress fail to fight electoral fraud

Even responses to concerns for relaxed Election Integrity standards are dismissive and not what would normally be expected. And now Americans are about to trust that which is untrustworthy, accepting election results that will not or cannot be validated due to relaxed standards. Our concerns are routinely dismissed as false or unfounded and without merit.