BLM: Black Lives Matter, or Be Like Marx?

By Peter Fernandez

In towns, cities, and school districts near my home in Northfield, governing boards are being given a choice: raise the BLM flag or be branded as complicit with hatred. I raise my voice in moral opposition to this civic arm-twisting.

After months of discussions, proposals, and counter proposals, including a contentious November 16 virtual debate, where Mayor Lucas Herring had four over-eager participants ejected, The Barre City Council finally approved a compromise to raise the BLM flag through December, but also the “Thin Blue Line” flag in January. “Clearly we’re not all on the same page here,” stated one attendee. That turn of phrase could be a sublime microcosm for the American public’s polarizing reaction to BLM.

Peter Fernandez

That black lives somehow do not matter is a profane suggestion, but the BLM organization is unquestionably questionable for it obliquely practices its own devious brand of racism, hypocrisy, and Marxism. One can disagree with and choose not to support BLM for a number of reasons without having to refer to a closeted white privilege ID card. Here are seven reasons why:

1: BLM has nothing positive to say about the institution of heterosexual marriage, especially fatherhood.  “We disrupt the Western-prescribed  patriarchal nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.” Clearly, BLM  is opposed to our nation’s 200 year-plus Democratic processes, Judeo-Christian origins, as it fosters a radical socialist agenda through violent social, racial, and sexual chaos.

2: Vermont is reputed to be a state that values education, local control and political courage. Yet BLM is not about education, but about ‘social justice’ indoctrination. Local school boards need to recognize that it justifies and practices violence. These “Marxists using race as a cover for revolution ought to be condemned for cynically exploiting the deaths of Americans,” writes Ben Weingarten of The Federalist. “They are not condemned, however as too many people consider it politically unacceptable to do so.” Some of those that do – like Windsor School Principal Tiffany Riley – have been cravenly fired. 

3:  BLM has singled out one tiny non-Moslem middle east nation for denunciation while  China continues to absorb Tibet well into seventy-plus years. According to a June 30, 2020, CBS News report, China has installed “a mass sterilization campaign against Muslim ethnic minorities in the country’s western provinces.” The MiddleEast Eye printed that 100,000 civilians have been murdered by the Syrian dictator, Bashir Assad’s regime, yet BLM’s only international nemesis is Israel

It’s no surprise, then, that one of the Barre pro-BLM city councilors questions the Star of David as one of the 21 flags after the BLM flag, per the city council’s compromise plan. He asks, “Why are we only flying the flag of one religion? That doesn’t make sense to me.” Sir, I am sure one of my Holocaust-surviving friends or relatives would be happy to explain it to you. You complain of racial hatred in Vermont. They will gladly tell you about facing true hatred. And wearing that very star on your sleeve. 

The same councilor expresses amazement that the Union Jack of Great Britain is among the favored 22. Does he not know that Great Britain freed slaves and fought the slave trade alone for 50 years before the Emancipation Proclamation? That kind of ignorance happens when indoctrination replaces education. 

4: BLM’s three co-founders, Patrice Cullors, Opal Tometi and Alicia Garza want you to “view this epidemic (systematic racism) through a lens of race, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity.” They have conveniently interjected LGBTQ  politics into their Marxist ‘take-down patriarchal America’ agenda. BLM wants to defund police and give monetary reparations to descendants of slaves and illegal aliens. While BLM  ignores all the Islamic nations’ horrendous gay rights record in the middle east, this BBC report shows that Palestine’s gay and transgender populace flee to Israel for peace and security.

5: BLM needs to rescind from its platform their description of Israel as an apartheid state involved in ‘genocide against the Palestinian people.” Moslems, Druze and Christians serve in the Israeli armed forces. Arabs vote, hold political offices, own land, and generally have the rights accorded Jewish Israelis. Muslims have served on the Israeli Supreme Court. Israel offers them the option of publicly funded schools taught in Arabic which do not contain any Judaism in their curricula. They have the right but not the obligation to serve in the Army, and hold parliamentary positions in the Knesset.

6: “Genocide against Palestinians?”  Rubbish. The Palestinian population has grown at a one hundred percent rate since 1970. In 2005, Israel disbanded all Jewish homes and settlements in the Gaza,  displacing ten-thousand Jewish citizens. Not Palestinians.  Hamas owns Gaza, but, instead of fostering better relations with their Jewish neighbor, they fire rockets into Israeli kindergartens and construct million-dollar terror tunnels into Zion.

7: Finally, BLM separates the entire world into two succinct groups, the oppressor and the oppressed, while they DEMAND that you take the right side. They demand that we (the white privileged) deal with our sordid past and present societal racism with radical social justice retribution, and discrimination against a non-black race. That’s racism. This is intended to create even more racial strife and disrupt American families.

We are all happy to teach our children that until black lives matter, no lives matter. But the American tradition insists that Jewish, Muslim Chinese, and all other lives matter, too. I will not salute the flag of any organization that says otherwise. 

Peter Fernandez is a writer of children’s stories. His first book, MY HEBREW DINOSAURUS, an alef-bet picture book, was published in 1994 with Kar Ben. It was released in the states, Canada, Great Britain, and Israel. His other works have appeared in Jack & Jill Magazine. He earned an MA in Children’s Literature from Eastern Michigan University in 1984, and is proud of meeting Yitshak Shamir on the Tel Aviv beach in 1994. A former “mitna dev,” or civilian volunteer for Sar-El, Volunteers for Israel, he hopes to soon work on another Tzahal base or hospital.


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