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Concerned Vermonters Petition Rep. Peter Welch To Investigate Allegations of Election Fraud

Today I have published and become the first signatory of this petition. I do so because as matters now stand, whoever is sworn in as president on January 20 will be regarded as illegitimate by a large minority of the country.

That is unacceptable. Action is required.

Between now and January 20, and afterwards if necessary, Congress must impartially and thoroughly probe the most serious allegations of electoral fraud and foreign interference to determine whether or not they are factual. Without this information our nation will likely be more bitterly divided than ever. Only the truth will set us free.

I urge my fellow Vermonters who share my concern to sign this petition. Petition and names will be shared with Rep. Welch, and no-one else.

– Guy Page, Berlin, Vermont, December 29, 2020

Petition To Rep. Peter Welch From Concerned Vermonters:

Investigate Alleged Election Fraud

To: the Honorable Peter Welch, Vermont representative to the U.S. House of Representatives:


America and all other republics depend on the real and perceived integrity, honesty and accuracy of elections;

More than a third of Americans believe Vice-President Joseph Biden’s 2020 declared electoral victory is not legitimate, according to a Quinnipiac University poll

Well-informed, thoughtful public figures have published evidence supporting allegations of significant fraud in the 2020 presidential election;

The consequences of a large minority not accepting the constitutional legitimacy of a sitting president are abhorrent to any thinking American; 

When you were asked at a Dec. 22 press conference “if you were persuaded either before or after Inauguration Day that the 2020 general election was a victim of significant electoral fraud, would you call for and support a House investigation?”, you answered, “There is no basis for that. We just saw Attorney General Barr, the appointee of President Trump, state that he would not appoint a special prosecutor. Because there was absolutely no evidence to support the allegation that there was any significant electoral fraud. It’s not there. So the answer is no….” 

Congress has supreme legal authority to resolve contested outcomes of presidential elections;


We urge you to publicly support prompt, open, impartial, and thorough investigation by the U.S. House of Representatives to determine the merits of allegations of 2020 presidential election fraud. 


Thank You.

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    • I signed the petition in hopes that Peter Welch will do the right thing. With each passing day comes more, not just evidence but proof of voter fraud and destruction to our Constitution. If allowed to stand everything thing this great Nation was founded upon will no longer exist. Our voices need to be heard WE THE PEOPLE demand and deserve to know the truth

    • Welch Scott sanders leahy are all a part of the fraud they help Scott rig the vt election 3times so if you think these demorats are going to investigate this YOUR STUPID

    • All States should act responsibly and audit this election. Vermont used the same voting machines in districts with high populations and regardless of software installation, user interference could have still tampered this election. We must audit the election for integrity of future elections in this state and country.

  1. Rep. Welch is a loyal footsoldier and as much a part of the Washington swamp as his party leadership.This party relies on election fraud to prosper and relies on it’s members to make the fraud possible and to help sweep it under the rug. Elections have consequences.

  2. The evidence of fraud is so massive that any shirking of responsibility to investigate is suspicious. Why would any HONEST person not want a full investigation into allegations of election fraud? We the people are fed up with the SWAMP CREATURES…!

  3. I have signed the petition with very little hope that PW will give a damn. He (PW) is a addicted consumer of the Democratic kool-aid.

      • Signed as well , tempered optimism is de rigueur is those Orwellian times . Thank you Guy Page .

      • Guy Page- thank you for getting this going. Even though PW and the others are deep in the guagmire , this petition is encouraging a lot of us as we feel so alone! But I say rise up dear Vermonters and truth bearers! Those of us who know the truth need to be prepared to stand firm and hold fast and do it together! Know your contacts and your yes be yes and no be no! Onward and upward for 2021.

      • Happy New Year – we all wish! Old movie “Against All Odds!!”
        And thank YOU Guy Page for a solid Year of informing a growing list of advocates for Liberty and OUR Constitutions!!

  4. Obviously, Welch has no inclination to investigate or even read the PROVEN fraud, and it was massive, as was presented explicitly in the Navarro Report! Politicians who turn a blind eye to corruption and aren’t even curious as to why the patriotic citizens are protesting in the millions, has NO business representing us! He and the Governor just rely on the MSM’s lies to form their opinions. Weak, weak, weak!

  5. “Petitioning our government is the right thing to do”…… yes, yes by all means. The evidence is non-refutable, and by looking will find it staring in their faces. It is in the same place as if it were Republicans the guilty ones, but we don’t want to look there, because it would be embarrassing.

  6. I have little hope that Rep Welch will take this petition seriously, and I doubt that anything will come from it. Still, this is one avenue the Constitution provides for redress of grievances, though it kind of looks like even the Constitution is so ‘last year’s. Let’s see if Rep. Welch chooses to be a responsible public servant or play the game like a loyal foot soldier for the swamp.

  7. Done ! For what good it will do. Peter Welch is just another tool of the Democratic Party,and the looney left media. He needs to be voted out ! Just like Moe and Larry, he’s a prime example of why we need term limits .

  8. I really can’t believe you guys are still harping on this supposed election fraud. Even Trump’s buddy, Barr, concluded there was no widespread fraud. Let’s focus on real issues like food insecurity, unemployment and COVID and stop running down these stupid rabbit holes. Face reality and move on! Get your big boy panties on…

    • Don’t get your diapers in a twist, Gary. It doesn’t take a fake ‘Climate Change Scientist’ to see that there was indeed widespread, illegal, and damaging fraud in the presidential election of 2020. That is the reality, Gary. No one is running down rabbit holes, but they’re initiating investigations to run down the perpetrators.

    • Gary, why hasn’t the election been called? Why has the Military stopped giving Biden briefings? Another rabbit hole? You better get your head out of the clouds, start doing some real factual investigating. I’m a Trump supporter, I’m proud of it and trust me I’ve been watching corruption of the Democrat Party for years. President Trump is the only one to come along to challenge it all and that’s why the Liberals, aka Communists, hate him. I love Trump. Thank you Mr. President. Got your back 100%!

    • First you need to define “widespread.” Pockets of significant fraud, enough to change the results of an election, may not be considered widespread. Additionally acts of malpractice by election officials may not be added to the allegations of fraud.

    • So we should concentrate on welfare, hunger, joblessness, broken schools, solitude, lockdowns, masks,

      Biden will fix it all, maybe, if Harris doesn’t “inherit” the Presidency fairly soon.

  9. I signed the petition. As Peter is a proud member of the liberal mafia in DC, he’ll likely not do a thing. So much for a lawyer, a legislator, a congressman upholding the Constitution per his oath or as a lawyer. He has no respect for the law as written – he is a CCP tool.

  10. The petition is a GREAT idea Guy! Thank you very much for initiating it. And please send it to Senators Sanders and Leahy too!

  11. I agree that the petition is a good idea and thank you for getting it presented. However, I think the people need to be a little more aggressive in their request and rather ‘demand’ an investigation. Anyone who listened to the hearing in Georgia today can no longer claim there was no election/voter fraud. If they do, that is just plain denial. I believe Welch, Gov Scott, Leahy and Sanders are all in the same boat. Although I must say that Bernie should understand fraud, since HRC and the Dems used it against him twice. But since he has 2 new houses, I believe, maybe he doesn’t really care. Sad state of affairs, our political system.

    • Yes, Bernie experienced the fraud up close & personally, but he was well.compensated for his trouble. His compensation was so good that he had to change his theme from screaming about filthy rich millionaires to filthy rich billionaires.

  12. There is no election fraud. Try listening to some news other than Fox or President Trump. Every study done has said there is no fraud.

  13. On Novembr 3, over 95 thousand Vermont voters said they didn’t believe Mr. Welch would represent us. Here is his chance to show he is not a lock-step partisan.

    • Hi Miriam – Rep. Welch does have a rep in DC as being willing to work across the aisle for the greater good. I’ve talked to GOP staffers down there who say it’s true. So the chance you speak of is what I hope, perhaps naively, will happen. We’ll see!

  14. Everyone needs to understand that everything we and President Trump are demanding is completely legal and part of the process provide for by thee U.S. Constitution. So, I say let it play out and stop obstructing the due process set forth by our founders. I signed it and so did my family.

  15. So when Trump was elected in 2015, God knew what he was doing. But now that Biden has been elected, God does not know what He’s doing and needs the help of some evangelicals to make things “right”. They forget that it’s the Church that God uses to bring salvation to the world, not government! Now the Church is divided, which is sure not showing unbelievers how much God loves them…

  16. Welch can’t investigate ‘alleged’ election fraud because he’s invested in the contention that ‘election fraud’ hasn’t occurred. To agree to ‘Investigate Alleged Election Fraud’ would be to announce that his judgment was incorrect, or worse. And, of course, he can’t admit to that.

    Instead of asking Welch to ‘Investigate Alleged Election Fraud’, the request should be to ‘Investigate the potential for fraud in future elections’. Citations to the past election then would be inescapable.

  17. I signed the petition, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for Welch to do what is right. I have collected volumes of evidence of fraud from reputable sources across the internet that I would be happy to share with Peter Welch, or anyone else who is interested. These politicians have to be willfully blind and/or corrupt not to see it.

  18. How much more proof do you need that there was no election fraud?
    the voters can’t be trusted
    Voting machines can’t be trusted
    Bill Bar can’t be trusted
    The lower courts can’t be trusted
    The appellate courts can’t be trusted
    The supreme court can’t be trusted.

    Only Donald Trump can be trusted. Roll that around in your head for a minute and realize how mind-boggling stupid that sounds.

  19. 600 signatures? What is that? .1% of Vermont’s population? Obviously the masses cry out for justice!

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