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“FifthAmendmentFest” set for January 5

On Tuesday, January 5, supporters of the U.S. Constitution will gather at the Vermont State House lawn at noon for a “FifthAmendmentFest”, the second in a series of rallies to celebrate our federal and state Constitutions, including the Bill of Rights. This event will focus on:

  • the right to due process (both criminal and civil)
  • public taking of private property (eminent domain)
  • protection from self-incrimination.

The series of “We the People” rallies is organized by the newly formed Vermont Liberty Coalition (VLC), and hosted by former Vermont Gubernatorial candidate John Klar. Speakers will address various aspects of the Fifth Amendment, as it applies to current laws, particularly the Global Warming Solutions Act, the Transportation and Climate Initiative, recent gun law initiatives, Act 250, and others.

Celebrations commence with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a group singing our National Anthem, speakers and more.

“As Vermonters, we must come together in support of our constitutional rights. We must let our government know that we are watching them,” said organizer and VLC chair, John Klar, “We can no longer take our constitutional freedoms for granted — we must stand together to protect them. For too long, our Legislature has simply ignored our complaints. The election is over and too many of our elected leaders think they can just go back to ignoring us as usual while they do whatever they fancy. We must send a message to Montpelier that we have the power to hold them accountable, and we are watching!”

The Vermont Liberty Coalition seeks to educate Vermonters about our US and Vermont Constitutions through various activities and events, and to protect these foundational documents from erosion using targeted litigation.

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  1. Most of us work during the day and cannot attend these. Please make them later. Even 3:30 or 4:00 would be better, especially as the days get longer.

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