Grant to help high school students bring anti-racism message to elementary schools

MIDDLEBURY | The Vermont Student Anti-Racism Network recently received a $1,000 grant from the Vermont Community Foundation’s Spark Connecting Community grant program.

The grant will help further the network’s mission of promoting anti-racism in schools through student leadership.

“We envision a Vermont that acknowledges how racism is historically and institutionally embedded and takes seriously our ethical obligation to end racism,” said Kyle Mitchell, a student member at Middlebury Union High School.

The Vermont Student Anti-Racism Network was founded during the summer “to bring a diverse group of students together from around the state to advocate for anti-racist educations.”

“We endeavor to make an impact by undertaking projects in schools, such as encouraging curriculum changes and changes in statewide school policies,” according to Addie Lentzner, another student member of the group. “One idea we have for using the VCF grant money is to purchase racially inclusive and anti-racist books that amplify diverse voices for elementary schools around Vermont. We then may go into schools via Zoom for a powerful activity and discussion based around the books, led by students in our network.”

Olivia Miller, a student member at Champlain Valley Union High School, has a plan on how racism can be addressed on the school level.

“Racism is driven by mindsets, unconscious biases, and how our brains are structured so if we can get young people into anti-racist habits early on, it is likely that these habits will stick with them into adulthood,” she said.

The Student Anti-Racism Network represents eight of the 14 counties in Vermont: Addison, Windsor, Chittenden, Washington, Rutland, Windham, Bennington, and Essex.

The high schools represented are Middlebury Union High School, Woodstock Union High School, Mount Mansfield Union High School, Champlain Valley Union High School, South Burlington High School, Harwood Union High School, West Rutland High School, Leland, and Gray Union Middle and High School, Vergennes Union High School, Proctor High School, White River Valley High School, Montpelier High School, Arlington Memorial High School, and Thetford Academy.

The goal is to have representatives from every county with an emphasis on students and teachers of color, Lentzner said in a news release.

Interested students or teachers or student groups interested in being involved in the network are invited to send an email to

This article was originally published in the Dec. 29 Addison Eagle.

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  1. Brain washing, Group think, Public shaming, Cancel culture, everyone is born evil – except us.
    We will save you from your evil being

  2. I would agree to extra curricular social events for better relations if it was really to create better communities. However, first and foremost, students must be taught and master math skills, American history and civics, science, critical thinking, reading comprehension, spelling, and grammar. Maybe one day with such skills they can get a real job, make real money, pay real taxes, and live real lives happily and successfully. Otherwise, teaching whitey is bad doesn’t really help them be anything but bitter and disappointed.

  3. It’s not that a grant to promote anti-racism is a bad thing. Racism is, after all, a bad thing. The concern is with how these promotions are structured. The false narrative arises when a given incident of racism, for example, by a white police officer against any minority individual, is projected to imply, not only that all white police officers are racists, but that all police officers are racists, and they should be eliminated (i.e. defunded).

    This is a typical one-size-fits-all generalization manifest by those who are either too lazy and careless, too ignorant, or too corrupt, to understand and cater to a system that recognizes that everyone has individual characteristics and responsibilities…. Unless, of course, the criticism is directed at them. Then they are the first to protest such generalizations.

  4. Our children need to be taught the HISTORY of the United States of America. They need to see how the country has grown in spite of any imperfections. This is how proud, successful, intelligent, informed and well rounded citizens, no matter what color of their skin, are created. Liberal America, mostly on the Democratic side, have always screamed racism. It’s been going on for decades. And do you want to know the real reason? Greedy politicians get rich and richer and even richer over time! Any and ALL racism in America has been caused by the Democrat Party, the DixieCrats in the South had Slavery. The KKK came right out of the Democratic Party! It was Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, who abolished slavery! You will find all throughout HISTORY it’s been Republicans who have stood against slavery and for equality! However, if the Democrats ever “fixed” the problem, then the money that goes in their pockets, goes away! There is no racism in Vermont. There is no white supremacy in Vermont. Site me the legal cases, show me the proof of real, court battled racism in this state. There is none. But what I do see, is a Liberal Vermont pushing racism down the throats of our students. The students are being brainwashed so the lie can continue. Remember, it’s not to fix a problem, if there was a problem. This is all done in an effort to destroy our nation, and shame on the Democrat Party and Universities for using student populations to do their dirty work and to promote revolt! Look around “kids”. You live in the greatest country in the world. Start promoting that, and stop letting yourselves be USED!!!!!

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