House Speaker drags feet on fuel industry appointment to Climate Council

by Matt Cota, Vermont Fuel Dealers

The Vermont Climate Council will meet Monday. Despite receiving multiple nominations and applications, the Speaker of the House has not filled the vacant “Fuel Sector” position as called for in the Global Warming Solutions Act. Go to for more information about the Climate Council and the Global Warming Solutions Act.

Banned in Burlington

The Burlington City Council voted 10-2 on Monday for a charter change resolution concerning the regulation of heating equipment. The vote is the first step in the effort to ban oil and gas heat in all new buildings in Vermont’s largest city. The City Council is also considering a carbon tax on existing boilers and furnaces that depend on gas and oil to keep residents of Burlington warm. Check out the news coverage on WCAX-TV and WPTZ-TV featuring interviews with VFDA Executive Director Matt Cota. Go to to learn more about this proposal.

Price Report

All fuel prices in Vermont are down in December as compared to this time last year, according to the Vermont Public Service Department. The average price of heating oil in Vermont is down 22%. Propane is down 3%, gasoline 19%, and diesel and kerosene are both 17% less today than 12 months ago. Go to for details.

How cold is it? 

2268 heating degree days have been recorded outside VFDA’s office since July 1. That’s 8 less than normal and 12% less than last year. 


News of Note

Governor Scott has extended the COVID-19 State of Emergency until January 15, 2021. All previous addendums to the State of Emergency remain in place, including a temporary suspension of social gatherings and the cross-state travel map.

Recent poll shows a majority of voters are strongly against the Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI) due to the negative impact on essential workers.

Dartmouth College drops plans for wood chip heating, pivots toward cleaner oil.

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  1. The fix is in. The ruling Party in Montpelier never wanted anyone other than the enviros and electricity industry on the Climate Council. One question tho’….Does the electricity industry in Vermont …which, by the way allows for No consumer choice when it comes to where consumers buy their electrcity…have to declare this taxpayer funded pro-electricty campaign as income?

    Certainly a significant “contribution in kind” to the electric utilities, at the least

  2. Of course they don’t want anybody from the carbon fuels industry – those people know the facts, and know the disaster that this
    Climate cCouncil so desperately desires/demands.

    They just want “Yes and More” members.

  3. It was unconscionable to pass this global warming solutions act while vermonters are hurting financially. imposing more bureaucracy and taxes and laws during this pandemic!. It seems our government cares little about its citizens