22 industry groups ask Legislature to focus on economic recovery, not “business as usual”

The email below from Vermont Business Magazine was received today by Vermont Daily:

Open Letter to Governor Phil Scott and the Vermont Legislature 

We appreciate the challenge of governing during a global pandemic. Instead of meeting with colleagues and constituents, we now rely on video chat, texts, emails, and phone calls. We are in an extraordinary time, where safety requires us to maintain physical distance from one another. We believe government is essential and applaud the efforts to adapt. We cannot allow this virus to grind the gears of government to a halt.

Even so, this is not the time for business as usual, especially for the Vermonters we represent. Although state leaders have strived to keep engagement up between the citizens, committees and the Administration, the 2020 session provided many examples showing major challenges to gathering necessary data and testimony to craft quality policies. The organizations listed below represent hundreds of thousands of working Vermonters. We ask that our elected leaders of all political parties focus on the most immediate task at hand this legislative session and to chart a path to our economic recovery.

This starts with slowing the spread of the coronavirus, the orderly distribution of the vaccine, the support of health and safety measures, and the effort to combat a weariness that comes with isolation and “COVID fatigue.” The other primary focus of the 2021 legislative season must be our economic recovery. If we don’t collectively work together to save the businesses that power our economy, there will be many more difficult challenges in the years that follow.

In order to be environmental stewards, for us to reach goals that we all have in common such as clean air, clean water, affordable health and child care, we need to act as economic stewards. We need a vibrant economy and that means supporting Vermont businesses.

We ask that legislation focus solely on the health and safety of Vermonters, must-pass state bills/budgets, and our economic recovery. The business community looks forward to working with you on this effort.  

Thank you for your consideration.


Associated General Contractors of Vermont
Associated Industries of Vermont
Barre Granite Association
Central Vermont Chamber of Commerce
Green Mountain Slate Quarriers Association
Lake Champlain Chamber 
National Federation of Independent Business
Vermont Association of Broadcasters
Vermont Association of Realtors®
Vermont Association of Snow Travelers
Vermont Bankers Association
Vermont Chamber of Commerce
Vermont Farm Bureau
Vermont Forest Products Association
Vermont Fuel Dealers Association
Vermont Groundwater Association
Vermont Retail & Grocers Association
Vermont Ski Areas Association
Vermont Traditions Coalition 
Vermont Truck & Bus Association
Vermont Vehicle and Automotive Distributors Association

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  1. As a free Vermont resident and small business owner,I agree that our businesses and Vermont people,those here legally,need to freely work and move about or we will lose every public school,restaurant,small business,farm,and many households!!We the people are looking for our constitution and voice of the people to be heard and used!!

  2. Don’t hold your breath just grab your ankles. Our State legislators are going screw us like they always do. The only place Even remotely more corrupt in the Western Hemisphere than Vermont is Mexico or Venezuela!

  3. To have passed a global warming solutions act during a Pandemic when all Vermonters are hurting shows how corrupt and insensitive our legislature is. Their agenda is more important than the citizens of this state! Vermonters need to remember this come the next election!

    • I agree! The legislature is totally out of touch with the average Vermonters as they passed the global warming solutions act. This is not the most important issue. Affordability to live in VT is!! This message from the governor is not getting through to the legislature.

  4. “Ask Legislature to focus on Economic Recovery” Good Luck with that!

    They have no idea whatsoever what “Economic recovery” is, or economic anything means.

    The only “economy” they understand is how many more $,$$$,$$$$ can Vermont tax from citizens and spend on “stupid stuff”

  5. It is gratifying to see that the people / businesses and organizations have awakened and are standing up and speaking out to those who are elected to represent the people and the overall stability of our State. Let your voices be heard !

  6. The Governor and Legislature have no interest in helping working or retired Vermonters. They will help socialist communists and illegal immigrants. Vermont is corrupt to the core and it appears it will stay that way for a generation or more. The only answer is to move out or start fighting back hard in big numbers. The liberal mafia is in control.

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