Scott, Levine asked: during 2020 pandemic leadership, what would you have done differently?

By Guy Page

At today’s press conference, Vermont Daily asked both Gov. Phil Scott and Health Commissioner Mark Levine: “As you look back on these unprecedented 10 months and analyze your leadership in fighting the pandemic, what would you have done differently?” 

Neither leader would address specifics. Both said they’re open to learning from mistakes.

“It may be a little too early to look back. We’re still looking forward,” Scott said. “At this point in time, we’re doing everything we think is right. There are times we don’t make the right decisions, but we are learning from others. I think we have done a pretty good job here in Vermont, due to Vermonters being compliant and following the guidelines.” 

When the pandemic crisis is over, Vermont will look back to determine what lessons were learned that will help in the next crisis, the governor said. He concluded, “There’s always ways to do things better in retrospect.”

Levine: “Certainly most of the evaluations we get from the outside are not harshly critical of the approach.” Each state has its own approach, and when it’s over these approaches will be evaluated for learning purposes, he said. 

“If there is one thing we do – we approach every day with humility,” Levine said. “We’re willing to learn from everybody. We don’t know everything.”

People need to know that when the pandemic began, “we were all writing the playbook….there was not much to go on, except good public health guidelines.” As an example he cited the policy and practices regarding this month’s initial vaccination: “all of those playbooks (on vaccination) were being written in a 72 hour period. It’s that kind of process.”

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  1. The truth indicates that social distancing face mask has not worked,and the restrictions from the Vermont Government make supporting public schools unwise,if the State is not opened fully as of 12/26/20,every restaurant,small business and farm,will never recover.Raising taxes for anything won’t work.Our Constitution and the voice of the people must be heard ,for we give our government it’s power or we are nothing but a police state!!

  2. The true answer from those two is they’re waiting further instructions and guidance from Beijing. I do enjoy the word salad all of these traitors use to calmly hide that once foreclosures and liens are in place, they can begin the process of selling all to the CCP and they have a great windfall of cash to vacate the area or rather “retire.”

  3. Read the USA and VT Constitutions. Freedom of religion, of travel, of association, work, school, support family

    Blame and punish the Chinese Communists, Their virus, they sent it here, do NOT punish US Citizens,
    Do not make US Citizens pay by giving up all their Constitutional Rights.

  4. These are a couple of dangerous fools. What to do differently would’ve been prevent severe infections while at the same time promoting heard immunity. It could simply be done by a combination of NAC to quench free radicals,Combined with vitamin D and CBD That each turn off sugar burning while they turn on fat burning and in doing so reduce inflammatory free radical production. This effective and expensive combination would’ve eliminated the knockdown lockdown. drbob